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John asks…

Purchased Movies from ITunes not showing up in new apple tv?

Half of my movies purchased from Itunes are not showing up in apple tv! Some are, This is the brand new black apple tv. Please Help! Thanks!

financi4 answers:

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With this AVCHD camcorder converter, you can load videos from JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Sony camcorders. You can also control your video and music on popular portable devices including iPad, iPhone 4, Nexus One, HTC Hero, Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, Xbox 360, Zune, iPod, PSP, Creative Zen, Apple TV, iPhone anytime anywhere; or convert MTS/M2TS videos to the video formats supported by YouTube, Yahoo, Myspace, Google for web sharing.

Charles asks…

Can we share purchased movies on iTunes between two iPods?

Our sons each have an iPod. They each have their own log-in on our computer and only have sync’ed using their own log-in account. We have turned on shared libraries, and one song purchased by Son#1 shows up on Son#2’s iTunes listing.

Son#1 also has a couple movies he purchased; Son#2 would like to put them on his iPod as well – is there a way to do that?

financi4 answers:

Yes, you can, just get an iPod to iPod Transfer software.

I recommend AVCWare iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer which can transfer your iPod and iPhone music, video, playlist, photos back to computer and iTunes.

If you own more than one iPods, AVCWare iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer can simultaneously manage all the iPods in the same interface, you may transfer files among these iPods by drag-and-drop.

Hope it helps!

Joseph asks…

How can i redownload previously purchased movies on iTunes?

How can i redownload previously purchased movies, not on my current itunes library? it’s not in my library, but i know i purchased it. also i removed it from my ipod so i can’t transfer from ipod. please help.

financi4 answers:

I guess you’ll have repurchase them to redownload.
BUT , you don’t have to – IF you use this trick-

go to
search for your movie / video /song-copy its url link address.
Then goto
and follow following instructions-
and it’ll send you the video in your required format (ipod/) to your email address. Download that attachement
and load it in your ipod!

And yes – its free AND legal.
And this time DO backup your itunes on a CD / DVD so you don’t have to download them again.

Daniel asks…

How do you get back purchased movies from iTunes app store?

How do you get back purchased movies from iTunes app store or whatever it’s called because I’ve deleted movies off my iPad for more space but now I won’t them back

financi4 answers:

Login with the user name you purchased them with and you should be able to download them again for free 🙂

Steven asks…

Some of my purchased iTunes movies don’t appear on my new computer?

I bought a few movies on an old computer from iTunes. Now, on my new computer, only two of them appear. I authorized the account. & When I want to buy new movies, it still shows some recommendations based on the movies that are missing.

financi4 answers:

There is an option in iTunes that says “check for available downloads.” I’m not sure which submenu it’s under but that will check to see if your computer has downloaded all of your purchases.

Robert asks…

Is it possible to play purchased movies from itunes on any other application? Besides Itunes?

I have a MacBook Pro:
I know you can play purchased movies on frontrow and itunes, which is cool and all but I would prefer Apple’s DVD Player. Is this a possibility? I found the file on my hd and opened it with DVD Player and it did not work. Is this because mpeg 4 format is not compatible with DVD Player???

financi4 answers:

Maybe you should convert your file from MPEG-4 format to maybe an AVI format, which is the general format for all computers if you want your movie to be played.

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