Your Questions About What Is Going On With The Stock Market Today

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Robert asks…

what did they say about the stock market really early this morning?

i was watching tv at 3 in the morning and i saw that they were closing some ports and the stocks were going down 6% in some countries so if u saw it this morning i don’t know what really they said cause i am hard of hearing so if u know what went on about it plz write below and also what does it makes u feel with all the bad things going on today i was watching fox news thanks

Justin answers:

It’s F****D

John asks…

Another month of huge numbers of people who have thier jobs?

and the stock market took a dive today. I heard on PBS that they are rumblings in congress that ANOTHER stimulus package maybe necessary by sept. or october. Do you think this country is doomed? If they pass another big stimulus package how in the world are we ever going to pay for all of it? In fact….how are we ever going to pay off the 1st one? You can say what you want to about Bush but this black guy with the big ears is dead set on ruining our country.

Justin answers:

We’re doomed. If the congress thinks that during a recession is the best time to drive up the cost of energy with a Cap and Trade (money grabbing tax increase) and next on the agenda is increasing government spending on a health care plan we are definitely doomed.

Anyone thinking about starting a business better think twice. I’m going to start stocking up on food for the winter. I think its really going to be bad by the end of the year.

George asks…

While the Democrats stand against near all of the president’s wartime policies — and in the process court defe

While the Democrats stand against near all of the president’s wartime policies — and in the process court defeat — the stock market is standing with Bush, and the chance for victory.

It has been widely reported that President Bush simply refuses to turn against the surge in Iraq, or even compromise on it. At the same time he admonishes Congress to toss out troop-withdrawal timetables and to give General Petraeus’s new counterinsurgency plan time to work. And you know what? While the Democrats stand against near all of the president’s wartime policies — and in the process court defeat — the stock market is standing with Bush, and the chance for victory.

Early last week, when the Democratic leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi launched their latest anti-war offensive, stocks dropped about 150 points. Then, in a press conference a few days later, after Bush discussed clear successes in Iraq’s Anbar province, the Dow Jones soared nearly 300 points, marching ever closer to the 14,000-point plateau.

Of course, shares trade on the profit and interest-rate fundamentals of the economy. But if you ask folks on Wall Street what their biggest worry is, most will say another 9/11. They rank another attack far ahead of passing sub-prime mortgage problems or wiggles in consumer spending.

The stock market, in fact, is voting for the president to stay on offense. Here’s a case in point. The highest-ranking Iraqi leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq was just arrested, after which he told interrogators that Osama bin Laden’s inner circle enjoys considerable influence over the Iraqi al-Qaeda branch. “Communication between the senior al-Qaeda leadership and al-Masri frequently went through al-Mashhadani,” said Brigadier General Kevin Bergner. “There is a clear connection between al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Qaeda senior leadership outside Iraq.”

And Wall Street connected the dots, too: That day the Dow had been down 150 points. But it rallied back 100 points after the Iraqi capture came across the tape.

This brings me to a larger point. Despite the criticism President Bush has received over his Iraq War policies, isn’t it interesting that stock markets have been booming since early 2003, when Saddam was overthrown and the president signed his supply-side tax cuts into law? (Bush, of course, never gets any credit on either of these points.)

In just the past year alone, the Dow has gained a remarkable 30 percent. Meanwhile, Europe and Asia are up about 30 percent, Japan 23 percent, and emerging markets more than 60 percent. Clearly, the world is voting — with real money — for the American system of free-market capitalism. And it’s my strong suspicion that the majority of the global investing community supports the Iraq War and a steadfast U.S. commitment to stop terrorism. They seem to know that if the U.S. doesn’t do it, no one else will.

I have long believed that stock markets are the best barometer of the health, wealth, and security of a nation. And today’s stock market message is an unmistakable vote of confidence for the president. Even the best low-tax, limited-government economic policies can be thwarted if the men and women going to work in the morning can’t get safely back to their homes and families at night.

And the fact that the world economy is experiencing the greatest economic boom in history is a direct rebuke to jihadists everywhere. Al-Qaeda despises our country and its capitalist freedoms. And unless stopped cold in their tracks they will strive to destroy the U.S. financial system and free-market development around the world.

The spread of free trade, the free movement of capital, low taxes, and the breathtaking rise of the Internet — these are generating more jobs, wealth, and prosperity than ever before. And this amounts to a collective thumbing of the nose at the terrorists. It’s as though world markets are saying that history is on our side, and that the crazed self-proclaimed terrorist clerics will ultimately be defeated.

Free-market capitalism, 10. Al-Qaeda, 0.

And just as Bush won’t give up on the surge, he’s not about to default to the Democrats on the supply-side investment tax cuts that helped deliver a near six-year economic boom.

“I’m not going to raise taxes,” he told me in a recent White House meeting of conservative columnists, and he pledges to veto non-defense appropriation bills that exceed a $933 billion line in the sand. He also vows to work overtime to get a free-trade deal with the pro-American countries of Columbia and Peru, not only to expand economic activity, but also to counter the anti-American and socialist policies of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

The media likes to paint Bush into a bunker, making him the victim of a torrent of criticism from which they say he can’t recover. But here are the plain facts: The president’s tax cuts helped reinvigorate investors and businesses. The nation has been safe from attack for nearly six years. And General Petraeus’s counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq just may be working.

In other words, Mr. Bush deserves a lot more credit than most are willing to give him.

Justin answers:

Yes, the stock market is doing well- I guess that justifies 3000+ American casualties and God only knows how many among Iraqi civilians in an unwinnable war that has no, and I mean *NO* end in sight *WHATSOEVER*. I guess that means that there was a credible link between Iraq and 9/11, that there really were WMD, that there really was a “grave and gathering threat”, that major combat actually *IS* over… In a word, this was a brilliantly-conceived, oh-so-necessary endeavor and it’s about time a stand-up guy like yourself had the courage to enlighten us about these things. You deserve a standing ovation. By the way, are the latest developments in stock trading going to convince you to enlist, and if so, when?

Thomas asks…

Why the #$(@$U)(#@ are gold shares dropping like crazy on the stock market?!?

With the stock market as it is, I invested in gold thinking it might weather the storm. I invested in RGLD when the price was $41. It has now dropped to $31.23. I invested in GLD when the price was $91. It is now at $79.29, having dropped over $4 today.

What‘s going on!? And is it a good idea to sell now and cut my losses, or hold onto everything for a bit and hope the price goes back up?

Justin answers:

Gold is ONLY a HEDGE against inflation ( JUST like CURRENCY is only a HEDGE against deflation).

If you dont understand that , then look up the word hedge. Its not meant to be usefull unless there is LOTS of inflation.

You DONT WANT that price of gold to go back up, its not just you making money ya know! Inflation will be the DOWNFALL of a nation. SOmething you dont want to look forward to,even for profit!

Better to own gold outright as a way to preserve and protect wealth during hard times than to have stock in it unless you are good with speculation. When the masses start to buy something out of fear, that’s when you should have pulled out and colleted your profits. Again, it takes a seasoned speculator to do that.

Then again you never know when it could go back up. Its up to you to know whether or not to pull out, just know. I would suggest, when you have time, find a book on the basics of finance and economics. Maybe Econometrics would help you as well.

Paul asks…

What is going on with my stock?

I’ve held shares in BQI for about a year and a half now. Stock have plummeted since I purchased them. That isn’t my concern. My concern is that there has been zero activity for about a month. I am not sure what this means. I understand that they have “creditor protection” at the moment. Can someone who is more savvy in the market please explain what is going on? I tried to sell my shares today but my sale won’t go through. Thanks in advance!

Justin answers:

BQI is seriously cash-strapped. Their financial position is very weak; however, because they have “creditor protection” until mid-February, 2012, no creditors may take legal action until that time. Also, all stock trading is suspended until mid-February, 2012. In the meantime, the New York Stock Exchange AMEX will assess the financial condition of BQI. If BQI’s position improves, then they may be allowed to remain listed on the stock exchanges. If they are de-listed, then your shares are essentially worthless.

Short answer: You can’t do anything until mid-February.

Daniel asks…

Just what the Heck is going on with today’s schools and students?

OK, I get that today‘s American youth, although privileged and wealthier than any generation, feel alienated and entitled, but what is going on?? Another college shooting? A college goes on lock down becasue of bomb threats? What is going on and, more importantly, how do we stop it?

I mean, c’mon, we were all picked on and bullied on in school. Teachers were mean and unfair, and it was hard, but when we called in a bomb threat, it was always false, trying to get out of the school day. No one brought in guns, we didn’t fear for our lives, and we actually learned stuff.

Is it because we are so plugged in to ourselves (online, on a cell, on an ipod…) that we have no concept of others? Are we so disturbed by the images we see on the tv, movies and video games that we have no choice but to lash out at others? Is it becasue the last 2 generations haven’t had the challenges of past generations (rationing, the depression, the stock market crash, polio & other deadly diseases)?

Justin answers:

It can all be blamed on the media and the attention they give all the idiots of the world. These kids know the only way they will get attention is to do something drastic.If the media would stop falling all over themselves to publicize the acts of idiots we would see a sharp decline.

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