Your Questions About Purchased Songs Not Playing On Iphone 4s

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Richard asks…

help playing iphone through car stereo?

if i buy these two things

will my iphone (4s) play through my stereo? also will it charge my phone at the same time?

i don’t have an aux import and i want to find something that will play my music but also charge at the same time.

thank you! 🙂

Justin answers:

To answer your question easy: No. The reason being is that the first link you provided (Amazon) is just used to charge devices that have USB connections or use cigarette lighter ports to charge. So, yes that will charge your iPhone, but it will not play any music through your stereo even with the iPod cable which is the Crutchfield link you provided.
Now, I have no idea what car you own which would make this easier to answer, but you did say you don’t have an AUX Port in your car, so there are a few things you can do to get your iPhone to play music in your car and charge.
Cheapest Route:
1) If your vehicle has a cassette payer, purchase a Cassette Adapter, like these on this web page:
Cassette Adapters plug into any device that has a 3.5mm Headphone jack, such as your iPhone. You then play your music like you would with headphones, but set your stereo to play the Cassette and then your music plays.
2) Purchase the USB/Cigarette Lighter charging port like you provided in the first link. This will now charge your iPhone with the provided iPhone Charging/Sync cable that came with your iPhone.
Now, this step is the cheapest and will do what you want by playing your music and charging at the same time. Now, with that being said, it is also an inconvenience at the same time. Why? Well, first off, you will have many wires draping from your dashboard which can be an eyesore and can cause distraction while driving. Second, you will have to control your iPhone by hand, meaning if you want to switch songs you will have to physically pick up your iPhone to change songs and controlling any mobile device, including MP3 Players while driving is illegal in many states.
Most Efficient Route, but somewhat cost-worthy:
1) Purchase a new Stereo Headunit for your vehicle.
When purchasing a new Headunit for your car, make sure it has the needs you’re looking for, such as iPod USB port and AUX input. With every stereo Headunit that has iPod connectivity, it allows your iPod, or in your case, iPhone, to charge while playing music through your stereo. With those stereos you can control your music through the stereo itself instead of actually picking up your iPhone to change songs. The best part is, you only have one cable sticking out which again would be your iPhone cable that will play your music AND charge at the same time! Also, some headunits allow Bluetooth audio streaming meaning it eliminates the need for any cables between your iPhone and your stereo and you can still control your music via the stereo.

Now, this may all be overwhelming but I want t help you further! If you want to ask any more questions regarding this issue, or anything audio related, send me an email! (Email me via the Email link by clicking my user name.)
If you happen to send me an email, send me the make and model of your car including the year. If you are unsure, take a picture of the exterior of your car and send it to me!
I hope I helped even the slightest bit and if you have any further questions, or need help purchasing a new stereo, how to install it, etc, send me an email!

Robert asks…

My music on my iPhone got messed up after ios 6…?

Okay, so I have an iPhone 4S, and I updated my phone to ios 6 while ago. Ever since then, my music has been messed up. On albums, it appears that it doesn’t have an album photo, but when I play those songs, they do have a photo. Also, there’s a few songs that I deleted after purchasing it that’s not fully downloaded. It won’t let me delete it from my iPhone, and it doesn’t sync into my iTunes, so I can’t delete it like that either. What can I do?

Justin answers:

Make a appointment and take it to a genius at your local apple store.

David asks…

Need some good iPhone games or apps for my 4s please :D?

Hi! I have a 32 GB iPhone 4s which I purchased about a month ago, and until now I have only taken up 3GB worth of apps.

The apps I have (besides the default apps) are:

– Facebook
– Twitter for girls
– Skype
– Tumblr

– Instagram
– InstaFrame
– InstaCollage
– InstaPic Frame
– Heartbooth
– Girls Camera
– Girly booth
– (Japanese symbol) cute
– Snapeee
– DecoPic
– Lopicca

– Gangnam Dance
– iSwap
– Love match
– VidRythm
– Faitify

– Shazam
– Songza
– Glee
– Sing! Karaoke
– Strum
– The Voice
– Rmaker

– Temple Run
– Oven Preak 1 & 2
– Fruit Ninja
– Subway Surf
– Bad Piggies
– Angry Birds
– Jet Pack

I also have the Period Tracker Lite, Flashlight and that’s pretty much it. If you know any good apps please tell me so 🙂
Also need games/apps that can work without the internet coz I live in a country where Wifi is limited lol

Justin answers:

Caue of Death- a game where you solve murder cases as a SFPD officer

Surving High school- a game wher you play as a high school student and play the character’s life

(Both come out with new episodes weekely, however they both have a story to follow so it might be confusing at first)

Apps where you can watch episodes:
Abc family
Disney Channel
Disney XD

Draw something- a game where you draw pictures and another person has to guess what it is (you can play with your facebook friends or random people)
Zombie run- a simple, but fun running game
Sims Freeplay- like the sims 2, but on the iphone (they also have other sims games, but you have to pay for them)

Have fun!

Mark asks…

Newly Purchased songs on my iPhone won’t play?

Okay, i have a lot of problems with my iPhone. it’s a 4S, and up until a month ago it had been working fine. But now I’m freaking out. I never plug my phone into the laptop containing my iTunes library because it has some sort of virus. iTunes works fine, but the internet is messed up. Anyway, i wanted to download a CD, so i plugged my phone in, downloaded the music and unplugged it. I listened to my phone the next day, and every time a song that I purchased, all the way back at Christmas, skips over and won’t play. it says I have the song but when i play it it skips to the next song. Everything plays fine on my library, but when I plug my iPhone in and look at what music it has, the songs that won’t play are sort of whited out, and they have the little spinning arrows that mean “sync” next to them. They won’t play on my phone. Yesterday what I did was delete them off my phone and then put them back on. But now when i go to my phone (under iTunes devices) and look at the music, click a song and hit delete, it does nothing. It won’t delete anything off my phone. Even the songs that work won’t come off. Someone please help me! 🙁

Justin answers:

I would recommend you to report that problem to the device/mechanical service… They are the right people to go for….

Good luck!

George asks…

How do I get blocked songs to sync from my iTunes to iPhone 4s?

I got a CD from my friend and imported it into iTunes. I can play the songs from my library, but when I try to sync them to my phone it doesn’t work. I tried turning them from m4a’s into mp3’s but they still can’t sync. In the past, when certain songs couldn’t sync I would get a notification, but now they just don’t sync. I’m guessing that since I didn’t purchase the songs myself, they are somehow blocked. But I’ve been able to get material from disks onto my iPhone in the past. Is there anyway to unlock these songs and transfer them? Thanks!

Justin answers:

They’re probably not converted probably. Use the following program to convert the files:

James asks…

IPod shuffle or nano?

Hi, i have an iPhone 4s and i love it, but it gets a bit bulky in m pockets when I’m walking or exercising. So i was wondering should i buy the newest iPod shuffle or the newest iPod nano, i’d only use it for music and touch screen isn’t too big a feature for me considering i already have an iPhone. What should i buy?

Justin answers:

The iPod Nano is your best bet, unless you only have around 150-200 songs in your library and no movies, tv shows, pictures or podcasts (video podcasts, not the audio ones).
I mean, i’ve held the newest iPod Nano in my hand and it literally almost doesn’t feel like i’m holding anything, that’s how light it feels.

Lemme break it down for ya:
iPod Nano: Good if you have at least 200 songs and/or pictures and/or tv shows/movies
iPod Shuffle: Kinda useless… Plays music; there’s no “repeat” button so it may get annoying rewinding every 3 minutes.

I would say get the iPod Nano, because you’re going to run out of space sooner or later with the Shuffle, plus you may purchase a movie or tv show in the future (and maybe your iPhone won’t have enough space for that some day). Plus, it’s 8x the memory for only 3x the price!

Oh, and i forgot to add – although the Apple website says the Shuffle will hold 500 songs, that’s only if all your files are 128kbps or lower. It’ll actually hold much less.

Daniel asks…

Jailbroken iPhone 4s Question?

My iPhone is jailbroken and still running 5.0.1.

Everytime I plug my phone in to my computer, it will delete all my new songs and then I’ll have to go back and re-download them all. It’s ok since I don’t have to pay for them, but it does get quite annoying.

And now… When I click on some songs, it’ll just skip that song and go play the next song and that’s really starting to bug me.

Does anybody know a way to fix either of these?

Thanks in advance!

Justin answers:

I’ve never really heard of this, but it won’t hurt to update to 5.1.1, since there’s a new jailbreak (absinthe). Then just jb again, I have had no problems with my purchased music! Well on iTunes on ur pc, do u have selected to dl all music? U might not have all selected music? Well try updating then jb again, hoped this helped.

William asks…

Help please iPhone 4s 10 points?

So lately I got my 1st 4s. Yes It was a used one. I tried going on iTunes and add music but it wont let me. A message shows and says “Your phone doesn’t have service” (which it does). I cant add my music and dont leave anything saying “Use Pandora” which I do and doesn’t play any good ones. It doesn’t let me sync music. I need my music man!!!!!

Justin answers:

Hello pawan, looks like you’re from Nepal. When is comes to security apple takes it way too serious.

First thing first. Did you formatted the iPhone before you started to use it?
IPhone is so complicated. If you have to sync it with new computer you have to remove all the old songs, videos, apps.
Okay now listen to me carefully. Whenever you connect your iPhone to your computer via USB your device shows up in the iTunes and just right click your device and carefully see the option “Transfer purchases” ONLY IF YOUR ITUNES DOESN’T HAS APPS OF YOUR IPHONE.


Download Mp3 rocket and download songs from there. Open up iTunes and go to music click on ‘File’ and go to add folder and add songs from there and sync.

Ironically I got the same error right now. If this is some serious error. No need to panic. I will just remove this deauthorize this iTunes, download new one authorize my new iTunes. Transfer apps from iPhone to my new iTunes and add songs. E A S Y

Charles asks…

What’s wrong with my Itunes?!?!?

My Itunes has been messing up for quite a while now!
not long ago i purchased 2 songs from itunes using my Ipod..i could play the songs perfectly but when i connected it to my computer then unplugged it, the songs were gone! It seems to be that i can see the songs on my computer on itunes..but not on my Ipod!
this is really annoying!
everytime i try to sync it, this message comes up:
The iPod “Beyanna’s iPod” cannot be synced. An unknown error occured (13019)
does anyone know what this means?
should i just cancel my itunes and start again? even though all my apps and songs ive bought would be a waste of money 🙁
someone please help!

If i uninstall it, will I lose all my songs, purchased songs, vids and purchased apps?

Justin answers:

I have the latest of iTunes and the latest version on iPhone 4s 5.0.1 Deleted all my pictures and have enough room and the stupid thing still cancels synch… Did it with 5.0 version and now does it with newer version 5.0.1
No Good 🙁
Let me add…
Connect your iPod to your iTunes and under file menu select” Transfer purchases from Beyanna’s iPod”
This will transfer all music’s from your iPod will be stored under your iTunes folder without affecting your iPod
next search under
my music…. ITunes folder… ITunes media… And you will see all your musics and apps…

Keep in mind if you go to iTunes home page you could see the new feature on the mid right section called “purchases” which has a record of all your purchased music….. You probably need to sign in to your account in order to retrieve them…
I hope this helps

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