Your Questions About Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone

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William asks…


I just bought some fleet foxes and 26 of the smiths songs on iTunes, was us all night on my slower than molasses computer waiting for it to sync properly, go to bed at 1am and try listening
to the songs a little and they will not play at all. I will select the song and it will show up like it’s going to play and then goes
back to the list of songs. Yet In about the 30 or so total songs I bought just about 3 work. Pretty sure they worked on my comp. Didn’t check every one. Tell me what to do because i’m flipping out

financi4 answers:

Log on to itunes and terms and conditions and the email adress should come up and email wat happend to the adress
they should email u back and then u email
ur adress not email house! And they shall post u a new lg qwerty
it happend to me it works

Donald asks…

Purchased songs not going into iPhone?

I have an iPhone 3GS, and about 2 days ago, I have noticed that it won’t let me play certain songs. The next day, the two songs just disappeared. Now, I have just bought a song, and it won’t go in to my music on the device. I went to iTunes on my device, and I went to downloads or something, and it was there. I then re-downloaded it, but that didn’t work either. I’m thinking this is just a total rip off, since i kept on buying it. Now, I’m getting kind of pissed.

Thank you.

financi4 answers:

That’s what you get for buying the crappy I-phones. They are clearly a piece of shit. Should I suggest the Blueberry?

David asks…

Purchased songs on Itunes keep skipping and won’t play?

I’ve purchased some songs on itunes and successfully downloaded them with no interruptions.
When I click play a few skip to another song and other will play half the song then skip to another song.I’ve contacted apple and they’ve let me re-download the songs only to have them do the same thing.They also do not play on my iPhone.Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?My computer is authorized..and I don’t know what else to do…

financi4 answers:

That’s happened to me a couple of times, and I’ve just deleted the song, sending it to the recycle bin, then I go to the Purchased section in the iTunes store where I re-download it. It has fixed it every time for me.

John asks…

Music not playing after iPhone 4S jailbreak?

I used the Absinthe jailbreak and now my music won’t play. I know it worked within minutes before the jailbreak. It will select a song and it will say it is playing but it isn’t, or it will skip them. It’s not all of them, just songs I recently purchased on my iPhone prior to the jailbreak. I don’t know if this is related but my iTunes icon is now a blank white square.

What do I do, besides restoring? I saw something about iTunes match online but I never had this feature enabled. Thanks

financi4 answers:

Try finding them in your Music library and deleting them, then go into iTunes and buy them again. It says you already purchased it and can download again for free. (All on iPhone.)

Ken asks…

I downloaded songs on itunes how come when I try to put them on my iphone it says cannot copy to iphone?

It says cannot copy to Iphone playlist because I am not authorized to play them on this computer. Anyone know How I get the songs on my phone? like I said It’s songs i just purchased off of itunes that arn’t working.
I have synced my phone at my moms house before. but i put songs on my phone from home last night, that were not purchased on itunes.

financi4 answers:

Try using I paid one single fee and i can download anything, including music, shows, movies, ebooks. You pay only once and get unlimited downloads and i’ve never gotten any problem with it so far. And i’ve never tried itunes. The money kinda adds up when you keep paying for one download at a time.

Steven asks…

What do you do when you click on a song on your iPhone and it plays a different song?

So I have had a iPhone for quite some time, and on my Playlist of purchased songs, I will click on a song and it will play the song next on the list, not the one I chose. So its like I am clicking on a different song. (hope that makes sense, it’s hard to explain)
So when I click on the song it will turn blue, but it still plays a different song, and I have turned it off, and that didn’t fix it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just one of those things that would be nice to have fixed. But I just realized on that playlist I have a ringtone on it, and all the songs after the ringtone are messed up, so is there anyway I could move that ringtone out of the playlist without deleting it from my phone?

financi4 answers:

Maybe you clicked on the wrong song. I’ve never had that problem except sometimes I tap on the wrong song.

When you tap, the blue highlight will appear before the song play. Did it do that and play a different song?

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