Your Questions About Stocks And Bonds

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Joseph asks…

Isn’t Investing in Stocks, Bonds, etc. the same as gambling? And what is the point?

I have been studying them in my college class. It pretty much seems like pointless gambling. It says to invest in them but there is usually no guarentee your going to get anything back. Why would anyone take this risk? And where the heck do they get the money to do it?
Is this like a “Rich People” thing?

financi4 answers:

“I have been studying them in my college class. It pretty much seems like pointless gambling.”

Damn, you are dumb and in college?

Education is wasted on the young.

Anyways, investing isn’t gambling because you can sometimes tell when a company will profit. How do I know?

Will APPLE INC. Go bankrupt tomorrow? What about Walmart? Amazon? Ect?

Investing is what separates rich people from poor people like you. Rich people take risks and understand how to play the game called investing.

EDIT: Why thumbs down? Are you afraid of the truth? They are facts. Get over it.


Daniel asks…

What Stocks/ Bonds Should I Invest In?

I have $100,000 to invest in stocks and bonds for a school simulation. 80% should be stocks and 20% bonds, because i’m in a aggressive-style group. what should my initial investment be if we plan to make a lot of money? we only have a handful of weeks, so i need stocks that will soon be on the rise.
any help is appreciated.

financi4 answers:

If this is not real money and the object of the game is a huge gain to “win” buy calls on SKF (that’s the trading symbol). You’ll either lose your theoretical hundred thousand dollars or make a fortune.

If the object is to learn about the stock market “invest” $10,000 in ten different stocks. Apple would be one suggestion.

Charles asks…

What company offers IRAS with stocks,bonds and mutual funds?

financi4 answers:

I like Vanguard best.

Michael asks…

How old you have to be to but bonds/stocks etc?

i am almost 20 and want to buy bonds/ stocks etc

financi4 answers:

Yup, as long as you have a social # and stuff you can buy them, im 15 and i know cause my friends parents invested money for him ever scince he was born so he could have collage money or something like that. And i know other people.

Richard asks…

What are stocks and bonds? How can you tell which stocks are best? And where do you get them?

Also, what is better, stocks or bonds, and are they wise things to invest in? How can you tell what stocks are good?

financi4 answers:

A great resource of specific financial definitions, and encyclopedia-type explanations, is

Go to your local library and walk down the row upon row of books on these subjects. One beginner’s book on investing will answer all of these questions in detail. If you have problems or don’t understand, then ask a question. You’ve asked a question “How do I build a house?” Way too broad and general. You do the work first, then we help.

Try to determine your time horizon. Short-term, long-term?

Take a look at charting and Technical Analysis for following trends in the markets. Why would you own a stock that is in an obvious decline?

Realize right away there are two sides to the market, not just the upside. What goes up, eventually comes down at least part way.

Learn how to analyze risk, and make this your primary approach, not by compounding profits and erroneously analyzing how much money you can make. For example, most traders don’t make any money at all; more than 80% blow out.

Learn about money management techniques, and maybe you’ll stick around awhile.

Try to find these books:
They say “Buy and Hold” for the long term is better, but that depends on when you get in, and what your definition of “long term” is. The phrase “Buy low and sell high” infers that you buy after a decline; but how much of a decline? If you had bought after a 1000 pt decline in the Dow in 2000, you would still be waiting to get back to even, six years later in most stocks.

How to start trading online:……

Beginner’s Books on Investing

“Which Is Better, Buy-and-Hold or Market Timing?”

“Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Market Timer

The Beginner’s Bible in Technical Analysis is:
Edwards & McGee”Tech. Anal. Of Stock Trends”

Droke, ClifTechnical Analysis Simplified

Kahn, Michael N.Tech. Anal. Plain & Simple

Kamich, Bruce M.How Technical Analysis Works

Lefevre, EdwinReminiscences of a Stock Operator

William asks…

Since you are not allowed to take cash, stocks, bonds or gold to heaven when you die, where do we get the?

startup capital for a business?y

Do they have a banking system so we can borrow money and what about interest rates?

And if you work hard and get ahead, will we have to pay the same tax rates as those who just sit around on clouds waiting for a handout?

financi4 answers:

See the Bachmann booth for Heaven’s grant program . She used to work for the IRS so she learned all the ” codes ” .

Chris asks…

How many mathematics professors invested in stocks and bonds and certificates of deposit?

Most mathematics professors love to invest their hard earned money. A recent survey of 150 math professors revealed that

111 invested in stocks;
98 invested in bonds;
100 invested in certificates of deposit;
80 invested in stocks and bonds;
83 invested in bonds and certificates of deposit;
85 invested in stocks and certificates odeposit;
9 did not invest in any of the three.

financi4 answers:

Use a Venn diagram to help solve this problem. Make 3 circles intersecting and fill in the spaces with numbers that satisfy the info that is given you. For example, you must have a total of 111 in the stocks circle, a total of 80 in the intersection of the stocks and bonds circles, etc. Good luck.

John asks…

I’m 31 and want to start cont’b to my 401k, what do you sugg. stocks, bonds, or money market in this economy?

financi4 answers:

I wish i could help you but when you find out let me know cause this is something that i was just trying to figure out believe it or not. So please forward the answer when you get it!?!?!?! I have money going in there and i dont know what I want to do with it????? I AM SO CONFUSED!

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