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Michael asks…

Does he love me or not?

I met my man at work a year ago but we started to date 5 months ago. I am his company’s client so we are not allow to date. We agreed with each other that we will just be friends with benefit, however, a month into our relationship we felt in love. (I had never done friend with benefit before. I’ve only been with my ex-husband and never had sex with anyone else after that. I was falling for this man before we even started to date). We say we love each other constantly. Anyway, I am still confused. He had couple ugly long relationships with his ex-s and he doesn’t want another long relationship. My project is almost over with his company and that I have to travel to another state for my next project. I find it very offended when he keeps saying that he doesn’t want a long relationship. He doesn’t want any commitments or to be in a serious relationship. He never mentioned or have any ideas of introducing me to his friends or his family. He says he trusts me more than any girls he ever been with and that he would do whatever for me. He knows that I love flowers but he would never bought anything for me. I know he watch what he has to spend and that is good but I think this relationship is very unnormal for me. He told me he bought his ex diamond earings and flowers in the pass and that he had invested a lot in her. However, it was ended very badly. I was married once before and my ex and all of my girlfriends’ boyfriends bought flowers or presents for the girls but my man is not going to do that. He says he doesn’t believe in presents. He would go out to meet new friends in NYC without me but always ask my permission first. I am a little attractive so a lot of single guys in his company are after me. He knows that. Each time, I tried to break up with him because I think this relationship is not going to lead us anywhere. He would try to come back and I would just keep going back to him blindly. I love him very much but I don’t think he has any plans for me in his future. I also don’t want to let him go if what he says he loves me is true. I want to stay and to change his mind about long distance relationship. I am a very loyal type but it hurts me when he tries to go meet new people (he calls it that he goes listen to music or gather with serbian people). He thinks I am controlling him when I told him that I want to break up and that I don’t think it was right for him to do those such a thing when people love each other. I know the group he is seeing is for single people (girls & guys). I know he doesn’t sleep around either because we have been spending almost everyday together. I am so confusing right now with our relationship. I really don’t know what to do. I love my man but I feel like he is hiding something from me. I feel like he doesn’t want to let me go but he also doesn’t want to be serious with me either. Is it how relationship suppose to be when people are in love? I was borned and raised in a christian family and I don’t think it is right. However, I don’t know if un-christian people are dating like that. He is unchristian so I can’t read what he wants. By the way, I do have a child with my ex and I would go home on the weekend to see my child. He knows I have a child and it does concern him a little bit because he says he cannot love someone else child as his own. I don’t know what I should do. If I have to let him go I don’t want to hurt him either. I want us to break up peacefully but I don’t know how. I don’t know should I stay or should I leave. If you are in my shoes, what would you do? Please help!

Justin answers:

If you have to ask then “no” he doesn’t. If it turns out that he really does love you then very soon he won’t because you are always doubting him. I still say that right now he doesn’t.

Steven asks…

Alaska cruise questions…?

We’d like to take an Alaskan cruise in July. Our travel agent recommends Princess Cruises (the Diamond Princess for our itinerary), based on many, many happy clients. I read reviews which don’t support such satisfaction during peak months (the reviews were better for May and September cruises.) We’ve done Royal Caribbean and Carnival to other destinations and all the reviews were great, as were our trips, so I’m reluctant to invest so much for a mediocre experience.

I would like to know:

1) Can anyone comment on Princess (especially Diamond) to Alaska in July? I want to know about efficiency of staff, quality of food and crowding, like no place to sit!
2) Is the weather mostly rainy?
3) Denali National Park visit – during May & Sept, passengers loved it. During July, reviews reported chaos, long waits, preference given to passengers who took additional excursions during the land trip. Any comments here?
Thank you very much.

Justin answers:

I have taken over 20 cruise/tours to Alaska. I have been on the diamond. I am not one that pays much attention to the ship as I am more interested in ports of call. Food & service was excellent. I normally eat in the buffet for more selections. Never had a crowd in any given area of the ship.
Weather i have seen on here many say it rains alot however of all the times i have been there it only rained once between ports 7 only lasted afew hours.
Princess is well know for their cruise/tours. They are the only cruise that puts you up in 5 star lodges.
Denali National Park is AMAZING. Make sure you trip includes free tour inside the park. Once there you stand outside your lodge and a tram picks you up and takes you were you want to go. Great food. Across the street a small plaza great for souvenirs.
Also get the land tour that includes the Stern Wheeler River boat cruise in fairbanks.
Weather average in the 70’s during the day & 50’s at night.
Also you can type in the name of the ports of call like Ketchikan, Juneau, Fairbanks and they will show you the average temps for that area.
A Great choice.
Like anything some like Princess or Royal Caribbean etc. & others like another.

James asks…

I have a question about coin collecting?

I want to get into coin collecting because I love coins and I want to invest money I might need for a rainy day. My questions are: What are the best type of coins to start with? Is silver better than gold? What type or mintage of coin has the best resale value? A little background – I bought a couple of the Titanic collector silver coins that were available, and I see they are already worth more than I paid. So I went and bought a 1 oz. silver coin that cost about $35.00. I noticed however, that several other silver coins that were selling for close to the same price had only 1/2 oz. of silver or less in them. I don’t understand that. Why wouldn’t I want as much actual silver or gold in my coin purchases? Are some coins worth more because of the engravings on them (ex. The Queens diamond jubilee) Do some themed coin collection have more worth down the road? I know the amount minted reflects a coins value. I was thinking if I’m buying silver just as an investment – then I should probably buy coins like I did the other day, the 1 oz. coin with just a plain maple leaf on it. Or – is there such a thing as plain silver bars that may or may not be less than coins to purchase?
Where can I learn more about all this? The whole maximizing your investment and where to invest and all that. I would really appreciate some advice and I thank you for your time in advance.

Justin answers:

Be careful in investing in coins for a rainy day. First you have to distinguish between bullion (gold & silver) coins and numismatic coins. Numismatic coins carry a premium which you usually cannot recover for several years. It is rare that a coin dealer will buy your coins and pay you more than 70% of retail value, and that’s a big gap to overcome. Look at coin collecting as a hobby, because you like the coins, and not because you intend to make a profit on them.

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