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George asks…

i want my boyfriend to want to be around me,i want our relationship to be romantic again? help me out!?

he always see me, i work alot yes but in my spare time i always at his house with him, he rarely shows affection anymore, we dont have sex much( that another story thoguh) so i dont feel that bond you get much, he dont like to go out, so we just sit at his house and play video games for watch tv. i wanna date night, and ive tried but he never really seems stocked for it, he dont shave or wear colonge andymore when we go out, ive already broguht it up to him.i guess he got lazy. ive gotten lazy too, but god damn when i know where going out i dress up, and do everything i can to make myself look good. i want the walk in the parks feeling again, the smiling so much it hurts, the freshness of a new realtionship with him again,i miss him getting ready for me, and i miss gettting ready before i go to see him so much, any tips to make him want to be near me more? should i hangout with friends? encourage him to go hangout with his friends too? i just dont know what to do anymore…..

financi4 answers:

I’m afraid you’re right – he is lazy and also sounds bored with the relationship. That first-love glow doesn’t last forever, but if he is really the right guy for you, he would still be making an effort for you. You say sex is ‘another story’ but sex is NEVER ‘another story’ – it’s ALWAYS part of the same story!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I think it might be over.

If you really love him and want it to work then you only have one chance to make it better – that is to leave him. You say you have already brought this up with him and nothing has changed, so you need to remind him of that conversation and tell him that you want to be with someone who doesn’t take you for granted. Tell him you love him but you’re not prepared to settle for the relationship the way it is right now, because you deserve better. And THEN LEAVE!

IF he loves you and IF he’s prepared to make an effort then he must show you by courting you all over again. And don’t let him slide back into his old ways – YOU allowed that to happen at some point instead of objecting earlier, so don’t make the same mistake twice.

If he’s too lazy or doesn’t care enough about you to make the effort now, he’s a lost cause and you’re better off starting fresh with someone new. But this time train him better – people treat us the way we allow them to!

Good luck

Daniel asks…

Is their a good investment club online or a game that will help with investing?

Such as with stocks, bonds, options, cd’s and futures?

financi4 answers:

Try this site… Http:// there may be people in your Neighborhood that may have the same ideas/concepts that you are looking for.

William asks…

Econ help 10 pts!!!!!!!!!!!!?

19. (Consider This) Ticket scalping:
a.imposes economic losses on both buyers and sellers.
b.creates economic gains for both buyers and sellers.
c.imposes losses on buyers, but creates gains for sellers.
d.imposes losses on sellers, but creates gains for buyers.
20. Income data that show how total income is distributed as wages, rents, interest, and profits describe the:
a.functional distribution of income.
b.horizontal distribution of income.
c.personal distribution of income.
d.vertical distribution of income.
21. The personal distribution of income in the United States is such that the richest fifth receives about _____ percent of personal income.
22. Listed in descending order of relative size, households divide their total incomes among:
a.consumption expenditures, saving, and taxes.
b.saving, consumption expenditures, and taxes.
c.consumption expenditures, taxes, and saving.
d.taxes, consumption expenditures, and saving.
23. The majority of personal consumption expenditures go to purchase:
a.nondurable goods.
b.durable goods. goods.
24. In economics, a business establishment that owns one or more plants is called a(n):
25. The advantages of the corporate form of business include:
a.the ability to raise financial capital by selling stocks and bonds.
b.the fact that owners are subject to unlimited liability.
c.the elimination of the principal-agent problem.
d.single taxation of corporate earnings.
26. The owners of a firm face unlimited liability for the firm’s debts in:
a.a corporation.
b.a proprietorship, but not in a partnership.
c.a partnership, but not in a proprietorship.
d.both a proprietorship and a partnership.
27. Government may lessen income inequality by:
a.providing transfer payments to the poor.
b.directly modifying market prices as, for example, by establishing a legal minimum wage.
c.using the tax system to tax the wealthy relatively more heavily than the poor.
d.doing all of the above.
28. Negative externalities arise:
a.when firms pay more than the opportunity cost of resources.
b.when the demand curve for a product is located too far to the left.
when firms “use” resources without being compelled to pay for their full costs.
only in capitalistic societies.
29. Which of the following is a public good?
a.chewing gum
c.a professional baseball game
d.street lights in a city
30. In performing its stabilization function it may be appropriate for government to:
a.increase both government spending and taxes when the economy is experiencing rapid inflation.
b.reduce government spending and increase taxes when the economy experiences substantial unemployment.
c.increase government spending and reduce taxes when the economy experiences rapid inflation.
d.increase government spending and reduce taxes when the economy experiences substantial unemployment.

31. Government transfer payments:
a.have been virtually eliminated by Federal revenue sharing.
b.have virtually no effect on the distribution of income.
c.make the distribution of income less equal.
d.make the distribution of income less unequal.
32. The three most important sources of Federal tax revenue in order of descending importance are:
a.sales, payroll, and personal income taxes.
b.personal income, corporate income, and sales taxes.
c.personal income, corporate income, and payroll taxes.
d.personal income, payroll, and corporate income taxes.
33. A progressive tax is such that: rates are higher the greater one’s income.
b.the same tax rate applies to all income receivers, so that the rich pay absolutely more taxes than the poor.
c.entrepreneurial income is exempt from taxation.
d.the revenues it yields are spent on transfer payments.
34. Government lotteries are:
a.used by a large number of states to supplement their tax revenues.
b.illegal in the United States, but are a common source of revenue in other countries.
c.used by local governments, but not by state governments.
d.a form of progressive taxation.
35. The physical export of motorcycles from the United States to Mexico best illustrates a: flow.
b.resource flow. flow. flow.
36. About half of United States international trade is with:
a.other industrially advanced capitalist countries.
b.the OPEC countries.
c.developing countries.
d.Russia and China.
37. In recent years the United States has:
a.exported more goods and services than it has imported.
b.imported more goods and services than it has exported.
c.realized an approximate balance in its imports and exports.
d.experienced a falling absolute dollar amount of imports and a rising absolute dollar amount of exports.

financi4 answers:

You could at least try yourself.

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