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Charles asks…

Has anyone purchased Let It Beat by Shwayze from iTunes?

Are the songs accompanied by DRM? For those of you who don’t know what I mean, when you click info, does it say “protected AAC audio file?” OR “purchased AAC audio file?”

Thanks in advance, just wanted to know because if I can’t convert to mp3, imma have to buy from somewhere else.

Justin answers:

Yea right, very few people knew that that album came out, such poor promotion, not even a single or anything, i would be surprised if that cracks 3,000 in sales, but idk how to answer your other question

Michael asks…

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a iTunes (Protected AAC) audio file?

After you open iTunes, right click on a track in your library (one that you bought from the iTunes Store) and select the “Get Info” option you get a lot of information about the track including who purchased the track and their account name / email address.

For example:

Purchased by: Ash Correll
Account name:

I want to change the “ownership” of the contents of my iTunes library to my new email address so when I transfer the contents of my library from my family’s PC to my laptop I can don’t have to authorize my laptop.

Can I do it?
@ desentery_boy is a FAKE email address, I was going to post my real one but decided to post this one that I made up on the spot instead. I’m not a complete idiot.
Also @ desentery_boy:

You said that the contents of my iTunes library have the account information imbedded into the file, but when I ran a CD I burned using iTunes and “Got Info” on one of the tracks NONE OF THE ACCOUNT OF INFORMATION WAS PROVIDED. In fact, nothing was provided in the info but the track name, length, artist name and album name, NOT EVEN THE ALBUM ARTWORK. If the account information was imbedded in the file, shouldn’t it show up when I check the track on the burned CD’s info?

Justin answers:

Purchased songs have the account info embedded in the song file.

Just transfer it and authorize your laptop.

I would HIGHLY recommend you do NOT post your info on the internet as you did.
And since you did, I recommend you IMMEDIATELY go change your iTunes password.

Richard asks…

Recently downloaded songs on iTunes won’t play?

I recently downloaded an album from iTunes. Half of the songs will play, the other half won’t (when you click in it, absolutely nothing happens). I looked up the info on the songs that won’t play, and it says “purchased AAC audio file” but for some reason, it didn’t convert into an audio file and is showing up as a “document”. On the iTunes website, it says that older songs that are in AAC format may not play unless they are converted into something else. This is what the site says: “Songs you download from the iTunes Store or that you import into your library using the AAC encoder are encoded with the new MPEG-4 AAC format. These types of files will play in iTunes and on your iPod. Older AAC files that you find on the Internet or elsewhere may not play in iTunes.”
The files I downloaded are not old. I downloaded them from iTunes. Has anyone else ever had this problem, and how do I fix it? I tried re-downloading the affected songs, and the same thing happened. Help! ITunes is driving me crazy!!

Justin answers:

If they were purchased from iTunes, the issue isn’t AAC. If they are in fact documents, obviously again the issue isn’t AAC. If they are document files but are supposed to be audio files, iTunes is the only one that can help you with that. If they aren’t document files but their file extensions say they are, again, only iTunes can do anything to resolve that. Find them in your purchase history then click the Report a Problem link.

Mark asks…

A question about iTunes?

Whats the difference between a “Purchased AAC audio file” and a “Protected AAC audio file“? I bought the songs on iTunes, but why are songs from the same album different kind. For example, I bought an album almost a year ago and the songs say “Protected AAC audio file“but songs i bought today say “Purchased AAC audio file
Why aren’t they protected now?
But what is this protection? Protection against what? Why did they do that?

Justin answers:

Protected songs were protected by Apples DRM (digital rights management) system, which encoded a secret key to prevent illegal copying and limited playback on other audio players. Apple dropped the DRM protection on its iTunes music in January, however iTunes videos and apps still use DMR protection.

James asks…

How To Download Music To a Blackberry?? EASY 10 POINTS!!! :)?

ok, so my freind has a blackberry, and they wanted to download some music to it, so i said OK, and let them raid my iTunes library to find some songs, and they did, now my problem is that i have all these protected songs, and i dont even know what type of music i can put on a blackberry? the songs all fall under 4 catagories “Protected AAC Audio File“, “Purchased AAC Audio File“, “AAC Audio File“, and “MPEG Audio File” so, how do i convert these to a format that is blackberry compatible?? and after i do that, how do i put them on there??

thanks a billoin!! 🙂

Justin answers:

I had this same problem. The only way i found to convert was to change the preferences of itunes and then burn a CD of the songs and then upload them again so they’ll be an mp3 file which is what blackberries read.

To change the preferences in itunes: Edit > Preferences > General tab, Import Settings > Import Using, MP3 Encoder.

From there, every time you upload music, they’ll be uploaded as mp3 files.

Then to get them on your blackberry, i would highly suggest you purchase a media card for extra space because music can take up a lot. When you purchase the media card there will also be a USB port. You have to place the card in a slot in the USB port and then plug it into your computer. Then go to My computer > Removable Drive (i think) > Blackberry. That will take you into your files for your phone.

From there, open up the My Documents > Music > Itunes. Choose the songs you want on your blackberry and copy and paste into the appropriate “music” file on the BlackBerry computer file.

I hope this all wasn’t too confusing haha. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Paul asks…

ITUNES; Will converting AAC files into MPEG allow me to burn more songs onto a single cd?

(Burning)I can only fit about 15 songs on a cd in the AAC audio file format. Should I convert all the songs into a MPEG audio file so that i can fit a whole bunch on one cd? On the music CD-R’s I bought it says 700MB/80 Minutes. HELP I think theres a way to have tons of songs on one cd, from my ITUNES Library but not sure how to do it. Other than the converting maybe… I should say that I read I can not convert music purchased from ITUNES into a mpeg file. Thats cool, I have tons of cds that i would just like on one or two cds… thanks

Justin answers:

You are burning it in audio, not aac, aac is smaller than mpeg/mp3, just go to preferences, and change your burning preferences to burning a data CD, not an audio cd, but if you want an audio cd, there is absolutely nothing you can do

Thomas asks…

syncing an audiobook in itunes to iphone…please help.?

I bought an audiobook on itunes today and it plays fine on the computer and shows up in ‘books’ on the left hand list of itunes. It’s a Protected AAC audio file.
I have tried to change the file to an mp4 as instructed several times on different help sites but this is not working. I’m not very computer literate so I may have just done it wrong. Most sites say after I change the format I then ‘burn to disc’ but as I have already purchased the book, that won’t work.
When I try to sync, under the books tab, it just says 0 books. It will add to my playlist but again won’t sync.
What am I doing wrong? agh!

Justin answers:

HI maybe you can try a tool named Tipard iPhone to PC Transfer, in its Ultimate version it supports audio books transferring funciton. Also it can copy various iPhone files to your PC or iTunes for backup and safety, with fast transferring speed and lossless quality. You can free download & try it yourself.

Ken asks…

NEED HELP** iTunes will not play some songs in my library?

Since downloading iTunes most of the songs in my library will not play on my computer. I am afraid to update my iPod for that reason. It is not album specific or iTunes purchased/cd ripped/ or internet downloaded specific either. Has affected songs in all categories. When I right click on “Info” of these songs I have found that they are recognised as AAC audio files – but “Profile”, “Channel” & “Encoded by” headings & information is absent. Songs are present on my hard drive & do not appear to be any different than other songs on the same albums added at the same time & which do play in iTunes !!
My Library holds over 300 GB’s of songs & I guess over 80% are affected .. Any help or suggestions to solve this major problem would be much appreciated ..
All “boxes” are checked

Justin answers:

Are all the little boxes on the left side of the songs checked? If the boxes aren’t checked it wont play.

Daniel asks…

Why do my WMA files converted to AAC skip when played from my new iTunes library?

I’ve been using Window Media Player to store music, but will soon be purchasing an iPod. I decided to import my music to my new iTunes library beforehand. Now, the audio quality is awful. Will it continue when played on my iPod? Why is it doing this? How can I fix it?

Justin answers:

The same thing happened to me, and it turned out to be my audio driver, not either program. It then happened (honest-to-Pete) the very same way a few weeks later, and it turned out my hard drive was going, going, and then gone. I figured this out AFTER I had chewed out the guy at iTunes. (Only happened when iTunes was open, so I assumed that the software was the problem).
Call a reputable computer tech. Someone local, not someone in another country with a troubleshooting guide and three hours of training. Tell them what is going on and they will be able to check for hardware problems as well as software issues.
BTW, I now happily and successfully transfer music between the two programs without incident or quality issue 🙂

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