Your Questions About Purchased Songs Will Not Play On Iphone

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Richard asks…

How do you transfer your music from bearshare to your ipod 2nd generation?

im completely confused. how long does it take to recognize the device? how do you know it did recognize it? and how do you transfer the songs to your ipod?

Justin answers:

When connecting your iPod a window will pop up, announcing it has detected a portable media player.
Choose whether you would like to add/remove tracks manually or let BearShare do that automatically.
You can also choose to start BearShare automatically whenever you connect your iPod.

After making those initial settings, press ‘OK’ to continue.

Now, you should see the name of your player on the left-hand side of the application.
Click on it to see your files and manage them.

Double click on any song in order to play it.
In case you would like to delete a track or add it to your library, right click on the track and choose the option of your choice from the menu appearing next to it.

You can also manage your playlists by adding or removing tracks from them.
In order to add a track, you can either drag it to the playlist of your choice, or right click on ‘Add to portable Playlist’ and choose the playlist appearing there.
In case you would like to create a new playlist, right click on a track you would like to add and go to ‘Add to portable Playlist > Create portable Playlist’

To remove a song from a playlist simply right click it and choose ‘Remove’ from the menu appearing next to it.
The track will only be deleted from the Playlist, and will remain in your iPod.

In order to transfer songs from your library to your iPod, right click the song of your choice and choose ‘Add to iPod’. The song will now appear when you click back on the iPod icon.

You can also transfer complete Playlists from BearShare to you iPod, to do so, simply right click the Playlist and choose ‘Sync with portable device’

There are 3 types of track types available for transfer to iPods:

1. Free Peer-2-Peer downloads from other Bearshare users (the green files) – Downloading of these tracks does not require a monthly subscription. You can burn this content or transfer it to any iPod freely.

2. Purchased MP3 Tracks (Boxed Gold files) – You can purchase individual tracks by right clicking on the track an selecting buy song.
Once bought you will be able to transfer the tracks into your iPod.

3. YouTube music videos (the purple files) – Right click on a YouTube music video and choose ‘Buy Song’, this will purchase that song in an MP3 audio format, which you can then add to your iPod.

Important: To avoid loss of data, make sure to click on the ‘Eject’ button at the top of the window prior to disconnecting your device.

Note: iPhone and iPod Touch are Not supported by BearShare.

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