Your Questions About Is It Good To Invest In Diamonds

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William asks…

Is it worth buying gold ? has the big increase in value levelled off?

I have about £10,000 and want to invest about £7000 for a few years.

Bank and building society interest rates are a joke. Is Gold still a good investment ? …or is there a better short to medium term investment ? ….diamonds ?

financi4 answers:

Gold and such like commodities are for speculators, not for long term investment. Better to get some kind of ISA; either stock market based, or Bonds. You can choose something at the level of risk that you are prepared to take.

David asks…

Rate my rap out of 10 please?

Writin intricate composition in my corrupted book of rhymes
hopefully I won’t get writer’s block cause that’ll truly waste time
i create disaster through the lead of a pencil
but i’m invincible when i squeeze any writing utility
the miracle, my credential is to always be rhythmical
destroyin instrumentals casualties raising in the tenfold
my mind is like a temple but it‘s also demented and sinful
and it‘s truly an insult when n1ggaz say I’m not lyrical
maybe i should talk about hos, clothes, and how my money folds
as it steady grows and accumulate like snow
with the fancy watches the diamonds and the pearls
PHUCK THAT, i’ll rather have sexual intercourse with morbidly obese girls
so don’t you ever doubt me, ever underestimate me
i got the pad and the pen as part of my weaponry
and a flow that compose art like the ghosts of Bach and Mozart
so when it starts, Piscasso’s drawings like nothing more than a fart

I’m indefensible when i start spitting this authentic ish
immaculate as it gets, perfection is almost effortless
but I’m perfectly imperfect a serpent put on this earth for certain purpose
to crush emcess that always put out redundant verses
rappers play disguised just to get a little prize
but deceptions and lies gonna ultimately be your despise
but the same thing happen when you’re doubting me
it like getting hit by a stealth missile with extreme velocity
bars of hell, you can categorize this as lyrical genocide or utter barbarity
I’m not even trying let me show you a true form of artistry
“mister pardon me, but this ain’t gonna sell ish
if you want hits you rap about material ish
and it gotta be simple, one syllables at a time
no complex well thought out rhymes
are you finish i got 4 words for you SHUT MY DICK ITCH
i ain’t trying to entertain none of you itches
matter of fact ima dig a ditch and put explosive gadgets in it
and put you and every lame rapper in it and watch it blow up ITCH

The last verse is the worst, that when the curse disperses
you can have resonable doubts but you can’t amount to my works
i got a ton of flows and lyricism above most
when i showcase i mesmerize with the skills i behold
the lone soul that always spoke but nobody listened
I don’t want money i want respect that’s my only mission
i ain’t gotta be paid but feared is what i haven’t mention
the kid that rap with passion that you won’t forget
I’m on hero ish, saviour of hiphop maybe show me the label certificate
i’m hungry and fiending to be the best that’s it
n1ggaz wonder why i’m so vicious when i spit this ain’t ish let me show yall n1ggaz how hard i can get
like viagra caused erection you better invest in some protection
cause i’m vexed and so stress so ima relieve it by cutting off your neck
who’s next i’ll demolish any competitor, noone will ever
test me, actually i’ll chop yall precise like the edges of celery
so if any n1gga step to me the result would be deadly
cause noone is even close to me, doubtin me is worthless you see

financi4 answers:

Hit me up if you gotta mic and want to work on something, producer of 7 years.

My Site:

Mark asks…

What should I invest in?

I won 10 mil $ at the lottery and I don’t know what to buy with them.I want to conserve my money and I see 3 possibilities:

1- buy very expensive and famous paintings
2- buy very big diamonds
3- buy gold
What should I choose?

PS I prefer the first 2 possibilities…because I think that gold is very expensive in this moment and I don’t think it is a good investment

financi4 answers:

The problem with first and second options is that you have to store these items somewhere, and will have to pay for insurance. You can buy gold more easily by investing in an ETF like GLD, and not have to worry about storage.

Having said that, why do you want to restrict yourself to these options? I would suggest you consider real estate because prices are still quite low in many promising markets. Another advice: do not put all your eggs in one basket, and get into any investment gradually.

Charles asks…

How much was you’re engagement ring? POLL:?

I’m looking to replace my lost engagement ring. My original was around $900 but it was from a mall store and poor quality (not to take away from it‘s sentimental value=priceless). I think our money should buy better quality so I am looking at GIA certified diamonds. I’m on the fence about having a smaller diamond of a bit better quality (not much) vs. a bit larger less valuable but clean diamond. I feel $1,700.00 is a lot to invest in a ring even though my husband makes good money.

Of the two which would you choose? (both GIA certified & SET IN YELLOW GOLD)

1. .38 – I color VS2 clarity Ideal EX EX set in a lovely hand-carved setting (unique) = $1,200.00
2. .64 – I color SI2 (very clean!) clarity Ideal EX EX set in a inexpensive solitaire band = $1,700.00



financi4 answers:

My ring is a vintage black diamond estate ring…It is one of a kind…and it was $900.

Fist ring…

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