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Daniel asks…

Where can I find cheap high quality makeup?

I really want to buy products from companies like Urban Decay, Too Faced, Stila, etc., but they’re so beyond my price range for makeup. Does anyone know of any websites or stores I could find these products at? I’ve tried eBay so please don’t say that, unless you know of any eBay users who sell makeup for cheap prices. Thanks!

Justin answers: for various brands mostly for smashbox and lancome for la femme and cinema secrets for ben nye and mehron for stila and too faced for some totally rad loose shadows(personal faves are elf, empress, and duchess…put em’ together..its dreamy) for cheap brushes and the 88 shadow palette that is 25 bucks or less and the colors are fantabulous for rock hard cosmetics, sugar cosmetics, and a limited selection of urban decay for decent sized mac samples, and some pretty cheap full size stuff which is also owned by the same company as urban decay. (the eye candy makeup palette and secret stash makeup kit are super sweet) for totally stellar vegan cosmetics (faerie glamour and android angel are universally appealing for every skin color) for even more super sweet loose shadows the eyeshadow primer is good too or for kryolan( invest in the aquacolour 6 colour palette–it will change your life) for slight discounts on the pricey but super fabulous kevyn aucoin beauty line..there is 20% off happening right now too i think. The keyvn aucoin liquid lipstick is the best thing that has happened to my makeup stash in a long time. for milani cosmetics..the lipsticks and lipgloss are excellent has really nice loose eyeshadow and its like 4 bucks for 3 grams, the colors are very pigmented especially with a base for…everything alternative that rocks.
Ok! Sorry for the crazy long post people but i hope it helps a little!

Chris asks…

Should A Vegetarian Consume Drinks Which Have Involved Isinglass At Some Point?

Obscure question I know, but hopefully there are enough vegetarians (and non-vegetarians) on this site who know what they’re talking about. Basically, when it comes to my own vegetarianism, I don’t consume anything which is a product of slaughtered animals UNLESS it doesn’t create a demand for the slaughtering of animals. For example, if a cow has been killed for someone to eat, then using the hooves to make a packet of sweets doesn’t bother me. Infact, to me it’s better, if an animal has been slaughtered, to make sure that as little of the animal is wasted as possible. So, with this in mind, can I drink beers/wines etc that have involved isinglass at some point? In other words, are fish killed ONLY for the isinglass, or are fish killed for people to eat and the isinglass then obtained from the already slaughtered fish? Many thanks in advance (will really appreciate an answer!).

Justin answers:

You can eat what you want. But under NO circumstances is it acceptable for anyone describing themselves as a vegetarian to consume *anything* that came from a dead animal! Why? Because the definition of a vegetarian is someone that does NOT consume ANY part of a dead animal. Why is that so hard to understand? If it came from a dead animal of any kind it’s NOT vegetarian.

When you purchase slaughterhouse byproducts you are voting with your money to continue slaughtering animals! The byproducts are the MAIN source of profit for the entire animal products industry. Please note I said profit, the main source of income may be the consumable flesh of the dead animal but if you remove the income generated from the byproducts, you also remove the profit the company earns.

The vegetarian thing to do is to buy the products that do not use any part of a dead animal (they’re easy to find if you look for them) and TELL the companies that use dead animal parts that you don’t buy their products because it contains dead animal. That gives them a financial incentive to stop supporting the killing of animals.

If you want to drink alcoholic beverages or eat candy that contains dead animals feel free to. Just don’t call yourself vegetarian, that makes people think it’s okay to give vegetarians food and drinks that contain dead animal.

Richard asks…

What are good topping to put on popcorn?

I am just making popcorn and want to try something new. What is good to put on it?

Justin answers:

Popcorn Topping Ideas
Salted: Salted is the original and still the all-time favorite. The only seasonings that are used are oil and salt. Today, the salt might vary from ultra-fine to sea salt.
Butter Buttered popcorn can come in two forms, as an oil or as a powder. When you go to your local theater, it’s traditionally an oil that’s warmed and tossed with freshly popped popcorn.
Cheese Cheese popcorn can come in many varieties of different cheese flavors. The top three cheese flavors are nacho, white cheddar and Parmesan.
Caramel: Caramel corn is on the sweeter side of popcorn and can be found with just caramel or mixed with nuts such as cashews. The caramel that is used for popcorn is made with a white-sugar base instead of a brown-sugar base to make it less heavy.
Ranch Ranch topping for popcorn is not the usual dressing that comes on your salad. Ranch topping is a power with the same seasonings that are in ranch dressing like onion and garlic powder.
Chocolate Many gourmet popcorn companies have come up with varieties of chocolate combinations to add to popcorn. The most popular chocolate used is the usual milk chocolate or a mixture of milk and white chocolate.
Barbecue Just like potato chips, popcorn has taken on barbecue flavor. Barbecue topping is salty and smoky with a hint of sweetness just like your favorite barbecue sauce.
Jalapeno Jalapeno is a topping that adds a little heat to your popcorn. It comes in powered form, unlike the jalapenos you get on your nachos. This topping usually contains garlic salt, onion powder, jalapeno powder and paprika.
Candied Candied corn uses the same coating as candied apples.The candy hardens around the popcorn giving it an extra sticky crunch. Fruit flavors, cinnamon or vanilla are added along with food coloring to give the candy extra flavor.
Apple Pie Spice Capture the essence of apple pie without all the work by flavoring your popcorn with the same spices. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, one-half teaspoon of ground nutmeg, one-quarter teaspoon of allspice and one-quarter teaspoon of ground ginger onto hot popcorn and toss to combine.
Sweet and Spicy Asian If you want to try something really rare, whip up a batch of Asian-inspired popcorn. Asian cuisine often combines various types of flavors for a complex taste. Mix one-quarter teaspoon ground ginger, one-eighth teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, one-quarter teaspoon of sugar and one-half teaspoon salt in a bowl. Pour spice mixture onto popcorn and combine thoroughly. For an even more intense Asian flavor, add one-half teaspoon of soy sauce in place of the salt.
Pizza Style Turn a standard bowl of popcorn into a cheesy treat by taking inspiration from pizza. In a small bowl, combine one-half teaspoon dried oregano, one-half teaspoon dried basil, one-half teaspoon garlic powder, one-eighth teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes and 2 to 3 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese. Add the seasoning mixture to fresh popcorn and top with even more parmesan cheese if desired.
Tex-Mex For a popcorn with a south of the border flavor, mix into a bowl 1 teaspoon of chili powder, one-half teaspoon of cumin and 1 teaspoon of paprika. Dust onto prepared popcorn and toss to combine. You can also substitute 1 to 2 tablespoons of store-bought taco seasoning instead of mixing your own blend. Sprinkle 2 to 3 tablespoons of Mexican-style cheese onto popcorn and stir until the cheese slightly melts. If you want to spice up the flavor, add 2 to 3 dashes of hot sauce.
Salted or Sweet Popcorn The most simple and basic toppings are butter and salt. Add melted butter to taste to hot popped corn, followed by a sprinkling of salt. For sweeter popcorn, add a little granulated sugar or cinnamon.
Cheddar Cheese One cup of grated cheese is enough for 2/3 cup of unpopped popcorn. While the corn is popping, melt around 1/2 tbsp of cheese per serving. When the popcorn has finished popping, mix the cheese into the corn using a wooden spoon, then add the butter over the top. Give the popcorn a stir or a shake before serving.
Toffee For a sweet toffee popcorn topping sauce, melt 50g of butter with 4 tbsp. Demerara sugar. Add 2 to 3 tbsp. Of golden syrup. Stir the syrup, butter and sugar together over a medium heat until the sugar is entirely melted. Place the popcorn in a large mixing bowl. Pour the toffee sauce over the popcorn and mix it in with a wooden spoon.
Fruit-Flavered This topping can be done with the fruit-flavored gelatin of your choice. Spray butter-flavored oil lightly over 2 1/2 qts of popcorn, then sprinkle one package of the gelatin over it. Bake the popcorn in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit. Let it cool before serving.

William asks…

How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?

If you’ve ever finished a tootsie pop, and know how many licks it took, then answer. Or guess.

Justin answers:

The Tootsie Pop is a hard candy lollipop with a Tootsie Roll filling at its center. The Tootsie Pop was invented in 1931 by The Sweets Company of America, which changed its name to Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. In 1966.

In addition to chocolate (the original flavor), Tootsie Pops come in a variety of the following fruit flavors: raspberry, cherry, orange and grape. Recently, Tootsie Roll Industries released three new flavors: blue raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. A new release, the Tootsie Pop “Tropical Stormz”, includes five different “swirl” textured pops, including: orange/pineapple, lemon/lime, strawberry/banana, citrus punch and berry berry punch.

In 1996, Tootsie Roll Industries celebrated their 100th anniversary. As of 2003, sixty-million Tootsie Rolls and twenty-million Tootsie Pops were produced every day.

1 The Flavors
2 The commercial
3 The research
4 Urban legend
5 Trivia
6 Pop culture references

1) The Flavors
Original Flavors

Cherry (red wrapper)
Orange (orange wrapper)
Chocolate (brown wrapper)
Grape (blue wrapper)
Raspberry (dark red wrapper)
Newly Added Flavors

Watermelon (green wrapper)
Strawberry (pink wrapper)
Blue Rasperberry (light blue wrapper)
Lemon Lime (light green wrapper}

2) The commercial
In 1970, Tootsie Roll Industries aired one of the most famous TV commercials of all time, featuring a boy trying to ascertain how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Along with the two Tootsie Roll commercials, this commercial (albeit in a re-edited 15-second “hook” version) continues to be shown on television today, making them the longest running commercials of all time ([1]). (A second, shortened Tootsie Pop commercial was created and first aired in 1996, which also continues to be shown on television today).

The original 1-minute version of the commercial had the boy going up to Mr. Cow and Mr. Fox before going up to Mr. Turtle asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop in which they respond that they bite them instead of licking and suggest asking the next animal.

Here is the dialogue to the 30-second version:

Boy: Mr. Turtle, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
Mr. Turtle: I never made it without biting. Ask Mr. Owl.
Boy: Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
Mr. Owl: Let’s find out. One… Two-HOO… Three..
Mr. Owl: Crunch!
Mr. Owl: Three!
Narrator: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
Narrator: Crunch!
Narrator: The world may never know.
After the 1970 TV commercial, Mr. Owl became the mascot for Tootsie Pops. He appears on the packaging and marketing.

This ad has been remade in 3D computer animation in 2007.

3) The research
According to the official Tootsie Roll website, Tootsie Roll Industries has received over 50,000 letters from children claiming to have solved the riddle since the commercial first aired in 1970. The typical range of responses is between 100 and 5,800.

Tootsie Roll Industries notes that they are aware of 3 separate and completely unrelated studies which attempted to finally put to rest the ever eternal question of “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”:

A handful of engineering students at Purdue University appear to have conducted the most research. They devised a “licking machine,” with which they recorded an average of 364 licks to get to the center. Their research also included having 20 human volunteers carry out the experiment as well. The results from the volunteers concluded that it took an average of 252 licks to reach it.
One doctorate student at the University of Michigan created his own licking machine and came up with an average of 411 licks to reach the center of the Tootsie Pop.
Students at Swathmore High School conducted their own human-based experiment, resulting in an average of 144 licks.
The answer of course is affected by the individual’s saliva output and the tongue size, so it depends on the person. However, in theory it can be done in only one lick if the tongue is in direct contact with the Tootsie Pop for a long enough period of time.

4) Urban legend

This raspberry flavored Tootsie Pop wrapper shows the image of Native American aiming a bow and arrow at a star.Tootsie Roll Pops traditionally were wrapped in paper with icons and symbols, including but not limited to, an American Indian with a bow and arrow aimed at a star. From soon after the introduction of Tootsie Pops from 1931 through the present day (currently generating about 150 letters a week), a rumor has circulated that a wrapper containing the American Indian icon shooting a star could be traded-in for a free Tootsie Roll Pop.

According to Tootsie Roll Industries and web site[2], this rumor is not true. However, according to[3], individual merchants have chosen to honor the wrapper legend over the years, allowing people to “win” a free pop.

With the innovation and spread of the Internet and e-mail, many queries to Tootsie Roll Industries are in the form of email. Below is the company’s response, dated March 24, 2005, to one such query:

Thank you for your interest in our Tootsie Pop wrappers. We are pleased to have an opportunity to tell the true story about our Tootsie Pop wrappers.
Many years ago, a rumor surfaced that said if the wrapper of a Tootsie Pop with a star was found and returned to the company, a free Tootsie Pop, or any number of things would be sent to the lucky person. We truly don’t know why or where this rumor started, as our records do not indicate that our company ever sponsored any type of promotion surrounding images on the wrapper.
We hope we have been able to clarify this matter for you and we thank you for contacting us.

5) Trivia
In 2000, rapper Lil’ Kim used the popular slogan as a sexual reference and title, “How Many Licks?” for her album The Notorious K.I.M.
A now discontinued bite sized form called “Tootsie Pop Drops” was once available in grape, strawberry, cherry, orange, and chocolate flavors.
Lemon Lime has been added to the new flavors available in regular bags of Tootsie Pops (the other flavors are Strawberry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry.}
One Fine Line guitarist Mike Ruhl of Copperas Cove, Texas has the Indian shooting the star image tattooed across his back.

6) Pop culture references
In the Family Guy episode, Let’s Go to the Hop, the following Tootsie Pop ad parody is shown:
Boy: Mr. Toad, how many licks of you does it take to get to the center of a Rhode Island state prison?
(Prison bars suddenly slam over the image.)
Narrator: Just one.
The popular webcomic Order of the Stick parodied the Tootsie Pop ad. [4]
In the Camp Lazlo episode “Lazlo Loves a Parade” in the background, an owl in the background who takes 3 licks then bites it.
In an Halloween-themed episode of Food Network’s Good Eats entitled “Tricks for Treats”, host Alton Brown parodied the Tootsie Pops ad, only using peanut brittle.
In the Wu-Tang Clan song “Method Man”, in Method Man’s verse “Now how many licks does it take/for me to hit the Tootsie Roll center of a break…”

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