Your Questions About The Stock Market Is A Ponzi Scheme

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George asks…

Is it class warfare or preservation of the United States of America?

You know why I ask this question? Its simple. What some people call class warfare I call stabilizing the country. See our country is totally dependent on what happens in Wall Street. Believe it or not it does. Now the entire world is dependent on what happens there as well. Guess you can say Wall Street is the whore of Babylon.

If all the money is spread out to all corners and sections like it was before. Then you have stabilization. Now when only a few people control all of the money you have major leverage.

Want to see what happens when you have leverage. Lets say you want to move a boulder that weighs 3 tons. You grab a pipe and you set the fulcrum near the boulder while you hold the pipe on the other end. Depending on the amount of leverage you can move that boulder with only a few pounds of pressure.

This is exactly what is happening in the stock market right now. Because only a few people hold all the money they can move the boulder (market) any way they please. Do you know the kind of power that you can have with something like that?
@ez80227- I didn’t get TARP or bailouts did you?
@Alex- Warren Buffet is my hero. Like Ron Paul it takes a lot more guts to stand up for what is right than it does to stand up for what is wrong.
@goofbum- Your name fits you perfectly. The only difference between you and those piss shits in the factory is that you have more money than they have. But like the bible says that one day someone smarter than you will come along and you will lose it all. You bastard you deserve it.

Justin answers:

I have been aware of this for some time. The equities marketplace really is a craps shoot, where the crooks with the leverage call the game as its played the way they want to play it.
Long term investing with confidence has gotten to be nearly impossible, because of all the leveraging options, ponzi schemes, insider trading and cooked books.

Even billionaires Warren Buffet, George Soros and Oprah Winfrey backed Obama, because they knew that he would spend lots of government money to shore up the companies that they have their billions invented in. What should have happened, is for their loser zombie companies to go to bankruptcy court to restructure and let their billionaire buddies bail them out or take the loss for an enterprise failure, instead of the American people paying for the loses with our tax money.

Chris asks…

i need a simple explanation of how Bernard Madoff did what he did?

i am doing a speech and need an explanation needs to be short.

first a counter and a solution to what he did

for counter i came up with “if people weren’t as dumb as they are they wouldn’t have fell for this scam” or “the rich became greedy and deserved what they got”….i know its harsh but its realty

im completely stumped on the sloution part? is there a sloution to this problem

how exactly did he pull it off?
so far i know, he was chairman of some stocks market thing and started a family business of “invest” so basiclly people invested in his
business and then what???
i thought if you invest and you get profit back but he used that business for years and made 50 billion……i really confused??
how did people investing and getting back prove that they make money and all the suddenly all lost money?

and i need a solution? i came up with that “just be smart about where your money goes and just hope you don’t fall a scam like this”…??
i don’t know how to do the solution, please help

Justin answers:

Here’s basically what Madoff did. He took money from investor A and gave it to investor B as “profits” on stocks. Then when investor B reinvested because he got good results, that money when to investor A as “profits.” The cycle continued with all of his clients…their money that they “invested” with Madoff was being given to other investors as “profits.” It’s your basic ponzi scheme.

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