Your Questions About Stocks And Bonds Basics

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George asks…

HELP! 401k enrollement?

At my job, i have been told i need to do my 401K enrollement.. the only thing is.. i have no idea what i should invest in. what percentage should go where… Please help me by telling me the basics of the 401k and how it applies to my life…

I am a college student, and am not dumb or anything like that. I understand that I am going to need my 401k and that it rolls over… I just do not know anything else about 401k/ investments

Can you help break it down for me…

BY THE WAY.. I am being asked to set of investments for future contributions. What percentage should i choose for each

Short-Term Fixed Income Fund 0% %
Stable Value Fund 0% %
Government Inflation-Protected Bond Fund 0% %
Core Bond Fund 0% %
Intermediate Bond Fund 0% %
High Yield Bond Fund 0% %
Large Cap Value Index Fund 0% %
Large Cap Value Fund 0% %
Growth and Income Fund 0% %
S&P 500 Index Fund 0% %
Large Cap Growth Index Fund 0% %
Large Cap Growth Fund 0% %
Mid Cap Value Fund 0% %
Mid Cap Growth Fund 0% %
Small Cap Index Fund 0% %
Small Cap Core Fund 0% %
Small Cap Blend Fund 0% %
International Large Cap Value Fund 0% %
International Large Cap Index Fund 0% %
International Large Cap Core Fund 0% %
International Small Cap Fund 0% %
JPMorgan Chase Common Stock Fund 0% %
Moderately Conservative Portfolio 0% %
Moderately Aggressive Portfolio 0% %
Aggressive Portfolio 0% %

financi4 answers:

You need to talk to your HR department. It also might make sense to read a financial book or two. You need to get a sense of your own tolerance for risk and then try to match investments to that and at the same time make sure you’re well diversified. You’re not going to get that all here on YA!You need to do some homework. This is your money not ours.

John asks…

How to invest in stocks?

I’m 23 years old and I have no idea what to do with my money, I work and put it on the bank.. and that’s pretty much it. I’d like to invest in stocks or bonds or whatever…

Anyway can you please educate how to invest in the stock market?

I know the basics, like if I buy a share that’s 0.5 and next day it’s 500,.. I’m like rich Lol. But that’s pretty much it, when in terms of stocks lol

financi4 answers:

I believe in using professional market timing systems. Some believe attempting any market timing is a mistake – but that philosophy originated with the endless bull market of the 90’s, when leaving money out of the market for any length of time seemed risky.
The market today is quite different – the odds of losing money is just as great (or greater) than the odds of making money. Without some market timing it could take many years to reach even modest investment goals. In fact nearly all professional investors do market timing – this is why a majority of stock trading is now done by automatic computerized systems.
Dollar cost averaging (a very popular strategy) is a very mild form of market timing – because it automatically causes you to buy more stock when prices are low. Other ways (like technical analysis of charts) are more difficult and risky, but there are also middle roads to take.
Professional timing systems are usually sold as services, and can be very expensive. Review sites (like independently test and rate their performance.
There are however a few timing systems that are free (see sources), and a good fit for a beginning investor – both the services listed below require very few trades to be made (once or twice per year) and can be used on mutual funds, even those held inside retirement accounts.

Richard asks…

Where can I buy Stocks and Shares in Person?

Hello, I’m almost graduating High school and going to college soon. I wan’t to know if any of you know where I can Buy & Sell Stocks, Buy Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds Etc… In Person, I tried to google it buy I could only find out Websites. I’m planning on start buying in about one months or two. Till then I’m going to read some books to learn the basics.

Or if there aren’t any places where I can Buy them in person, Then what is a Good, Trust worthy website.

I Live in San Diego.

Thank you.

financi4 answers:

Based on the wording of your question, you will need more than a month (or two) to learn the basics of the investment markets.

Not sure what you mean by “in person” You can walk into any brokerage firm, fill out a new account form in person, talk to a sales rep in person, deposit money into your account and give the sale rep an order to buy whatever you want to buy.

All major firms permit their customers to buy and sell securities using the firm’s website.

All securities that trade in the US markets must be bought/sold through a registered broker/dealer so you have your coice – visit a brokerage firm in person and enter orders, call a brokerage firm and sepak with a sales representative, or go on line and use a webiste that is available to customers of all broker/dealers.

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