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David asks…

Instructions for “Stocks and Bonds”, a 3M game?

My brothers and I played this game as kids. I recently found it at my parents. Unfortunately the instructions are missing. Does anyone have a copy of the instructions for the 3M gameStocks and Bonds“?

financi4 answers:

Google is your friend.


Joseph asks…

Online Stock Market Game, What stocks to invest?

So my teacher introduced us to the online stock market game, we started of with 100,000 currency he didn’t not say much about it. My question is what stocks to invest, bonds, and mutual funds? I tried a couple of websites for example, wall street journal and etc.. I would really appreciate any information, anything would be helpful and useful.

financi4 answers:

It’s great that you are playing an online stock game. I am playing two different ones myself and i have done very well. I suggest researching and investing in companies of interest to you. Companies like BestBuy, Apple, McDonald’s, HomeDepot, etc. I actually highly recommend McDonald’s and HomeDepot stock. Just take a look at their stock charts sometime. Be sure to diversify your portfolio and don’t just buy a lot of one or two stocks, but buy a variety of stocks. Most online stock games limit your purchases anyway to promote this. Have fun with it!

Robert asks…

is the stock, share and bond game hard to learn? and can you make alot of money from it?

i want to get into it, but i just dont know were to start. i picked up the financial times and was immediatly lost. lots of graphs and new words. help!

financi4 answers:

Yes stocks can be intimidating at first, but I think it is actually fairly easy to learn the basics. Yes you can make a lot of money once you know what you are doing, but there is always risk involved.

For some good beginner information I recommend the articles on

They also have a stock market simulator where you can try out the stock market with fake money before you risk the real thing…. It’s like a stock market game basically.

Donald asks…

How do stocks work?

How do stocks work? It appears as if you buy “bonds” from a company and as a reward when the company does well, you can sell the “bonds” back to make a profit. How do people lose money playing the stock game? Can’t you just buy cheap and sell high? Why would ANYBODY sell their stocks at a lower price than they bought it for? Just wait!

financi4 answers:

Stocks and bonds are different from one another. Stocks offer everyday investors to participate in growing a firm of their choosing. For example, let’s say that 20 years ago, you read about computers in magazine and thought to yourself, maybe I should drop a ten thousand dollars in Microsoft. At this point, you could probably retire off that. However, it’s the riskiest investment that you make in a firm because if the firm flops, equity holders (stock holders) get paid last.

Bonds run from investment grade to high yield / junk status. As the grades fall, your potential gain increases lockstep with the risk. As a bondholder, you become a creditor to the company.

People lose money by buying a stock at let’s say $10 and selling it at $7. Sure, you can buy low and sell high, but you don’t control the market, so the bid price available for your shares might be lower than your purchase price.

People want to sell stocks for a lower price because they believe the price will continue to drop. Enron, for instance, dropped from over $100 a share to single digits. Dot com stocks fell to a similar fate.

“The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” – John Maynard Keynes

George asks…

What stocks should I buy for a stock market game in my US History class?

My US History class will soon start a game for the rest of the semester. We are simulating an investment in the stock market. We have to choose 5 stocks from 3 sectors by this Monday. From then we will b monitoring the stocks‘ progress until the game is over. The premise is to earn as much money from the stock market as possible. The student with the most profit wins (and extra credit is 1% of your profit). We are given $1000 “dollars” to use to buy stocks (and you can buy as many bonds as you want as long as you have 5 different stocks from 3 different sectors and stay under the $1000 limit).

I’m having a hard time deciding which stocks I should chose for the game. I’ve never really paid much attention to the stock market as I’m only 16 and I feel like I’ve been put on the spot. I was hoping the yahoo community would have some good ideas about what stocks I should choose for this game.

financi4 answers:

So what does this have to do with US history? Some teachers…

The time frame of a class is too short for most value investments, 5 stocks is generally too small for decent diversification. Not much to go on really. If you follow Joel Greenblatt author of “The Little Book That Beats The Market” you could go to his website and use his screens to find undervalued companies but he recommends 30 companies purchased about three a month and to sell them exactly one year after buying them. Doesn’t really fit your game but maybe you can research some of the companies that come up and look for ones that are trending upwards in hopes they’ve found out what was wrong and fixed it already.

With the Eurozone crisis, Germany is on hold so no one is buying solar panels so stay away from that. GM reported a loss in Europe so everyone in Europe is staying away from big purchases so no durable goods. Japanese stocks don’t move much but that nuclear and tidal stuff though not really under control must be a little more manageable by now. The shortage of disk drives from the Thailand floods is going to drive down volume at companies like Dell.

I think that these school stock games teach all the wrong things about investing.

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