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William asks…

USA vs Europe/Canada? – After 20 years living in the US.. I am done!?

Yes, I am an immigrant in the US, have relatives anywhere around the world, so I’ve been to many, many countries.. But I am at my wit’s end with the life style in the US, and please don’t snob because it’s an immigrant who’s telling this story, at the end, I belong to a new generation of immigrants, so unless you are a native american, shut up and listen.. 🙂 I am at this point in my life where i am looking for a better quality life style and wondering where should i go and live… since it’s easier than having to deal with this chaos..

Europe or Canada? It seems that i would have to narrow my options here… Just to name a few things happening in the US right now, and the reasons why i totally disagree with:

USA – 1st Amendment of the Constitution endangered – Freedom of Speech, etc… See: Wikileaks, N.Y. Wall Street protesters, SOPA Bill (google it)
Europe – Government fears the people, not the other way around!
USA – 2nd Amendment of the Constitution (right to bear arms)
Europe – The people don’t have guns!
USA – The health system
Europe – Free Universal Health Care
USA – Travel restrictions to countries which DHS decided to put on a black list
Europe – NONE. Most western European countries are on the EU (European Union)
USA – Jobs are gone, private companies has moved out of the country .i.e. Indonesia, Thailand, China
Europe – Unemployment rate is also high but the informal job market exist, meaning, you can sell oranges, DVDs whatever on the streets… No license required, nobody cares!!
USA – Constantly at war – The world police, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib
Europe – Not many countries at war
USA – Holidays (when they are observed) most people work anyways. 5 days vacation at most jobs
Europe – Holidays most people don’t work, the average employee gets 30 days paid vacation a year, plus medical/sick leave, plus personal leave.
USA – Social life as a whole sucks, too much stress, people are overworked and underpaid, “no benefits” until enrollment time
Europe – Social life is beautiful, people are well connected, In Spain they even take their siesta time… it means: Everybody and every business stops at 2:00 pm and back at 5:00 pm… It has been scientifically proved that life is better this way…unwind and relax… Why the rush?
USA – Immigration Dept is chaos, I do have relatives in my country of origin and I have recently found out that their appoinment for a NON IMMIGRANT VISA at the US embassy is set up for 2013 and 2014.. that’s within 2 to 3 YEARS from now.
Europe – My country of origin is not required to have a visa to Europe.
USA – Don’t ask, Don’t tell (see link below)
Europe – Gay marriage hasn’t been an issue for decades
USA – Weed is a drug
Europe – Weed is a beatiful, beautiful plant with medical purposes

And I am still watching on the news how these poor Mexicans and others still wanna come here, and DHS investing millions and millions of dollars on technology to patrol the US borders..

What do you all think? And where is better? Any expat?’t_ask,_don’t_tell#Number_of_discharges
To M: Why is widely known as the best country in the world? Don’t you mean “Was” Do you know sweden, Denmark, Switzerland – You also mentioned that “you like to think is best here” – that sounded like Brainwashed!

Justin answers:

The ONLY people who think the USA is the best country in the world are the Americans, and those poor souls who fall for the mass market propaganda the USA spreads around the world. The vast majority of people know the truth about the USA however.

I totally agree with you. If you are rich, the USA is a great place to live. If you are an ordinary citizen/person, then it down right sucks. Funny thing is that US citizens don’t know any better, an they swallow all the garbage the US government feeds them about how good they got it. It is truly a joke.

I personally like the UK. I know some put it down for various reasons. The only thing I can say that really bothered me at first was the weather. However come to find out my husband moved us to one of the most rainy parts of England. Since we have moved, I have enjoyed more sunshine an nice weather. So really not anything to complain about.

You ultimately have to decide where you want to live, and what you need for a good quality of life. You already have half of the problem figured out. You know where you don’t want to live.

Robert asks…

Financial Analysis. Please help?

1- Petry Corp. is a growing company with sales of $1.25 million this year. The firm expects to grow at an annual rate of 25 percent for the next three years, followed by a growth of 20 percent per year for the next two years. What will be Petry’s sales at the end of five years? (Round to the nearest percent.)


2-Ray Seo has $5,000 to invest in a small business venture. His partner has promised to pay him back $8,200 in five years. What is the return earned on this investment?


3- Marcie Witter is saving for her daughter’s college education. She wants to have $50,000 available when her daughter graduates from high school in four years. If the investment she is considering will pay 8.25 percent compounded monthly, how much will she have to invest today to reach her target? (Round to the nearest dollar.)


4-Darius Miller is seeking to accumulate $50,000 in six years to invest in a real estate venture. He can earn 6.35 percent annual interest with monthly compounding in a private investment. How much will he have invest today to reach his goal? (Round to the nearest dollar.)


5-Brittany Willis is looking to invest for retirement, which she hopes will be in 20 years. She is looking to invest $22,500 today in U.S. Treasury bonds that will earn interest at 6.25 percent annually. How much will she have at the end of 20 years? (Round to the nearest dollar.)

D-None of the above

6- The value of a dollar invested at positive interest rate grows over time but at an increasingly slower rate further into the future.


Justin answers:

Rather than asking others to do your homework, I suggest you try to solve each question, list your answers, and then ask Yahoo to check your work and advise where you went wrong. Don’t expect others to just give you the answers.

George asks…

Is this a strong argument for a Civil Liberty violation. What defenses could the USA present to dismiss?

am entertaining the idea of filing suit against the United States for the violation of the 1st Amendment and 10th amendment enacted by the bailouts to AIG, GM, Chrysler, and the banks. It is my argument that the private consumer protests the business actions and ethics of a company by making a choice to not invest and/or to boycott that company. When the US injected capital into these companies to prevent them from failing, they undermined the US citizens right to protest by taking money from taxpayers and giving it to the company anyway. It is also my argument that the United States violated the 10th amendment, which I believe to not be a truism.

The tenth amendment states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

This can be interpreted as this: All powers that are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people, are not delegated to the United States by the Constitution.

It is my argument that the United States government, nor state governments, have the rights delegated to the people by the first amendment, unless they are speaking for the people, meaning they may only express facts, not opinion, except when expressing their opinion in order to fulfill their oath or affirmation upon taking office. Because the United States government expressed their opinion that these companies were too big to fail, undermining the consumer and market choice that they should fail, and then acted on that opinion without regard to public opinion, they have violated this amendment in the constitution.

What types of defense or dismissals should I look for to avoid the case being dismissed before given a hearing in district court?

Justin answers:

I cannot answer that, but if you want to REALLY get your hackles up, view this video to the end!
Good luck in your endeavors! I’ll be with you in spirit,

Ken asks…



I want to thank you for all that you have done for me these past 2 years that I’ve been working for you. You’ve helped me in situations were I had no were or no one to turn to. I and my family greatly appreciate and respect you for that. Your business side of you I admire and look up too, I hope to one day be as successful as you are.

Unfortunately I don’t feel the same about most of the experiences I’ve had here, insults, disrespectful remarks and comments that have been directed towards me both by management and co-workers in both the warehouse and office. I feel that because I am a quiet guy management took my personality as being unintelligent and slow.

Questioning and making comments about my sexuality, Intelligence, the way I walk or even the clothes I wear are some of the things people have focused and invested their time in. I highly believe in respecting others to receive respect, and I don’t feel like that has been applied on their side. As far as management sharing personal information with other employees is another matter I noticed, there were occasions where I asked for financial assistance and my case was shared with other employees. I would think that’s something to be kept private.

There was many times where I would ask management a question and I would get a rude response or even ignoring me would be the case. When I came across a mistake made by management they would try to turn it on me or they’d say I must be wrong, even focusing only on my work and finding the smallest mistakes just to complain about me, sounds more like payback what’s on their mind. Customers obviously get irritated when they have some one calling them for payment on their past due invoices, they don’t want to look bad in front of their boss therefore they than complaint about me, usually the rep. than will confront me and request for that account to not be called by me anymore, I than will keep track on the account I was asked not to call and will find that nothing has been done to collect.

When I first started working here I was allowed to process online orders, make shipping labels, answer phones, label boxes and do collections, all at the same time. Slowly all tasks have been taken from me due to honest mistakes that can be made by a large sum of work being processed by one rep., honest mistakes than can be easily fixed. I now do collections and it’s not enough work to keep me busy for 8 hours and 5 days, I’ve asked management to give me more task but never herd a response from them.

I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to throw everyone under the bus, there has been a hand full of people that have been respectful and you should be proud of having as employees. I just want you to know exactly were I’m coming from, all the mental distress I go through here and at home due to this hostile environment, its not healthy, its affecting my confidence and self esteem. There have been times where I got home and literally cried. I recently notice that half of them don’t even say hi anymore, it’s very uncomfortable working in this environment. I know there are other co-workers that feel the same way or feel that there’s a preference issue going on here. Ex-employees and current employees have noticed the same thing. One of the employees though I was being pushed and picked on so much she actually thought I would do some outrageous violent act here, and I still have that email. When some one thinks that way of you than that tells you there is something wrong here.

I know it’s an extremely long resignation letter, but I thought you need to know what really goes on in here. And the way employees are being treated by management due to preferring and self status. I greatly appreciate if this letter is kept between employee and CEO. I would like to continue the friendship I have with some employees here. Thus management will just share this information with all the staff.

After much thought, and serious discussions with friends, therapist and family, I have decided to pursue a different career. One month should be enough time to find my replacement and vise versa to find a new employer, also it should be enough time to cover some of the debt I have with you, it might not cover the full amount but I should be able to repay as soon as I get settled in my new job and covered all my bills. Unless of course you’d want me to stay until the debt is paid off I will respect your choice. I wish you and the company continued success, and should you need my assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Justin answers:

Don’t do this.
You’ll need a reference someday.
This old company could likely just read the letter to your new employer.
Be careful. Saying how you feel won’t change a darn thing over there – but it could sure hurt your future employment.

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