Your Questions About Is It Good To Invest In Diamonds

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Steven asks…

Are black diamonds as valuable as regular diamonds?

I’ve thought about getting my boyfriend a black diamond ring or bracelet, but I’ve really only seen these gems on shopping websites and I don’t know if they are rated the same way regular diamonds are. What should I look for or should I just invest in a regular diamond ring?

Justin answers:

Jared’s answer is almost correct. Natural black diamonds are rare and can be quite costly. The black diamonds that flood the diamond market are usually irridated meaning they have been treated to enhance the color, and these are the ones which are not as costly. If they are looked at closely they are actually a very dark green color. Men’s black diamond jewelry is catching on in popularity.

Onyx is a totally different mineral altogether and should not be confused with a black diamond.

Thomas asks…

What can i buy with 100 dollars that will make me more money?

Im 15 and i have only 100 dollars right now. I really want more money and i work but i need at least a thousand bucks before the end of the summer. Is there something i can invest in or something to help make me money?

Justin answers:

Eventhough the cocaine jokes where funny and i did it when i was 14 and sold three packets of scented powder mixed with cocaine to my friends but that was California…you can get away with anything…

But you shouldn’t be charging a 15 year old to buy coke…….

1.Back to the point, buy E-books….print them up and sell them…
2. Savings Accounts ““ Putting your money into an FDIC insured high yield savings account is the absolute safest way to have your money work for you. Unfortunately, it’s also the slowest.( Not the best option)

3.Invest Your Money in Stock Investments maybe the smaller ones….
( I being a young entrepreneur from my drug business i went to stock investments that i learned from my parents who are very awesome entrepreneur suggested me this)
Yes, there are stocks in publicly-traded companies on the Big Board that you can purchase for a hundred dollars, give or take a few dollars for minimum enrollment fees. Of course, the presumption is that you will initially bypass hiring a stockbroker for this purpose since you want your hundred dollars to remain relatively intact from the stockbroker fees.

For example, you can invest in J&J stocks for as little as $100 with a $10 enrollment fee. This is assuming that you will automatically purchase a $100 worth of stocks every month from your bank account until you have reached the minimum stock purchase requirement of a thousand dollars. Yet another example is Coca-Cola that allows for the purchase of one share of stock without an enrollment fee.

Also, you can invest in penny stocks. Most of these stocks will sell at an average of $5 per share. Keep in mind that some of the penny stock companies make money albeit they are not listed on the Big Boards due to market cap limits

Commodities- Commodities are things like water, oil and gold and generally when things go bad, these things go good because they are in high demand. For precious metals, you can actually buy them rather than invest in them and people always love to look at shiny things! So buy gold coins or stuff….( Just like us American Dollars, gold price is stable as well)

Try Gold and Cotton harvesting in your backyard…:P

Smaller Investments/Fixed Assets..

A coin collection can be one of the more fun and exciting ways to invest money and the good news is that if you stick with domestic currency, your investment will never drop below face value of the coin. Buying pennies won’t be much of a consolation however coins have shown excellent returns over the last 100 years.

Baseball Cards Like coins, baseball cards are a fun way to invest. .Old cards would be worth thousands of dollars a piece. While it’s rare, if you find the diamond in the rough athlete and invest in him, you can make thousands.

That’s all i have for now 😀 hope it help

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