Your Questions About Storing Junk Silver Coins

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Paul asks…

How to save money help!?

Okaii well ihm 11 yrs old. I get paid 30-40 bucks each month for watchin my grandma. Then sum times like once a month i need to watch my niece for my sister ndd she gives mii 10-20 bucks. I want to buy the stuff i want . Like ihma buy the sponge bob head fone 12$ then ihm thinkin bout buyin the wii controller charger 20$ . Then each time i go to the store i buy something i dont need i need help savin money any tips ? Thx

Justin answers:

Head down to your local coin/bullion store and buy some 90% “junk silver” US coins… Coins minted 1964 and before… A great value. Stow these away and they will preserve the value of your money as inflation increases. Since it won’t be “cash” or “liquid”, you won’t spend it. You will have to go back to the coin/bullion store to cash it in.
You can expect the price of silver to more than double in the next few months. A great investment.

Joseph asks…

why is the U.S. debt bad?

I don’t want any vague answers
I don’t see why it’s a bad thing

Justin answers:

Started when Clinton signed Treaty of trade with China in my opinion.. Look at everything you see.. It is not MADE IN USA.. But where? CHINA!
China is siding with Russia and Iran AGAINST US even though we made them SO WEALTHY!!!!
WE ARE IN DEBT TO THEM since this treaty! It destroyed American small buisnesses.. China is a selfish country as well.. Letting only one child person husband and wife or if another is born it is killed.. They are about to start killing prisoners ( and sellin gthe organs).. THey go in other lands and even dig for gold and use guns to take what isn’t theres..

NOW because we have did this treaty and made them so powerful they have turned against us and are making a space aka ROCKET LAUNCHING center that makes our USA NASA centers look like a wal mart!!!!!!!!!! Kinda scary huh…..
WE HAVE MADE THEM RICH and now they have sucked us dry, and we are in debt to them… Now you look at how we are payin gthem money we don’t even have..
We are printing money we don’t have!!!!
How are we getting away with this? People are what you call ZOMBIES.. THe dollar will collapse. When it does it will be bad..
China has chewed us up and is going to spit us our after we made them..

Off subject but i hope when you people buy AMERICAN FLAGS they don’t say ‘ MADE IN CHINA’.. It is kinda against the purpose…
I would advise to store some food, invest even in keepin gthose gas tanks full.. And some extra on hand.. Look in your house and think ‘ what if tomorrow i only had what i have right now to live off of for the next year’.. Scary thought huh….. I would prepare.. We are not half as self dependent as the ones that went through the great depression and we are headed towards another one!

I think of New YOrk and New Jersey.. I always thought of them as MAJOR MAJOR PLACES in the USA and now they are not showin gon the media (as it is control much by government) but some is leaking of how bad that hurricane Sandy really was!

I would take my dollars and get rid of them asap and put into old junk silver aka old silver coins ( ones that are famliiar like the ones made from Canada before 1968, the quarters that is…) GOld is too inflated and most don’t own it, but get famlliar coins that are easy to recogize as this will be a new currency.. The dollar if you really know your stuff is NOT WORTH anything.. We are printing money we literally don’t have! It is SCARY!!!! Mostly you better put your money into protection, and things needed for survival when thinsg get bad.. Remember everything is off eletricity.. Imagine the jails and prisons even after two weeks goin out because generators aren’t prepared and prisoners are out with the other looters… People desperate to survive..

How would you survive? Even if you don’t think it would happen… Is it a bad idea to get canned food that you eat anyway that won’t go out for a couple years and store it up? Is it a bad idea to make sure your family is protect… What would you need if in 2-3 days you could not go to the store as there were no food left?

Sounds extreme, but not so much if some people in the US get away from facebook, and other things like tv that distract them from reality.

Mark asks…

Copper. The big question. I need a lot of help and a lot of answers. Please?

Well, I’ve posted a fair share of questions on copper for my latest search of this “gold”. But what little answers I have been getting were too vague. I’ll put every question I have on the matter and please, no matter how many answers I have on this question give more, and answer them to the fullest if possible. It would be greatly appreciated. Okay, question number 1 – Where are some good places to find copper? Question number 2 – What’s a good homemade way of cleaning copper? Question number 3 – Is it possible that copper is 9 or even 10 dollars per pound in some places? Because that’s what I’ve heard. And question number 4 – I may not get many good answers on this one but, what are some things I could look for at fleamarkets or yard sales that have copper in them? And what would be a good price to pay for said appliances?

Hope you guys can answer at least one of these questions. Thank you.

Justin answers:

Refrigerators, plumbing supplies, home improvement stores, Habitat for Humanity thrift stores, junk yards, the curb before garbage pickup, Mexican silver jewelry, coins, kitchenware.
Pay little or nothing for thrift, yard sale, and curb items.
Cleaning copper: see under “cleaning copper” for an entire list of home remedies.
Pricing copper: search “copper prices”, go for stocks if selling, bargain sites if buying.

Too much info needed to fill this space. Do the searches and you’ll find what you need.

I’m a girl, not a guy, hope it’s okay….lol

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