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Steven asks…

What do I need to know for trading stocks?

I want to start trading stocks to make money for college. What are some essential things to know about stocks?

Justin answers:


Stock trading is all guessing. There are no sure-fire bets, especially in today’s market. I started trading for real in Oct. 2008 with $500.

Make sure you research the company BEFORE you invest, and do weekly checkups to see if anything major has happened or changed in the company.

My advice is that, before you play with real money, practice with virtual money. Go to and set up a free account. This is how I got used to investing and learned a lot. This is the only risk free type of investing, the type that isn’t real. Play around and experiment for a few months before you risk your hard earned money.

Also, listen to CNBC or other business network. They provide you all the relevant news about the market.

On stocks, do a few Google searches to learn about support, resistance, Beta, outstanding shares, authorized shares, forward and reverse splits, dividends, P/E ratio, as well as ETFs, commodities and their effect on stocks, and how to read company financial summaries. is a good resource for smaller companies. Your online investment broker website will provide you with quotes, company news, and company information for larger companies.

Create an account in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance and read the message boards about your stock to get an investor sentiment.

Check out for free technical analysis of stocks.

The biggest thing about stocks is that they are unpredictable. Good companies have bad stocks and vice versa. Never act on the recommendation of a website (especially those free stock picks sites), analyst, or friend without doing your due diligence (DD).

You will lose money, make no mistake. Don’t be afraid to sell at a loss.

Joseph asks…

Where can I check past stock market prices?

Is there a website or something that will give me past stockmarket prices?

Justin answers:

Yes, there are several you can check.

A personal favorite is:
but you can also get such data at or

Let’s go to as an example.
When you get there, you can see a “Market Summary”.
On it is a chart of one of the indexes: Dow, NASDAQ, or S&P500.
These indices (plural of index) are sets of stocks traded publicly. While they are not the same as “the stock market”, they reflect what all stocks combined are doing, rising and falling. When people speak of “The market” they are often referring to the Dow index. Less often, the S&P. Almost never the NASDAQ. It’s just tradition. Good value can be found in any of them and outside all three.

On the chart you’ll see a line graph going up, down, sideways, or a combination. The farthest right point of the line is it’s current value. Points of the line to the left go further and further into the past. When you first get to the web site, it’s usually today’s market moves or the most recent day if the market is closed.

The price of Oil and Gold are under the indices, if that’s of interest.

Click any of the indices’ names and it will open a page for that index with the same chart on the right, but now you can change how far back in time you can look. Under the chart you can click “5y” to see what the Dow, NASDAQ, or S&P500 has done over the past 5 years.

That answers your question, but you may also be interested in specific stocks.
In the upper left corner is a field labeled “Get Quotes”
You type in the “ticker” (letter code for a company) of the stock that interests you and click “Get Quotes”.
A web page similar to the index one comes up that concerns that one stock and you can look at the chart on the right for whatever timespan you choose.

Don’t know the ticker for the stock you’re curious about?
Use a “Stock Symbol Lookup” page like:

You can find others using a search engine like Yahoo or Google by searching for “Stock Symbol Lookup”.

With that ticker plugged into “Get Quote” you can follow the ups and downs of any publicly traded company.

You may be surprised at some of the companies that aren’t public! (Little Debbie, Trader Joe’s, to name two.)

Michael asks…

Corporate profits are an an all time high, sock market recovered, why would republicans change anything?

They have everything now that their consitutency wants. Those same suckers who vote for them think they care about unemployment? Just like they made abortion illegal and stopped the illegal immigrants very time they got into office?
Why do rich republicans care about unemployment? It means nothing to them.

Justin answers:

Well I think what you have provided shows great evidence of the greatest lie Democrats tell: That they dislike large corporations, and that Republicans want poor people to suffer and die horrible deaths.

After 2001 when the stock market took a hit, Republicans took steps to ensure that people who were unemployed were hired again. They passed laws and wrote regulations that encouraged growth via hiring. In 2008 when the stock market took a hit, Democrats took steps to ensure that wealthy people stayed wealthy, that no large corporation would fail, but said “screw the little guy”.

Today, Obama says the economy is doing fine because him and his rich friends are making money in the stock market. Republicans point out that its not fine because unemployment is high.

Democrats like to keep the rich rich.
Republicans like to make policies that encourage company growth and hiring.

Charles asks…

Is microsoft a good buy now that they struck a deal with Yahoo?

I read in the WSJ today that yahoo will now be using msft’s bing serach engine. Also, the fact that microsoft is a blue chip, that makes it seem like an even better deal. Personally, i like AAPL more, but i think microsoft is a better buy in terms of its stock. Especially since Yahoo has 20% of the market. Bing will certainly rise in profit. no? Any feedback?

Justin answers:

Well i would say yes. Reason? Because i feel Yahoo has lost the balls to defend the ground which they them selves created. They are too afraid of google. MSFT is the only company right now which could help defend yahoo agains the big bro Google.
Check out to have a 200 words summary of the deal.

Chris asks…

How would you invest $1,000,000 in order to make the most money in one year?

I’m working on a school project, and I’m looking for good ways to invest money. For the assignment, we are hypothetically given $1,000,000 and only one year to make a profit from it. There are a few rules…
-We cannot invest it all in one place.
-We can’t just place it all in the bank to collect interest.
-No investing in anything illegal (I know I fun :p)

I’d also like to get your opinion on some ideas I already have, and I need help elaborating on some that I don’t know much about. I’m definitely thinking of buying a bunch of different stocks, such as Disney, Research in Motion, Target, Google, and a few others. I’m also probably going to purchase a CD. Any tips on either stocks or CDs? Remember I only have one year to collect any profit from my investments. Also, everything doesn’t have to be real (i.e. how much a certain stock went up), but it DOES have to be realistic and based on influential information. Oh & I just heard about T-Bills, can anyone explain?
Creative answers are acceptable too…one of my friends said they invested in a mining project that produced tons of precious metals and earned him millions.

Also, when I said “realistic and influential information” I meant that there just has to be proof that what we say happened could in fact happen. For example, if I say the price of the Disney stock went up a certain amount, I would just have to back that up. So I could say they released a new cruise ship that really brought attention and rave reviews to their cruise line or something like that.

Thanks again 🙂
oops…I don’t think I was as clear as I could have been on the time limit we have. We are given a year as the maximum amount of time to hypothetically invest the money, but we only have a few days to write the paper and hand in the assignment. That’s where the made up part comes in… we don’t really have a year to keep track of stocks and all that good stuff. lol sorry…I was running out of character space. Everything so far is really great though…I’m just going to play off of that.

Justin answers:

Let me give u something to work with

today, a “good” CD rate would be around 5% average, thanks to increasing interest rates set by the U.S. Gov’t

let that be ur benchmark; in other words, you should try to make above 5% of your principal (obviously, the more the better)

so 1) invest a small portion in the highest current CD rate you can find… There are other similar alternatives, but everything has its pros and cons… I e CDs are taxable; but are insured (up to 100grand, i believe)
2) now find something with a better rate (when it comes to investing, theres usually an inverse relationship between risk and gain)… So look at relatively cheap stocks with a good chance of massive growth (check msn money)

as a summary and as an example, you can do this:
1) put about 20-50% in a CD (online savings accts. Tend to be higher, and are secure)
2) spread the rest across medium to high risk stocks, across Vanguard indexes, bonds/money markets with great rates, mutual funds
3) and if you dare, speculate on penny stocks or short over-priced stocks

good luck
use yahoo finance for “headlines” (current events that may impact the earnings of the company)

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