Your Questions About Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone 5

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Steven asks…

How do I transfer my purchased songs form Super Junior Shake to my new iPhone 5?

I tried logging in to Dooub inc. on my new iPhone but it still won’t let me play the songs that I purchased. I read in one place that I just have to go through the purchase process again but I won’t be charged… I just don’t want to do it in case I DO get charged because I don’t have 6 dollars to waste -.- So if anybody knows a different way or if they have tried this before and it worked for them… please help!!

Justin answers:

You won’t get charged again if you’re using the same Dooub account or Apple ID – whichever you used to buy the songs.

Robert asks…

How to get my itunes songs to my new android?

I Recently purchased an android smart phone and I since I cannot use itunes songs on a smartphone, how can I get my old itunes songs to my new phone?

Justin answers:

Who told you you can’t play iTunes songs on your Android? Don’t listen to them — and vote down the people here that say you can’t because you can. Since I own a Google Nexus One and actually put songs purchased from iTunes onto my phone and played them, I’ll give you exactly what I did. It’s a 10 step process but it’s actually really easy.

1. Check your songs in your iTunes folder. They need to be the unlocked versions of the songs (for instance, “Song Name.m4a”). It is important that you get the .m4a instead of the .m4p because the latter one is the protected version and you can’t play it anywhere other than iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad. Apple started selling the .m4a version a couple years ago (if I recall correctly) instead of just the m4p, so most of your recent purchases should be just fine.

2. Connect your phone to your computer with the microUSB to USB connector.

3. Your phone will say “USB connected…blah blah blah”. Hit the “Turn on USB storage” button. It’s called mounting your SD card. Btw, I love that you can access your phone’s SD card like it’s a harddrive. Try *that* on your iPhone!

Some phones, like HTC Desire running Android 2.1, will have different screens than my Nexus One running Android 2.3.2 (Gingerbread). So if you have a HTC Desire, when you plug it into your computer, you’ll get a screen with different choices. Choose “Disk Drive. Mount as a disk drive”. Then press the “Done” button.

4. Open Windows Explorer (if on Windows) and navigate to your SD card. It should come up as a new drive on your system. For example, it might say “Removable Disk (E:)”.

5. If there isn’t a “Music” folder, create one. You really won’t need it but I like to organize the contents of my SD card. I think mine came with a MP3 folder and I just reorganized stuff under Music.

6. Drag and drop songs from your iTunes folder(s) to your new “Music” folder. Depending on how you have your iTunes directories set up, you could be going into different folders all night just to grab different songs. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. You can just copy over the folders you want from the iTunes directory. Just highlight the folders and copy/paste into your Music folder on your phone. The beauty of Android is that it will automatically recognize them and import them into the basic Music app. Just remember that if you just start copying folders over, you’ll likely copy over some files in the .m4p format…and those won’t work. Sucks, but that’s the way it is.

7. Once done, go back to your phone and press the “Turn off USB storage” button. After a few seconds, it will be safe to unplug your phone from the computer. If you have a HTC Desire or something else, you might have to choose “Charge Only. Charge phone over USB” or something like that. Basically all you are doing is unmounting your USB.

8. Go to your favorite music app or even the basic Music app.

9. Navigate your songs and play whatever you wish.

10. Enjoy!

If you really, really want to play some of your music that’s in the .m4p format, you need to follow a two step process to convert it: (1) burn all your .m4p files onto CDs and then (2) rip them back onto your computer. When you do this, iTunes makes the newly ripped files .m4a! So now you have a playable version that you can move to your phone.

And if you want yet another option, you can use DoubleTwist.

Now go rock out with your music on the device YOU choose to use!

Ken asks…

What is the fastest way to save your iTunes library?

is there a way to do it online? im afraid my computer will crash and then all of my songs will be gone. also any other ways are helpful!
i have about 1000 songs. does it take the songs off of the other computer if u use it on a new one?

Justin answers:

External hard drive or flash drive or even DVD discs.

To back up your files to CDs or DVDs click on “file” at the top of the itunes window and go down to “Library” Then select “back up to disc” and follow the prompts in the window that opens.

You could also use an online backup service such as Mozy which will let you back up 2GB for free.
Go to

You could also try opening iTunes and the click on store at the top and select authorize computer. I don’t remember if this will give you instant access to previous purchases but it is worth a try.

This is from the help files:
To move store purchases from your iPod or iPhone:
Make sure the iPod or iPhone has the purchased items you want to transfer.

Make sure the destination computer (the one you want to transfer items to) is authorized to play iTunes Store purchases (choose Store > Authorize Computer and then click Authorize).

Connect your iPod or iPhone to the destination computer.

Do one of the following:

If the iPod or iPhone is synced with another computer, or is an iPod shuffle: Click Transfer Purchases in the dialog that appears.

If the iPod or iPhone is set up to manually manage items: Wait for the device to appear in the iTunes window (below Devices), and then choose File > Transfer Purchases From iPod (or iPhone).

You can authorize up to 5 computers.

Thomas asks…

Does all the music for the iTouch HAVE to come from iTunes?

I’m planning on buying the 8gb iTouch and already have tons of songs (CDs, other sites, etc). Only a few of those songs were actually bought from iTunes. Are we able to put all of those songs on the iTouch or do we have to buy ALL the songs from iTunes?
But for the new generation, is it true that I need a credit card or an iTunes card to even use the app store?

Justin answers:

Anything purchased from the Store will be linked to your Store Account. If someone else tries to copy stuff purchased from their store account (except DRM-Free Music) to yours you will be asked to Authorize that computer with the Account it was purchased on. You can Authorize up to 5 computers for an Account & You can have as many accounts authorized on a computer as you like. Any iPod that syncs with that computer can play anything it’s authorized to play (Up to 5 different accounts at any one time)

You can use the App Store to buy songs & videos or you can get them from other sources. You can RIP your CDs in iTunes or with an external program.
Songs MUST be in MP3 or AAC (including M4A) **NOT** WAV, WMA, OGG, etc.
Some songs have DRM or Digital Rights Management which will prevent them from being played on Devices & Programs aside from the one it was bought on. This mostly applies to older songs as most services have stopped using DRM. But any song with DRM protection (aside from Apple’s) cannot be played in iTunes or an iPod without being converted first.

You can use the App Store without a Credit Card or iTunes Gift Card (To download weekly free songs or Free TV Show Previews/Episodes or to download album artwork) by doing the following:
*Open iTunes
*On the left side, click on the ‘iTunes Store’ link.
*Click on [App Store] at the top of the window
*Find any Free App (There should be a link to ‘Great Free Apps’ on the page somewhere or type “Free App” in the ‘Search Store’ at the Top Right of the window)
*Click on a Free iPhone or iPad App (you don’t need an iPhone or iPad)
*On the [Sign In] window that pops up, click [Create New Account]
*Read & Accept the Terms Of Service
*Complete the signup information (E-Mail, Birthday, Password)
*On the {Provide A Payment Method} page there should be a ‘None’ option (this is only there if you create an account by buying a free app)
*Enter your address & finish the registration
You now have a Free iTunes Store Account

Mark asks…

How do I take my iTunes Purchased Music with me to my new computer?

I am afraid to loose it because of the copyright, please help me.

Justin answers:

Put them on a flash-drive, hard-drive, CD or anything else you like, and copy them to the new computer. When you first try to play one of them, iTunes will ask you to authorize that computer to play your music (you can only authorize 5 so make sure to de-authorize your old computer).

Job done!

If you’ve bought iTunes + songs they’ll work on any number of computers.

EDIT: The poster above me points out the “Transfer Purchases” option recently added to iPods/iPhones. If you’ve got an older generation iPod, or no iPod at all it (probably) won’t be an option. I’ve not used the feature myself, so I can’t really say how it works.

Joseph asks…

How much can I store on an 8GB iPhone?

I’m thinking about purchasing an 8GB iPhone 4. I’m wondering whether this will be enough space for apps, pictures, and music especially. I take a lot of photos, will probably have about 300 songs, and 2-3 pages of apps. Is this enough space to purchase the phone?

Justin answers:

Go with 16GB or greater. I have 397 Songs, 695 photos and 111 apps, and only have about 2.8GB of space free left on my 16GB iphone 4. Trust me, your regret not getting a larger capacity iphone since you can’t upgrade the iphone’s memory. Your stuck with whatever capacity you buy. This and a few other personal reasons is why I’m switching to Android. Still like the iphone, just finding out that it’s not for me, Android personally for me is better. Best thing to do is play with a phone in the store for awhile to know what is best for you. Pages of apps won’t mean much since you can create folders and fit pretty much a whole page into a single folder, I have 5 pages of apps, but if I include folders I have close to 10 pages total. Apps themselves can take from a couple of MB’s to over 2GB’s.

Michael asks…

Is it possible to update the software on Iphones without syncing it?

So; all the music on my Iphone is on another laptop which is broken now. I wanted to update my Iphone to the 5.0 IOS software but do you have to sync it to do this because I only have about 6 songs on this new one. If it is possible, can someone please talk me through it?

Justin answers:

It’s possible, just plug it in to the computer that u want and then click the little x in the corner above the status bar when it says ‘preparing to sync’. That way it won’t sync, then you can go into the menu and click ‘transfer purchases from [whatever your phone is called] and they will go onto your computer. After that you can authorise that new computer to play those songs with your apple ID then install iOS 5. Ios5 completely strips down your phone and resyncs it tho so you’ll have to drag the songs back in manually I think as there wont be a backup of your phone on the new pc. I hope that works

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