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John asks…

what are some companies that make sprinkles?

what are the names of some companies that make sprinkles and where are there factories? I was wondering if they give tours so people can see how they make sprinkles. I wanted to make them at home, but it seems like you need a lot of machines that are not accessible in a house.

financi4 answers:

This is a listing of the main ingredients found in decorative sprinkles….

Ingredients usually include sugar, corn starch (used as a thickener) or confectioners wax, dyes for coloring, and a confectioners glaze to make them shiny.

I know I went through a Jelly Belly factory and the entire process took about a week to complete. The centers had to tumble so they took shape..they were then coated numerous times with a candy coating..before getting that final glaze.

I know Betty Crocker, or General Mills, makes sprinkles and here is a listing of some of the plants they have but most of these make would have to call to find the right one.

I know also that Tone’s Brothers makes sprinkles…..


If you want to make something like the confetti or sequins…instead of the sprinkles…you can make those yourself from rolled fondant. If you have a crafts roller cutter, or something like that…you can just roll your fondant out really thin and run the cutter over it. Let the tiny pieces dry and you have your very own, personal confetti shapes and colors.

Richard asks…

Online Source for Sunkist Fruit Gems in Grapefruit Flavor Only?

I cannot find a source for Sunkist Fruit Gems online in grapefruit flavor only.Most of the time they are sold as mixed flavors.I have not looked at the small packages but my guess is that they are mixed flavors too.I will give a best answer to someone who knows.

financi4 answers:

With a sunny and sweet disposition, Ben Myerson Candy makes Sunkist Fruit Gems and the Christopher’s Candy line of chocolates. Family-owned since 1912, the company produces a pure fruit pectin, fat-free candy for Sunkist Growers. Under the Christopher’s label, Ben Myerson produces chocolates (almond and peanut clusters, Irish cream mints, and raspberry fondue), fruit gems, and jelly beans. Sunkist Fruit Gems can be purchased at retail stores including Target, Albertson’s, and J. C. Penney; items can also be ordered through the company’s Web site. In 2006 the company agreed to be acquired by Jelly Belly Candy.
As of right now, Sunkist isn’t taking emails about the product any more and Jelly Belly isn’t manufacturing the product just yet. They are finishing selling the product which they acquired from Sunkist. No product is being made at this time.

Robert asks…

Presents for guests at our wedding?

What type of gifts can we have on the tables for our wedding? We have a limited budget, but would like it to be something personal for our friends and family.

financi4 answers:

This is what I tell everyone who asks about favors…

Keep favors consumable, something that can be used up (like lotion/soap) or eaten (such as candy). The reason for this is, people don’t have the same taste in music as you do, so the mix CD’s you do will get thrown in the trash. Most people don’t care about little photo frames, or single glasses or mugs or things like that. If they do keep them, it gets buried in the back of a cabinet, and then eventually thrown away or given to Goodwill. I hate it when I toss some little favor I got at a wedding, because I know it’s one more thing the bride and groom spent their hard earned money on, plus one more decision the bride totally stressed. But I don’t hate it enough to have the “stuff” cluttering up my already cluttered house.

If you keep it to a food item, people will probably eat it right there. You can get personalized M&M’s in wedding colors (go to m&, and Jelly Belly’s come in every color imaginable. You can also have personalized wrappers for Hershey’s bars–there are programs you can print your own on a printer, or there are companies you can order them from. One wedding I went to (and remember the favor from) they gave each guest a Krispy Kreme donut as they left…the bride and groom met while working at a Krispy Kreme store in college.

Charles asks…

sweet sixteen ideas??

i’m going to have a sweet 16 party in about a month.. but the problem is i don’t really know what to do. any ideas?? anything fun would be appreciated. I’m planning on inviting 16 year old girls.. thanks a lot!!

financi4 answers:

We are planning a surprise Sweet Sixteen for our daughter. The theme will be all about her. It will hinge around her and her fav. Things. We will use dark blue and pink for sweet sixteen. Most items we found on Ebay. Cute sweet sixteen mylar balloons, personalized napkins, organza favor bags, and personalized ribbons to tie the organza bags. For party favors we bought her favorite candies, Lindt truffles & bon bons.You might want personlized M&M’s or jelly bellies in the small packaged birthday bags. We also bought designer perfume samples on Ebay. They all were things about “her”. For the guys we bought Hummer (because she drives a Riviera, and that is the company that makes the cologne), Lucky #6, Polo Blue (fav color), and for the girls we bought Vera Wang princess, Juicy Couture that came packaged in cute purses, Broadway nite & Phantom of the Opera, all things that are personal to her. We have included a note in each bag, so they know why we made these choices. Other cologne choices for guys might be , blue jeans, weekend, RSVP. You can really make the favor bags personal. We also bought some custom Hershey bar wrappers. Just do a search online for custom or personalized candy wrappers. Hers has pointe shoes on it as she is devoted to ballet. Again Ebay, right now has some adorable Hershey Sweet Sixteen candy wrappers. We also bought some sweet 16 table confetti at Haga’s party supplies online. We are going to accent the table with semi precious faceted stones. There can be inexpensive if you wait for the right Ebay auction. IE: I got 144 pink sapphires for $5.50. I bought stones in pink hues, dark blue purple & clear to go with her colors. I also think custom fortune cookies for favors are a great idea. Again, Ebay. I have made them before, and if you make them yourself, use a online recipe with cornstarch, that worked the best for me. You have to be patient making your own, as each cookie takes about 6 minutes, but I personally wouldn’t try it with such a large group. I will also make creme cheese mints in heart and gift package shapes. We have invited about 18 of her close friends to dinner at her fav quaint mexican restaurant. We will be having them driven around in a Excursion limosine. I have made 2 cd’s with lots of fun birthday songs! We will be having a tiered birthday cake at home later, with a chocolate fountain. You can also get a inexpensive 5 tiered punch fountain on Ebay. We decided the chocolate fountain was enough, and will serve our guests Fre Spumante an alcohol free champagne. We have made a photo autograph book on shutterfly for her friends to sign. I made the pages on a photo program and saved each page as an image, and then uploaded to shutterfly. Winkflash has a 100 page book for 19.99 until March 15th. We also bought Phantom of the Opera type disposable cameras. With the developing, picture cd, and online host ing, each camera came to 7.00. I would strongly suggest have cameras for your guests to use available. If you are in an area that would work, I would look into the confetti canons. It would be neat for an entrance. When we get done eating cake & opening gifts, maybe they will watch Sixteen Candles on a big screen, or just mess around. Whatever they do, it will be fun. Hope this helps!

Thomas asks…

Baby’s first birthday cake, ideas?

I am a cook so I do know my way around the kitchen. The party is for my son. The “theme” is all about him, Cam. I don’t want characters like spongebob. I want him to have his own little cake and then a big cake for guests. I love to make round cakes. I need a recipe that’s okay for my soon to be one year old that’s also tastey and budget friendly. Any suggestions would be helpful. The frosting recipe is really where I am stumped. I don’t want any that’s going to taste like it came from a can. Thank you! Any other ideas like how to dress him or how to decorate will be appreciated. Remember my son is the theme so there will be a lot of pics of him!!!

financi4 answers:

> Since he is a boy and it is all about him I would do lots of sports, blue, dinosaurs, or trucks as decorations. You could do plates with baseballs and what not on them, or different cars, or dinosaurs, and dark and light blue streamers everywhere.

> As for dressing him, you could either dress him in a cute little go-together outfit since lots of pics will be taken. Lola’s theme was Elmo and she was dressed in Elmo (so I’d guess blue, or sports, or the other themes I mentioned…) but since you said the theme was him I would go with something like “I’m the birthday boy” or “I’m turning one!”. Make it yourself if you have to but you might be able to order something like it.

> The cake! And the perfect boy theme! Dirt and bugs 🙂 You can find some really nasty candy in the stores these days. For example, the Jelly Belly Company makes giant gummy spiders. You can also find large chocolate insects. These types of candy add up to the perfect birthday cake for little boys. For this birthday cake, you will need chocolate frosting, a bag of coconut, green food coloring, and insect shaped candy. This birthday cake is meant to look like a yard, so you will need to color the coconut with the green food coloring. Once that is done frost the cake and then add the coconut on top. Then just add your bugs on top and you’re done.

FROSTING: Creamy butter frosting.

> Ingredients:

* 1/3 cup butter
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1 pound (3 1/2 cups) sifted confectioners sugar
* 3 to 4 tablespoons milk

> Preparation:

Cream butter, salt, and vanilla, beating until light and fluffy. Add sugar gradually, beating after each addition. Add 3 tablespoons milk, beating until smooth. Beat in more milk until desired spreading consistency is reached. Makes about 2 1/3 cups of frosting, enough to frost tops and sides of of an 8-inch 2-layer cake or a 10-inch tube or bundt cake, or about 1 dozen cupcakes.

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