Your Questions About Is It Good To Invest In Diamonds

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Joseph asks…

Why should investors invest in an area in Saskatchewan?

What are some features within Saskatchewan to convince investors to invest in Saskatchewan?

Justin answers:

Natural resources: natural resources conventional oil and so-called “heavy oil” (which is on the verge of starting to be developed). There is also uranium, sodium sulphate and, quite likely, diamonds. The big revenue-generator is potash, a vital ingredient in fertilizer.

What makes Saskatchewan fairly attractive is the fact that it historically has been overlooked by outside investors for two reasons. One reason is the proximity of the Canadian province of Alberta, which has been in more-or-less perpetual boom (due to its oil resources) for the last 50 years. That sucked into Alberta most of the available investment capital. But recently, Alberta has been raising oil royalties and living costs for employees have becoming unacceptably high. One important theory in Canadian investment circles is that Saskatchewan could well be “the next Alberta” in terms of being an underappreciated investment destination.

The second reason why Saskatchewan was overlooked was political. From 1964-44 it was governed by a centre/left political party that was actually highly fiscally responsible, but had a few renegade members who talked unwisely about nationalization. Succeeding provincial governments have been, with one exception (in the 1980s) fiscally conservative and keen on investment. Particularly notable was the 2006 provincial budget, brought down by the centrist New Democratic Party, but containing a number of business tax breaks.

The government is now in the hand of a centre-right government that is even more bullish on investment and sustainable tax reduction.

Current speculation in the resource sector revolves around one or even two “greenfield” potash mines, another northern uranium mine and possibly a small diamond mine.

All this is in addition to Saskatchewan’s diversified agricultural economy. Various types of wheat have historically been the most popular crop, but since the 1960s there has been broad diversification into canola (rapeseed), barley and pulse crops. There is a particular hunger in government circles for value-added agricultural processing.

David asks…

How would you spot a diamond on the beach and tell it apart from the sand and stones?

I live on the beach and the beach sand is very rough, there are a lot of big stones and beach sand almost like walking on gravil i have always wanted to know how to tell a diamond apart from beach sand can anyone help

Justin answers:

If you’re a serious diamond hunter then invest in a tester.
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Charles asks…

is it worth selling an old expensive diamond ring in order to start a business?

I am 26 years old and a junior in college studying history and theatre (ye, i know, i dont have a life). I dont have a job and am usually broke. My mom is pestering me to find a nice girl to settle down with. i am afraid of marriage and committment (that it wont work out like everything else in my life doesnt). Anyway she mentioned she put away in the safe a very expensive diamond ring worth at least 50,000 dollars. she used to say she’s saving it for my future bride but id rather sell it and invest the money so i can have a business, the other things will fall into place afterwards.

so what sayest thou.
I have this idea of opening an internet cafe in the summer in a vacation area.

My mother would also like to have a family business so if it works out its a win win situation.

The way I see it, right now the only thing I have going for me is my looks (though my hair is starting to thin) and my wit but I am more broke than ever and what kind of girl would want me now?
The diamond belonged to my grandmother.

Justin answers:

If the diamond has sentimental value to your mother, then it isn’t worth it. I would try to get a loan first. Do you even have any idea what kind of a business you plan to start? Come up with a business plan and look for investors or get a loan. It would likely break your mother’s heart if she knew you wanted to sell the diamond. Not to mention, at this point, it’s not really yours to sell.

After reading your added comments…I would say DON’T SELL IT!! If it is a good plan, you can find other funding. I started my own business without any outside financing at all, and I was beyond broke! Literally living with the threat of foreclosure and my car being reposessed at any given moment. Hard work, drive, and ambition are free…and you don’t have to give up any family heirlooms in the process. I have a lot of antique furniture from my grandparents that is in prime condition. I had offers from people to buy different pieces and I would have definitely made some money on it. Now that my business is successful, I look back and thank god I did not go that route. As you get older, you will appreciate having something handed down from your family and will realize what a stupid mistake it would have been to hand it over for cash. You can not place a value on an heirloom. Seek financing elsewhere. There are ‘angel investment’ groups out there. Write up your business plan and shop around your idea. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Forget about selling the ring. You will regret it when you get older.

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