Your Questions About Stock Market Is A Ponzi Scheme

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James asks…

Basically what does a “Financial adviser” at a bank do?? ?

correct me if i am perhaps wrong, but do they basically look for the latest “Ponzi schemes” , whether that be in the stock market, real estate for their share holders?

how do they differ depending if they work for an “investment firm” such as Merryl Lynch and every bodys local community bank?
but in return, doesnt that mean that for the top people in his company or for him , doesnt that mean that some of the lower investors have to be schemed?

why and how so for your explanation on this?

and how do they decide who gets the latest inside knowledge of the latest deals to invest?

Thanks for your answers!
to the first answerer, how do they do this, if they know that the person maybe is getting schemed?

surely they know better, even if they are just “doing their job” ?

Justin answers:

Gets you to put your money in so he can get a bonus.
He only sells the banks products and therefore should not call him/herself a financial adviser.
He/she is a rep for the bank.
Hope this helps

Thomas asks…

what was the governments attitude towards business in the 1920’s?

Justin answers:

Republicans like Hoover were anti-union and anti-governemnt regualtation so the stock market was un-regualted and ponzi schemes and down rtiht lying cerated unsafe and dnaerous investments. Whenteh stock amkert failed the average middle citizen who did not know how risky and crimina; most sotck were lost everthhing. This lead to fring millions of common workers and closing plants.
Banks failed left a right; personal savings were gone.

There was nothing like socail Security for the elderly what few county and stae programs that existed for the hungery were wiped out due to no taxes coming in and the huge demand.
Hoover lef teh peole to eke out a living the best they could and mmany staved, lost there homes. Paer ot the reason criminal like Bonnie and Clyde were so “heroic” was they represented the individuals harted of the banks and govt that screwed let out of their money.

Notice how this un-regultions of the fnancial/banking industry repeats itslef in teh removeal of requation of banks by Regan, Bush 1 and Bush jr.
Now the Republican want to cut food stamps, cut en-employement benefits; and give comapnies tax breaks adn the uber-wealthy tax-immunity.

Mitt Romeny pays a fed tax rate of 15 % (he owns 6 homes the smallest is worth 10M dollars) while a teacher or policeman pays about 35% fed income tax rate.
Would you be pissed if Walmat made you pay 35% tax but the guy next to you only 15% sales tax.

Goverment isn the 1920 backed union busting by using police and national guard against the workers.

Donald asks…

why would the social security system be going broke? when the federal government keeps borrowing from it? to?

pay for other programs and the wars? That money belongs to the recipatints of the program that paid into the progrma

Justin answers:

Social security is not kind of like a Ponzi scheme – it IS a Ponzi scheme. And neither you, nor I, nor anyone you know has one dime in a fictional social security “lock box.” When you retire, you will be depending on future worker contributions being given directly to you.

And people think this is somehow better than the stock and bond markets?

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