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2.The democratic platforms in 1936 and 1940 promised to _______ expenses and balance the budget. (6 letters)

5.In the election of 1936 the Republicans nominated this man to oppose FDR. (6 letters)

7.To stop this on the stock market, Congress passed the Security Act, which forbade the sale of stocks and bonds unless they were registered with the government. (11 letters)

9. The new dealers believed they could reduce this by increasing agricultural prices. (12 letters)

13. the purpose of the CCC was to provide jobs and an _____ for young men from ages eighteen to twenty-five. (6 letters)

8. the PWA made loans available to many cities to replace these with low-income housing.(5 letters)

16. This act, known as the Magna Carta of Labor, guaranteed workers the right to join unions and to bargain collectively with emplayers for better wages and benefits.(6 letters)

17. the FDIC increased confidence in the banks because it guaranteed the ____ of bank depositors. (7 letters)

18. One purpose of the REA was to bring the convenience to rural areas of the United States. (11 letters)

19. In 1936 this third party sought to return prosperity to the United States by printing large amounts of paper money. It nominated William Lemke as its candidate. 5 letters


financi4 answers:

2. Reduce
5. Landon
9. Unemployment
13. Income
8. Slums
16. The “Wagner” Act.
17. Deposit ?
18. Electricity ?
19. Union

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