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Paul asks…

Majoring in Finance, Accounting, or Management?

Accounting is more difficult? Finance deals more with math? Management needs good oral and presentation skills?
Are they all completely different?

I am interested in things like the Stock Market, Investment Banking (like merrill lynch),and International Business and Law. Which one is best for that?

Im not sure my university offers the Finance major.. so is Accounting or Management more like Finance?

Thanks very much!!

financi4 answers:

Based upon what you are interested in, Finance would suit you the best.

My personally opinion would be to take a few classes from each major then really decide on what you want your major to be.

Richard asks…

I need ur help! Please respond if u can!?

I’m looking for an issue that has been in the news within the last 6 months that I could form a presentation on in my University Business class. Its a group project that consists of a 12 minute presentation…. my team-members are not very “business minded” (nor am I) and so anything that would require vast knowledge of economics terms (such as a discussion of whats going on in the stock market) won’t work…. PLEASE send suggestions ASAP…. THANKS

financi4 answers:

Well, theres that sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US which affected the worlds markets. Try newspaper websites and Uni databases for articles.

William asks…

how can different departments of a company benefit from business information?!?

Okay Frankly… I am a representative of a Business Information Service provider. We offer information focused on Emerging Markets. The info is focused on economics, politics, finance and business across news, research, finance, stock markets, tenders and projects, events and additional relevant data.

I know that our service can help companies as a whole but lately I was asked to set a presentation on how I can help the following Departments: COMMERCIAL Dep., FINANCE,MARKETING & RESEARCH.


P.S: My Client is in the Beverages Industry

financi4 answers:

Make contact with each department and look at their specific goals for their current and next quarter. Ask probing questions about what specific steps they take and what information they need to help achieve those goals.

Take this data back and compare it to your information products. You should be able to produce a list of what info will best serve each department. Also, look at the formats of the information they use and be sure you can provide the data they need in similar format, essentially you will be tailoring your product to flow smoothly into their processes.

I don’t think a generic answer is really going to work for you here. You need to demonstrate interest in and awareness of your client and show how your product meets the specific needs of the departments involved. When making contacts with the departments, take down names & numbers and use those in your presentation to create the tightest fit possible.

If you have the oportunity for an on-site visit, take it. Demonstrating an agressive, proactive approach to solving your clients problems should only work to your benefit.

Best of Luck!

John asks…

Should I major in accounting or finance? Or something else?

Hello I’m sort of stuck as to what to major I should take in college. I’m about to start my second year and I’ve gone from Psychology to Finance, and now I’m thinking Accounting. I took an Accounting class and I did pretty well in it with a B but it wasn’t easy. The projects were very difficult but I did pretty good on the tests. I mainly want to go into Accounting because of the good pay and job security, but I think Finance would be a good choice as well but the main reason I’d want to go into Finance is because I find the stock market exciting. However, I can mess around in the stock market along with Accounting. Also a thing to note is that I’m very shy. I have a hard time making new friends and such so I’m worried I might not be cut out for Business. Although another part of me wants to do Business to challenge my fears because I know a lot of communication and presentations are involved and I think it might help me socially.

financi4 answers:

Either will be fine. Having a Finance degree usually means a career in banking or similar while accounting you can work for a CPA firm or the accounting department of any company. If you do go with Finance I would load up on as many accounting classes as you can because that is usually the first question you are asked in a job interview, “how much accounting did you take in school?”

Donald asks…

when an employer see this on my application what goes through his mind?

I worked 3 paying jobs in the last 5 years. I worked at Mcdonalds as a crew member from 2002 to 2007. I worked at Wal-Mart as a greeter for almost 2 years. I worked at Target as a Seasonal Cashier for 6 months. I volunteered for about 8 years at a day program for mentally challenged where I did administrative work, Plan menues, Did weekly presentations, Fixed Computers,Planned menus based on Dietary needs, Assisted with tax preparation, prepared meals for 50+ peopleI am TABC Certified, organized Fund raisers on 2 consecutive occasion for annual Trip. I went to Quincy College for business administration for 1 year I received a 2.28 for GPA. I have no criminal Record. I am currently enrolled to take Culinary Arts at ST Philips College. however i can hold a Conversation, I am also curious what types of jobs i should apply for? My top jobs are Restaurants hotels, Banks, convenience stores and Supermarket. In my spare time I Bake cakes as well as Decorate them, I play piano and clarinet . I completed vocals at a School., I tutor. I analyze the Stock market for trends. i research Law, Science, History on my own, I started writing blogs.when i was in 5th Grade I learned how Nuclear Reactors worked. In 8th grade i learned how lazers worked earlier this year I learned about Nuclear Weapons and how they differ scientifically from Nuclear reactors. I am learning how to Speak as well as Write in Farsi. I am learning Arabic, Turkish , Mandarin, Vietnamese, tagalog, Japanese, Urdu Hindi, russian,Italian French and spanish. I love studying about other cultures, i am willing to relocate anywhere especially internationally
i am going to college for culinary arts and next year i may minor in political science. i know i want to work around food and i do not include everything on here
i am going to college for culinary arts and next year i may minor in political science. i know i want to work around food and i do not include everything on here

financi4 answers:

Wow. You sure can do a lot of things! That’s great. You also stuck with a job at McDs for five years, which you should pitch as having “steadily increasing responsibility” if that’s true. That makes you sound like a good hire and a steady workerl

But, watch it! Most employers have no need for an amateur nuclear engineer. Talking about that kind of stuff in a job interview is going to come across as strange. So, say that you’re a history and science buff, and like to read about those subjects in your spare time, and leave it at that.

Most people don’t speak or read eight languages. Many people in the US are (sadly) a little afraid of foreigners. It makes no sense to intimidate a potential employer.

You might be a great employee for a bookstore at a university with students from all over the world, or at a big urban public library or international airport.

Good luck.

David asks…

How do you say Market Timing in spanish?

Im making a presentation about stocks and I dont know the translation to that.. need help ASAP!!

financi4 answers:

Cronometraje de mercado
good luck

Joseph asks…

Are there any undecided voters after Romney’s thorough thrashing of Obama last night?

Here’s what I concluded after last night’s debate:

1. The mainstream media has done nothing but be the cheering section for Obama. He has never been called to account for his performance the last four years. On the other hand, they have ignored and misrepresented Romney. I was apprehensive about Romney coming in, based upon the media’s presentation of him. After about 10 minutes into the debate, I thought, “Who is this guy? Romney is absolutely eating this guy’s lunch before our eyes.”

2. Obama is lost without his scripted talking points. He has shielded himself from press conferences and is incapable of defending his record – because it’s horrible.

3. Romney’s presence and ideas moving forward are enough to get the pent up capital that businesses are sitting on flowing into the ailing economy. Obama on the other hand causes businesses to fear investment in the present climate. I know many businesses who are holding off orders and other decisions until after the election. Expect a big bump in the stock market today as a reflection of a huge lift in confidence in Romney’s ability to win the election.

4. Obama looked like a school boy in economics 101 class compared to Romney’s firm grasp of economic principles. The recent title of the book about Obama says it all: Amateur.

5. It is clear that Obama has been trafficking in lies during the campaign. Romney clearly clarified his positions on the issues and Obama had no choice but to back down. The disingenuous slogans are coming back to haunt him in the face of reality.

6. Can’t wait until the VP debates when Ryan will totally eviscerate the hapless Biden.

financi4 answers:

Right on Jim !! Obama has never
been accountable for his actions
and Romney addressed a few of his
actions last night.

I remember 4 years ago….
I remember not being sure
who I was for until I saw
the debate between McCain
and Obama,…

When I saw that Obama
could never answer a DIRECT
Q….. I didn’t like that. He always
seemed to dance around and’
go into a different direction.

And I thought it was strange…
That he would always say…
* we need change* I think
so many people hung onto

them 3 words,…. The thing was…
He could never say how he
would change things….

Between that and the
debate…. I knew who I didn’t
want then,,,

Romney has made amazing
things happen in his state…
It’s proof that he can make
it happen !!

He is


Intelligent and a
Christian 🙂

God bless everyone
¸.•°*”˜???˜”*°• ( =o)

Daniel asks…

P12-2a Accounting Problem?


In January 2011, the management of Noble Company concludes that it has sufficient cash to permit some short-term investments in debt and stock securities. During the year, the following transactions occurred.
Feb. 1 Purchased 600 shares of Hiens common stock for $31,800, plus brokerage fees of $600.
Mar. 1 Purchased 800 shares of Pryce common stock for $20,000, plus brokerage fees of $400.
Apr. 1 Purchased 50 $1,000, 7% Roy bonds for $50,000, plus $1,000 brokerage fees. Interest is payable semiannually on April 1 and October 1.
July 1 Received a cash dividend of $0.60 per share on the Hiens common stock.
Aug. 1 Sold 200 shares of Hiens common stock at $58 per share less brokerage fees of $200.
Sept. 1 Received a $1 per share cash dividend on the Pryce common stock.
Oct. 1 Received the semiannual interest on the Roy bonds.
Oct. 1 Sold the Roy bonds for $50,000 less $1,000 brokerage fees.

At December 31, the fair value of the Hiens common stock was $55 per share. The fair value of the Pryce common stock was $24 per share.

Journalize the transactions and post to the accounts Debt Investments and Stock Investments. (Use the T-account form.) (For multiple debit/credit entries, list amounts from largest to smallest e.g. 10, 5, 3, 2. If answer is zero, please enter 0. Do not leave any fields blank.)

-unrealized gain equity
-interest receivable
-gain on sale of debt investments
stock investments
market adjustment available for sale
-interest revenue
-unrealized loss equity
-unrealized gain income
-revenue from investments
-debt investments
-dividend revenue
-loss on sale of stock investments
-unrealized loss income
-loss on sale of debt investments
market adjustment trading
-gain on sale of stock investments

Feb. 1(1 Debit/1 Credit)

Mar. 1(1 Debit/1Credit)

Apr. 1(1 Debit/ 1 Credit)

July 1(1 Debit/ 1 Credit)

Aug. 1(1 Debit/ 2 Credits)

Sept. 1(1 Debit/ 1 Credit)

Oct. 1(1 Debit/1 Credit)

Oct. 1(2 Debits/1 Credit)

Stock Investments Debt Investments
Feb. 1 Aug. 1 Apr. 1 Oct. 1
Mar. 1

Dec. 31 Dec. 31

Prepare the adjusting entry at December 31, 2011, to report the investment securities at fair value. All securities are considered to be trading securities.
Dec. 31

Show the balance sheet presentation of investment securities at December 31, 2011.

-current liabilities
-long term debt
-other assets
-stockholders equity
-current assets
-property, plant, equipment
-debt investments at fair value
-short term investments at equity
-interest receivable
-short term investments at fair value
-interest payable
-debt investments at equity

Balance Sheet (1 Debit/ 1 Credit)

$ ___________________

Identify the classification of each account for the income statement accounts.

-other revenues and gains
-other expenses and losses
-operating expenses
-cost of goods sold

Interest revenue-
Loss on sale of debt investments-
Dividend revenue-
Gain on sale of stock investments-
Unrealized loss-Income-

financi4 answers:

Stock Investments ……..$32400
Cash …………………….$32400

Stock Investments ……..$20400
Cash ………………………$20400

Debt Investments ……….$51000

Cash …………..$360
Dividend Revenue….$360

Stock Investments…………………..$10800
Gain on sale of stock investments..$600

Dividend Revenue….$800

Interest Revenue……$1750

Cash (Debit) $49000
Loss on sale of debt investments(Debit) $2000
Debt investments (credit) $51000

Stock Investments

Debit (on the right side)
Feb.1 $32400
Mar.1 $20400

Credit (on the left side)
Aug.1 $10800


Debit (on the right side)
Dec.31 42000

Debt Investments

Apr.1 $51000

Oct.1 $51000


Dec.31 $0

Adjusting entries at Dec.31 2008 to report the investment securities at fair value:

Unrealized loss-income………………$800
Market adjustment-Trading…………$800

Balance sheet presentation of investment securities Dec.31, 2008:

Current Assets
Short ter investments, at fair value $41200

Classification of each account for the income statement accounts:

Interest revenue: other revenue and gains
Loss on sale of investments: other expenses and losses
Dividend revenue: other revenue and gains
Gain on sale of investments: other revenue and gains
Unrealized loss-income: other expenses and losses
Unrealized gain-income: other revenue and gains

James asks…

Question about Honda Civc hybrid and Toyota Prius hybrid.?

I love the fuel economy of these cars but hate the way they look! Are there any sites that sow pictures of these cars with after market wheels on them? The stock wheels on these cars in my opinion are horrible, and I think that adding some nice after market wheels would dramatically change the presentation of these cars.

financi4 answers:

Go to You can bring up a side view image of either of these cars and see what the available aftermarket wheels will look like in either stock or plus sizes. You can also specify the color of the car.

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