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John asks…

What do y’all think of my poems?

i thought i knew who i was
solid and permanent
attached to the ground beneath my feet
with invisible bonds of determination
living alone behind metal walls
my world a room stocked with
cans of chicken soup
and monopoly games

i thought i was content
but then you came along
unhooking my knees
melting away my metal cage
eating up my soup and
beating me at my own worn games
until i lay collapsed on the ground, exposed
until i realized the room was built for two,
not one

I am angry
I throw things
and people run away frightened
beds soiled by nightmares
and sweat
you want me to be glad
and i appreciate your touch
cold as i may be
you have amused me
and once i danced on the sidewalk
but those times are gone
and pleading only makes things worse

i hate the world because
i was born to hate
and no one should have to love
only to be hurt
if you don’t want me, fine
only stop pretending
stop trying
it’s breaking my shallow heart to see you
care this much
about someone so terrible

your innocent gaze across the river
forehead wrinkling at the leaves swirling
breaking apart in the boiling current
tears my insides apart
veins stretching against skin pulled taut
face distorted in a
demented grin
i am no longer the one you love
i am disgusting

i am leaving you
and if you happen to catch my fingertips
soft and limp
as i fall
i advise you to let go

when I was small
and you asked me what I was afraid of
I told you:

getting lost in the city
throwing up at school
and breathing in water at swimming lessons
which always made my throat burn like hell

I was scared of tornadoes
nightmares and horror films
being alone in the dark
and losing the only things I cared about:
my blankie and favorite stuffed animal,
and my family

I grew up a little and my fears became ones of
never being loved by a boy
developing an eating disorder
losing my temper or getting beat up
being humiliated in front of
all the people who mattered most to me
and crying so hard I wouldn’t be able to stop

new fears would present themselves each year
of forgetting who I am
of the future, all the unknown possibilities it holds
and of losing you

sometimes it’s easier now
to lay in the closet
with my monsters fighting to get out
to devour me
not realizing I’m already a part of them

I jump out of trees
blast music into my ears
tell people I love them on a whim
and dance in buses
because it’s easier than to live here alone
with the truth ringing through my weak voice
to open my eyes every day
and not see your face

financi4 answers:

They’re ok

Robert asks…

Hi, I am 20 years old and looking to start investing. Anyone have any suggestions or tips?

I should be making 675 a week (pre-tax) and I was thinking that I would divide my earnings into a Roth IRA and a Stock Index Mutual Fund. I was wondering how this idea sounded to investment savvy individuals? Would you recommend me putting more in the Roth, or Mutual fund? I was also considering investing in some agressive bonds.

Furthermore, how would you recommend getting started setting up an account for any of the three aforementioned items? I am very new to the investing game, so any information on how to get started would be extremely helpful.

If you are bored, and I mean really bored, and want to make a schedule for how you think I should divide my savings, feel free to do so. I should be getting 675 a week (pre-tax) and I would like to save 100 (after-tax) and I should only be making the 7500 or so this summer for my annual total.

Thanks in advance anyone, if you could suggest any websites or books to help my situation, I would be grateful.

financi4 answers:

Hi friend , you just log onto there you can get lot of information on life insurance, mutual funds ,etc., i think it will surely help you

Donald asks…

How much can i get for my ps2 and games?

Where would be the best place for me to sell my ps2 and all of my old games.
PS2 slim console x1
PS2 power cable x2
PS2 AV cable x3
PS2 Memory card x2
PS2 controller x3
1.James Bond 007 in… Agent under fire
2.Lego star wars 2: the original trilogy
3.Hawk Kawasaki Racing
4.Over the hedge
5.Destroy all humans 2
6.The gateway
7.Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
8.Stuntman ignition
9.Tony hawk’s pro skater 3
10.Army men- Sarge’s heroes 2
11.Pro evolution soccer 3
12.The punisher
13.Robot warlords
14.Dynasty warriors 3
15.Driver 3 (DRIV3R)
17.Justice league heroes
18.Raceway: Drag & stock racing
19.Colin McRae rally 2005 (just disc)
20.Worms 4: mayhem
21.Spider-man 2
22.Wallace and Gromit ‘the curse of the were-rabbit’
23.Jak and Daxter: the precursor legacy
24.PSW volume 53
25.Disney’s extreme skate adventure
26.Star wars: episode 3 Revenge of the sith
27.Jak X
28.The Simpsons game
29.Lara croft tomb raider anniversary
30.Tony hawks project 8
31.Smugglers run
33.The chronicles of Narnia The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
34.Star wars battlefront
35.Mx vs. Atv: untamed
36.Iron man
37.Spider-man 3
38.Lego Indiana Jones: the original adventures
39. Ratchet and clank
40.Medal of honor Rising sun
41.Just cause
43.Conflict: Global storm
44.Need for speed prostreet
45.Peter Jackson’s King Kong The official game of the movie
46.Destroy all humans!
47.The matrix: path of neo
48.Medal of honor vanguard
49.Medal of honor frontline
50.Medal of honor European assault
51.WRC 2 extreme
53.Total overdose
54.Lego star wars: the video game
55.Harry potter: Quidditch world cup
56.James Bond 007: Everything or nothing
57.From Russia with love
58.GoldenEye: rogue agent
59.Grand theft auto san andreas
60.The Simpsons hit & run
61.Grand theft auto : vice city
62.Midnight club 2
63.Driver parallel lines
64.Star wars battlefront 2
65.Tony hawks proving ground
66.ToCA race driver
67.Midnight club 3: DUB edition
68.Indiana Jones and the emperors tomb
69.James bond 007: nightfire
70.Tiger Woods pga tour 08
71.Call of duty 3
72.Transformers the game
73.Call of duty 2: big red one
74.Crash of the titans
75.Ratchet: Gladiator
76.Ratchet & clank 2 locked and loaded
77.Disney – pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end
78.Superman returns
79.WRC 4: the official game of the FIA world rally championship
80.FIFA football 2005

financi4 answers:

Uuuh wow
try ebay and start at 300
that lot should be worth that at least

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