Your Questions About Is It Smart To Invest In Gold

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James asks…

Is it smart to invest in gold at this time when the value has more than doubled?

financi4 answers:

More Slick idiocy. There is just nobody in the world who believes tha gold is priced based on how fast they are digging it out of the ground. Is Slick aware that when you hold a gold bar it is an amalgam of gold dug up by the Ming Chinese, the Aztecs, the Babylonians, the 1849 Gold rushers, modern mega-mines in Alaska, etc..

Gold is priced based on monetary factors, fear of inflation, fear of loss of political control of markets, etc..

You shouldn’t invets in gold now unless it is a very small part of your portfolio or you just like to gamble.

Edit: Gold is a better investment than “rare works of Art” unless you really, really know what you are doing.

David asks…

is it smart to invest in gold?

when will the investment pay off? should i buy the best american coins?

financi4 answers:

Its never foolish to invest in gold

Paul asks…

would it be smart to invest in gold right now?

or silver or oil? i don’t have much money right now but enough to get started i think

financi4 answers:

Gold is not an investment. It’s only a trade. If you buy gold, make sure you sell it before the bubble bursts. Guessing when the bubble will burst it’s going to be as hard as huessing when US economy will bottom.

Robert asks…

is it really smart to invest in gold, or is it a scheme?

financi4 answers:

Right now we’re at a very wild junction in history where 3 main currencies (the pound, the dollar and the euro) are all tanking at once, and there are no safe havens other than metals and trade goods. The last of the safe haven currencies just disappeared… The Swiss decided to debase their currency by pegging it to the euro. Countries around the world are scrambling to buy up as much silver and gold as they can before these currencies crash, so they will be the big dogs of the financial world with actual gold-backed currency.
Buying the precious metals NOW is your chance to buy the metals to preserve the value of your money while the currencies die.

You want to own the actual item that you hold in your hand… Not an ETF or a stock. Don’t worry about short-term volatility, just keep stacking. Silver is an especially good deal.
After the crash, you will be able to take your metals back to the store you bought them from and trade them in for the new money so you can go shopping.
I do agree that everyone should also be storing food and have weapons for self-defense.

Joseph asks…

Would it be smart to invest most or all of my savings in gold?

Just a thought that came to me and I would like some feedback. I’m by no means an “economologist” so I would just like some creditable advice. I have about 15K in my savings.

financi4 answers:

It would likely be unwise to invest the entire amount in gold. I really can’t say for sure. Whether it would be wise or not really depends on what governments are likely to do, mainly the US government if you live in the US. If by some miracle it should stop spending money that it does not have and printing more to make up the deficit then gold would be a very bad investment. What do you think the chances of that happening is? Might be a tad better to invest at least some of that into a company that actually will pay you a dividend in the mean time. Think KO or MCD.

Thomas asks…

So, i ended up with extra money, i want to invest in gold, is it smart? and how do I?

financi4 answers:

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Charles asks…

Is it smart to invest in the Yuan and Swiss Franc?

Gold costs too much now. I had to pay like $270 for 1/10 oz.

financi4 answers:

The chinese currency is in trouble due to inflation, the Swiss just set out on devaluing their currency because it was too strong for export trade. Gold is going to go much higher, I believe.

One thing I can say for sure is that I would rather be on the side of the creditor nation than with the debtor nation. So chinese seems like the best option when dealing with currencies.

Gold and Silver are always good to have physical possession of, however.

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