Your Questions About Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone 5

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Charles asks…

How to transfer downloads from ‘FreeMusic’ app by Sensible Code with iTunes?

I have the App Freemusic by Sensible Code, and I need to transfer a good amount of purchases from the app so I can update my iPod. Should I Sync or Transfer purchases or should I cancel both of those? I would not like to go through and have to re-download all the songs.

Justin answers:

I dont own that app, but what i do to get free music is 1. I go to, 2. I search my song, 3. I right click download and click saved download as and rename it as a song, 4. I play the song and it auto matically goes to itunes, and if it does not, then i drag the song over to itunes. 5. I sync my iPhone and then there you have it :), if you want to do it directly i would use an app like Free Music Download! Good Luck!

George asks…

I’ve recently bought a new iPhone 3Gs – is it normal for the battery to run out everyday?

Just wondering if I should expect better battery. I use it for games/ipod for a couple of hours a day and normal phone use.

Justin answers:

Oh yes it is very normal for the battery to not last more then 3 hours. Here’s some tips for squeezing a little extra time out of your battery (from the iPhone Life mag):

1. Upgrade your os (doesn’t apply to you because you have an iPhone 3GS, but if you need to update it go to iTunes on your computer, select your device in the Source List and if there’s a newer version available it will give you the option to update)

2. Turn off everything you don’t need.

• the screen for instance. Don’t wait for it to shut off when your done with your iPhone, instead press the on/off button on the top right corner of the phone.

• turn off wi-fi and bluetooth. If your not using wi-fi or Bluetooth, then turn them off. For Bluetooth go to Home > Settings > General > Bluetooth and tap the on/off button. And wi-fi: Home > Settings, tap on wi-fi and tap the on/off button. (note: I’ve done this and haven’t noticed much of a difference as far as the battery goes, but you might want to give it a try)

• turn off all wireless using airplane mode (when airplane mode is on, no wireless signal can reach your phone, supposedly this will also saves power) To turn airplane mode on (and disable wireless) go to Home > Settings and select airplane mode on.

• turn off location services (location services allow the gps to find your phone on the map) to turn it off go to Home > Settings > General > Location services and tap the on/off button

• turn off push email by going to Home > Settings, and select “fetch new data” and move the push button to off. Set your fetch time to 15 mins and so forth. (this will fetch email every so often, depending on what time you selected, say every hour. This will save some battery life)

3. Avoid CPU-intensive activities. (this includes watching YouTube videos and alot of interesting iPhone apps. This one I didn’t find very useful, because that’s the reason I bought the phone. The article says something similar to this but explains that these activies will drain your battery in a hurry, so I try to make sure my iPhone is connected when I play apps/games ect. It also says to avoid purchasing songs/apps from your phone, avoid leaving your phone connected to a computer that’s turned off and avoid moving around multiple screens)

4. Top off your battery whenever you can (plug it up to an external power supply, lol you already knew this!)

5. Final thoughs:

• poor cellular reception may drain your battery
• unauthorized apps running in the background may drain battery faster (this can happen if you jailbreak your iPhone, and ultimately installing apps that aren’t normally allowed on the phone)

• power down completely when you dont need to use your phone (yeah right) anyways just press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top right corner then slide the red bar to power off. Hold the button again to power back on.

There’s some other tips, like downloading some battery monitoring
apps (batterylog, free memory, lantern with battery level) also check out apples site at: I’ve written this whole thing on my iPhone 3gs and it’s still in good shape, but plug it up as most you can. Anyways hope this helps and if your interested check out They have good tips overall. Have fun with your iPhone!!!!!

Chris asks…

How do I transfer iPhone files to another laptop?

I have a memory stick if that’s required.
I use Vista on both computers.
I use 2.0.2 on the current one and the most recent on the newer one. The iPhone is the newest version, too. The newer one has the latest iTunes but I think the older one has 7.0.

Justin answers:

For the contacts, you will need to move them to your new computer manually, unless you sync the contacts and all that (which I don’t know how to do).

As for music, you can transfer it using your iPhone, in five simple steps, without downloading a thing:

1.) When your iPhone is plugged into iTunes on your old computer, check off the box that says “enable disk use”. Then you can add music to it using Windows Explorer.

2.) Find your iPhone in windows explorer. Drag your music from your iTunes library into your iPhone, using windows explorer. If you don’t have enough space, restore your iPhone, don’t add any songs back thru iTunes, and start again at step 1.

3.) In your new computer’s iTunes, go Edit>Preferences>Advanced>General, and check off the box that says “Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library”. You have to do this step or else iTunes will not be able to find the songs when your iPhone is unplugged.

4.) Then plug your iPhone in, and drag the songs into iTunes from their location in Windows Explorer.

5.) Now sync your iPhone to the new computer.

P.S. If you bought some of the songs through the iTunes Store, iTunes will tell you that the songs are “not authorized” to play on your new computer. To fix this, all you have to do is attempt to play one of the songs in iTunes, and then sign in using the account that you purchased the songs with.
You can disable disk use now if you want, or leave it on if you have enough room.
I recommend leaving it on if you can, because it’s a very good way to back up your songs if your computer breaks.

Do the same things with any Apps you may have.

As for photos, you can do the same thing as well, except drag the folder from Windows Explorer (old) to Windows Explorer (new), and then tell it where to find them.

Richard asks…

My husband has the iPhone and I have an iPod – can we share iTunes?

I’ve had my iPod for over a year and have purchased a ton of music through iTunes. My husband just purchased an iPhone. Is he able to upload all of the songs on our computer from iTunes? We each have our own login and what appears to be our own iTunes – but it seems silly that we would have to double purchase music.

Justin answers:

As long as he authorizes your computer or vice versa, you’ll be able to share tunes. ITunes allows the music bought from the iTunes Store to be played on up to 5 computers.

Thomas asks…

How can i get songs i purchased in itunes on Phase(ipod game)?

i need to know how to get to be able to play songs i bought in itunes in the new ipod game phase please help!

Justin answers:

When you bought the game, I’m sure that automatically (on your ‘playlists’ column) appeared a “playlist” that says ‘Phase Songs”. You have to drag songs from your library onto your “Phase Playlist”. You’ll see that it takes a little while, that’s because the game has to analyze and convert the song into “Phase” format, so that it’s playable. You can’t convert songs that are less than 30 seconds long or more than 30 minutes long. After you drag the songs you wanted to the “Phase” playlist, then you connect your iPod (doesn’t work with iPhone or iPod Touch, though) and then you just wait, it will automatically transfer the phase playlist to the iPod. Turn on you iPod and check on games. You’ll see phase and you’ll be ready to play that instant !!!

P.S.- I recommend you play marathon on hard, it consists on playing 5 songs, it’s really fun, but hard too. If you complete one marathon, you’ll unlock the EXPERT difficulty !!!
Have a good one…

Joseph asks…

can i trust buying phones on ebay from like asia?

im planning on buying a touch screen phone on there.
its from china, says its brand new.
but i dont know if i can trust the seller or ebay in general.

has anyone ordered an unlocked phone off ebay?
what is ur rating?

Justin answers:

I always select US sellers only.
I had a chinese iphone clone from a US seller for much cheaper than those sold from china.
You may have to wait several weeks & pay import duties or taxes making the phone more expensive. I have purchased many unlocked phones on ebay & have never had a problem. But i only use US sellers. The chinese iphone clones have two sim slots & come with two batteries. The reason for this is one battery will last about half a day if your lucky. Just with regualar use without using the internet i would run down both batteries in less than a full day. I was lucky enough to get my purchase with a warrenty from squaretrade & when the clone stopped working after about 5 months i got my money back. Also keep in mind that it will not run like an iphone, the processor is slow, the screen lags, it will turn off for no reason & you will lose your settings. The shake feature is annoying, you try to play a song & as soon as you move it the song changes, very annoying. It uses java & you wont be able to put any apps that iphone uses. They look pretty & are cheap for a reason. Check the specs on the hardware & battery & you will see they are slow & clumsy.
Good luck.

Donald asks…

What do owners think of the new Ipod touch generation 2?

My son just brought one home. It looks really sweet but is it as good as it looks???

Justin answers:

•App Store access means lots of new toys to play with
• Still the one to beat in terms of interface and ease of use
• Feels better in the hand than the original
• Sleeker and sexier

•Some features require the purchase of accessories
• Can’t store files via drag-and-drop
• Audio via speaker is pretty ordinary

Looking at the first-gen Touch, it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to increase its chic factor. But place it next to the new version and the original suddenly looks a little tired. The second Touch has the same footprint as its predecessor, but a few subtle design tweaks make it feel a lot slighter in the hand. The main change is that the Touch has softened up a bit, its edges transforming into iPhone-esque rounded contours. This makes the player feel a lot more comfortable to hold, but can also make it slightly slippery when it comes to navigating lists one-handed.

The other notable design change is the addition of dedicated volume keys on the left side of the Touch. Black and unlabelled, the dual button is a larger version of the on/off key that sits on the top edge. It’s unobtrusive but easy to find when the player is in a pocket, making it easier to ward off hearing damage if a song in your playlist suddenly assaults your ears.

Then there are the minor, cosmetic alterations: the Wi-Fi antenna is now shaped like an ellipse rather than occupying a corner chunk, and the headphone port is partially recessed — but unlike the original iPhone, it will accept the contours of non-Apple headphone plugs.

Apart from the aforementioned, the Touch retains its original design, including its lush 3.5-inch (8.9-centimetre), 320×480-pixel widescreen display. The circular home key beneath the screen is as unassuming as ever, and the dock and headphone sockets are in the same place. Basically, it’s the Touch as you know it, but with softer edges.

The home display of the original Touch looked like it was missing a certain something: with only 11 menu icons lined up on the screen, there was a lot of black space to contend with. It’s a different story with the Touch Mark II, which fills the void with the App Store, Email, Maps, Mail, Stocks, Weather and Notes. Icons can be rearranged by dragging them with your finger, and you can swap out the ones in the quick-launch section at the bottom. This is a welcome level of customisation from Apple, which tends to rank low in the personalisation stakes when it comes to MP3 players. (Compare recent offerings from Samsung and Creative, which allow you to change fonts, alter display colours and apply menu themes.)

Curiously, it’s still impossible to enable disk use on the iPod Touch. This means that files can’t be dragged and dropped to the player within Finder on a Mac or Windows Explorer on a PC. In a world where USB keys are sold at the post office for a few bucks each this might not seem like a big deal, but the storage feature has long been available on Classics and Nanos. What makes the Touch so special? The cynical among us would suggest that it’s a ploy to get users to sign up for data storage via Apple’s AU$119 MobileMe service.

Similarly, some of the Touch’s new features are better described as “potential” features, as they require the purchase of additional accessories in order to operate. To use the Nike+ pedometer-and-software combo you need to nab a AU$28 shoe sensor, while voice recording isn’t possible without splashing AU$48 on Apple’s new mic-equipped ear buds. This inclusion of accessory-dependent features can be viewed in two ways: either Apple is being a tease and forcing you to spend more money, or they’re being considerate by keeping things simple and assuming that not everyone is a runner or keen recorder.


The ipod touch 2nd generation is a cool, sleek design ipod and has large amounts of improvement from the 1st gen. If you have the money i would go for the 3rd gen.

Paul asks…

What is a good car GPS model to buy right now on the market?

Under 300.00 please.

Justin answers:

Before you read my advice and the GPS I recommend I would recommend that you read this. It is a help link for people who have never purchased a gps before.
Www dot newelectronx dot com/help.php?faq_id=260

The best all around GPS navigator that you will find for the lowest price that is made in the USA is the Newelectronx Navigator. It is excellent for Geocaching and it is excellent for driving. You can compare this GPS to any GPS that anyone is referring you to and you can compare it to any GPS that you will buy. In my opinion, I am certain that you will return the competing GPS back to the store for a refund and keep the Newelectronx Navigator. It is simply that good. It comes with a 5 inch color touch screen with loads of features I cant even get into because this answer would be too long. It kills garmin, tomtom, DeLorme, magellan, etc. Dont take my word for it. Check it out yourself. It is reasonably priced or rather under priced for all the stuff you get included with it. I think the prices are marked for wholesale buyers because the more you the more you save. So, if you buy like the 2 to 3 then your price will lower with free shipping. It gives you all the features you will need on geocahing and driving travel. I did some research on the company newelectronx and you should too before you consider purchasing from any company. I have found that they are approved to receive paypal, moneybookers, and google checkout and they have been recognized as an online merchant for almost 10 years. I had to make sure they were legit before i spent my money there. Did not want to be scammed. And i was not, so that is why i am recommending them to you and their gps to you, because i know the gps quality is beyond imagination. In fact the gps will give you the ability to drive, geocache, play MP3 songs, adobe flash movies, store pictures, bluetooth, games, and all sort of extras. It also comes with an SD card slot. This is important because most gps models do NOT have this. I just saw the top of the linke Magellan on sale at costco and it didnt have a SD card slot, lame?! And the screen was only 4.3 inches, lame 🙁 The card slot should turn your gps into a ipod or iphone, meaning it will give you up to 16GB of music storage to store all your MP3 music songs to play or movies or videos, etc. I hope this helps. Good luck to you!

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