Your Questions About Some Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone

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Steven asks…

How to delete purchased song in itunes in iphone?

Its been a while since i logged in here but i really need your help, i purchased songs in itunes that i dont like anymore and want to delete from my iphone..also when i play songs it usually plays the playlist automatically, now it just repeats the same song over and over. please help me, serious answers only, my eyesight is bad and i cant skim over the whole manual to deal with this.thanks in advance.

Justin answers:

If you dont want them in ur iphone, simply in the summary of your iphone in itunes, click the check box that states you only want checked items to be synced. Then go into your music in itunes and uncheck the boxes that you dont want. When you play songs play them straight from the songs list in the iphone, it should not just start playing a playlist when not told to. If that is the case, delete the playlist and start over.

Michael asks…

do i have to pay for songs i wanna play on the iPhone?

I’m planning on getting an iPhone and i’ve heard that you have to purchase songs from iTunes in order to play them on the iPhone or iPod, can’t i just transfer any mp3 song i got on my PC into the iPhone and get it to work normally like any Nokia phone does?

Justin answers:

I have over 1300 songs none of which I have bought from the Itunes store that play just fine on my ipod.

I think this is what you are getting confused about:
There is the itunes store
There is ALSO itunes software

In order to play songs on your iphone/ipod you need to use the itunes software (you can get it from and it converts the songs you have to itunes, making them compatible for your iphone.

Mark asks…

How do I get my purchased songs off my ipod to go into my new itunes library?

After I got the two options “erase and sync” or “transfer purchases” I chose transfer, but it said i “wasn’t authorized to play it on my computer”. What can I do to get the purchased songs from my ipod onto my new library? I don’t care about all the downloaded songs, but I don’t want to have to pay for 100+ songs all over again! Also how does the idump work? (I have a mac leopard)

Justin answers:

It should let you transfer. Here is some tips on transferring purchases

If still not work, try some iPod to iTunes transfer program to help you, like this handy one called 4Media iPod to Mac Transfer. Http://

It can help easily transfer all music, photos, videos, podcast, and TV shows on your iPod back to Mac completely and safely, and add them to your local iTunes library. Also, you can use it to transfer files from iPod to iTunes or from Mac to iPod in a direct way.

The great thing is that it won’t cause any deletion of any files while transferring. Here is step-by-step guide:

Hope this helps.
Note iDump only works for windows.
You can also search more others at

Paul asks…

How to move songs from playlist to song list on iPhone 3g?

I purchased 2 songs on my iPhone 3g from iTunes. The only way to play them is if I go into the playlist section. They don’t show up in my song list. Is there a way to move them from the playlist to the song list from the phone?

Justin answers:

Use PC suite to backup them then restore them to iTunes

Joseph asks…

What is the song in the Droid commercial?

You know the commercial. It played a few dozen times during NFL games today. During the part of the commercial where it is mocking iPhone commercials, with the white background, there is a cheesy pop song playing. Is it a real song? If so, can anyone tell me what it is?

Justin answers:

The song is called “Magic (Oh Oh Oh)” by MoZella.

You can view the music video on YouTube at:

It is featured on MoZella’s new album “Belle Isle,” which was released on Tuesday.

The song can also be purchased on or on iTunes.

Best of luck. 🙂

Robert asks…

How do you listen to radioIO on an iPhone?

The website loads, and shows the song playing but a box under the now playing doesn’t load and just shows a building block with a ? On it. Is there any way to overcome this?

Justin answers:

There are 2 apps available for listening to radioio on the IPhone.

1) The Null river Tuner app is an app that costs $4.99 to purchase and has our ad supported streams programed in to it, This app will also allow you to program in our Commercial free links if you have a soundpass with us.

2) Flytunes is a free app that has our ad supported streams programed in to it, but it will not allow you to program in other streams.

Please give me a shout at if you have further questions,

Gregory Walters
Customercare/Tech Support

Richard asks…

How do I transfer songs I bought on Itunes to my music play list?

I got the gift card and bought a few songs and they are under the purchased song category but I dont know how to get them on the list with all my other music or on my Ipod. Please help and thanks.

Justin answers:

You click and drag the song into the playlist name on the side bar. You will only see the playlist if your iPod/iPhone is plugged in and appearing on iTunes. Hope this helps.

William asks…

I want to purchase a song from iTunes. After purchasing the song can I transfer the song to become a ringer?

I would like to buy a song from iTunes. I was wondering if after i purchase the song is there anyway to transfer the song to my cell phone memory card (micro sd) so that I can use the song as a ringtone?

Justin answers:

Most likely not, unless you have an iPhone. To transfer any purchased song song to any other phone, you have to make sure you bought the plus version (this means that there’s no copy protection on it). Then, right click the song and change the format to MP3 (most new phones can play MP3 files). Then sync your phone to the phone and transfer the song. Now you should be able to play the song on your phone or set it as a ringtone.

Chris asks…

What is the best fm transmitter for my iphone?

I have a 2003 Mazda 6, but it doesn’t have a cassette player or audio jack. I want to play the songs from my iphone, so I need an fm transmitter– what is the best fm transmitter out there, and what problems should I be concerned about before purchasing one? There are so many mixed reviews out there, I’m not quite sure where to start.

Justin answers:

Coby CA-745 Wireless FM Car Transmitter with Digital Display and DC Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter sound quality amazes me- very near CD quality sound- and I was very pleased there was no interference- in the 40 minutes driving, I never had to switch channels. As long as it holds up, I don’t plan on switching transmitters anytime soon either. The Coby-745 rocks.

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