Your Questions About What Is Moving The Stock Market Today

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Mark asks…

Christians: can I offer you some advice?

Five Tips for Staying Sane When Markets Go Mad

PERSPECTIVES: Stick to your investment goals and horizons, don’t sell at the point of panic and if you can’t take the bad news anymore, turn the TV off, suggests IFA Alex Riley

1. If you have followed a financial plan, then sufficient levels of cash should already be held in reserve for shorter term requirements. If this is the case, then you should not be dependent on access to your investment portfolio right now.

2. If you still maintain an investment horizon over a number of years from today, it is important to remember that it is the value of your investment in the future that is key and not the value today.

3. Making the assumption that your portfolio is falling at the same rate as the various global stock markets reported in the media also assumes that you are invested 100% in those markets. In reality most investors following an asset allocation plan will have capped exposure to the stock market, therefore if your portfolio is allocated 50% stocks and 50% bonds then you will have approximately half the exposure to any stock market volatility.

4. Selling now would trigger an actual loss rather than what is currently a paper loss and if you sold now where would you put the receipts to enable you to recoup any losses?

5. Markets move quickly as we have seen in the last two weeks or so. If and when a recovery comes it is also likely to be swift so market timing, trading in and out, could leave you even worse off if you get it wrong.

It is perfectly natural and understandable to take fright from the current volatility however the key to traversing the current problems is to not panic, take a step back to calm your thoughts, remember your original reasons for investing and only take action if is absolutely necessary for you to do so. Sometimes it might even be worth turning the television off if it spares you from taking the wrong action.
@Loki LaufeyJarson: Ah…1994… 🙂

Justin answers:

You do realize that when you follow laws of money that always work, you are following the laws God set down about that from the beginning?

Donald asks…

Help! I bought GM stock yesterday morning!?

I bought some GM stock monday morning. Today, I could not sell/trade. I see now that GM is now being traded in the pink sheet market as GMGMQ. What should I do with the stock I bought? I am reading that it will be worth nothing soon. I invested about $3000 (which was a very idiotic and amateur move). What should I do? Would I be able to sell? What would the stock be worth tomorrow?
Also, I trade via Ameritrade. Would I be able to sell the GMGMQ tomorrow via Ameritrade?

Justin answers:

My friend, I think you answered your own question.

Your quote, not mine:
“I invested about $3000 (which was a very idiotic and amateur move).”

Why did you buy a stock on the day it went bankrupt?
This has been the most advertised bankruptcy in world history.

“I am reading that it will be worth nothing soon.”
Have you been reading my GM Post history over the last 12 months? If so, you would not have lost any money. I have been publicly Bearish on GM since June 2008 – a year ago. Http://

Please see:
GM Post #68, 06-02-2009 RE: “Monopoly”
“Can I still buy GM stock even though they have filed bankruptcy?…

“What should I do?”
I would seek an advisor with 15+ years experience to help you with your investments in the future. That way you have someone who hopefully knows the market and who can put the breaks on for you when you didn’t see the Mac Truck coming at you in the intersection.

“Would I be able to sell?”
Yes. You can sell while the stock is still trading.

“What would the stock be worth tomorrow?”
Probably less that it was yesterday. GM has been following the same down trend path it has been on since October 8, 2007;range=5y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

This is GM Post #69

George asks…

Will Obama Govern like the “New Deal” crafter FDR OR Triangulate with Conservatives like Clinton?

Faced with an Economic crisis, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who campaigned as a Centrist, designed and implemented with Political support The New Deal.
The New Deal is shorthand for a host of government programs introduced by Roosevelt between 1933 and 1938. The phrase itself originates in FDR’s acceptance speech at the 1932 Democratic convention in Chicago, in which he promised “a new deal for the American people”. The various measures included support for, and reform of, the collapsing banking industry, a new stock market regulatory agency, moves to boost wages and prices, the creation of massive public works projects and – perhaps most important of all – the launch of Social Security.

Bill Clinton campaigned on job creation in 1992. He ended up, with guidance from Robert Rubin and Dick Morris, with a program of balancing the budget and implementing Republican goals like NAFTA, “ending welfare as we know it,” the Telecommunications Act (causing increased Corporate consolidation) and overturning the New Deal era Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 (deregulating Financial Banks.)
JFK…interesting…he was an Imperialist with charisma and vision but the strength of character to ignore the War Hawks in the Cuban Missile Crisis…but he LOWERED the Top Tax Bracket to 70% from 91% and Obama’s only talking about raising it from 35% to the Clinton era 39%…
Just Good!…the likely appointment of Hillary Clinton, one of the biggest Democrat cheerleaders for authorization of force against Iraq in 2002, as Secratary of State does not seem to match the Obama campaign rhetoric: “but I want to end the mind-set that got us into war.”
Just Good…I’m with you on Biden, in 2002 head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, his refusal to call on two individuals in particular ensured that testimony that could have proven invaluable to an actual debate was never heard: Former Chief United Nations Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and Hans von Sponeck, a 32-year veteran diplomat and the former head of the U.N.’s Iraq program.

Justin answers:

I hope he’ll be like FDR, but I’m afraid he’ll be more like Clinton. Only Kucinich seems to know how a real Democrat thinks.

Robert asks…

Is this too much like Twilight : Continuted?

I started writing. Keep in mind this is just a beginning to kind of see where the story is going. Its in a rough draft state and probably has grammar problems, and i will still need to fix it. How is it so far?

“I wonder what the freak’s up to today.”
“Where is the subway?”
“It’s already 9:00 and this line isn’t moving, I’m doing to be late again!”
“He graduated from high school with top grades four years ago, and has done nothing with his life.”
Two out of every four thoughts were about him. He was free to go around the world without a care. School meant nothing to him. A person like him doesn’t keep a job for long, which presents two problems. No car, no permanent house. Public transportation on the bus was a pain for a freak like him, trying to fit in, but it had its positive sides too. A bus was his newspaper. Why read a newspaper when you have the unlimited resources of a person’s mind. After picking through three people’s minds, he already found out that the stock market crashed again, President Henderson was impeached in the House today, and that Europe just broke a treaty with the United States.
2020 was a bad year for the government. The economy is horrible, Presidents are getting impeached, and now Europe is against us.
We have two more stops,” Zach said.
Te man next to him said, “How did you know I was wondering when to get off? I didn’t even ask, and already you are answering my questions.”
“Driver, I’ll be getting off here.” Another slip, third time this week. I keep answering people’s questions they have in their mind, forgetting they are thinking it, and not speaking. When I answer them, they get a baffled look on their face. After that I usually run.

The first 4 lines are suppose to be italisized because they are thoughts. But i can’t do it on yahoo, just so you know.

And the whole reason the President is impeached, is because the vice president is a power crazed maniac that tries to use Zach as a weapon.

Also, There is a big age difference between the new character Rachel, so its not a Bella and Edward thing.
1. he hasn’t even met Rachel yet.
2. Rachel is 15 and Zach is 22.
3. Rachel and Zach have no love connection what so ever. They only meet because of their powers and want to take down the government.
Well they are not imortal and i’m talking real age and humans….

Justin answers:

Actually…there is a big age difference with edward and bella, edward is a 100+ year old vampire who looks like a teenager, bella is actually a teenager…

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