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Chris asks…

What is the best way to invest 1000$ when you have one hour time daily?

is stocks or forex a rational option to invest such a little money if i have one hour of free time? thanks for your help in advance, guys.
I am willing to have a 50% risk of losing it and may use it after one year. what options does that leave me with?

Justin answers:

My advice would be take the investools course and traing, there system will teach you how to make incredible gains in up or down markets. Forget B.S. Returns from financial planners that will just put you money in a mutual fund. They teach you the technical indicators that proffesionals use. It costs about $2000 then their site costs a few hundred a year, but no site compares with their tools. Here’s the link…at this link I gave you, scroll down to the left there are a few demos.


To prove how good investools is….Look at the stock chart of theri own stock which the symbol is IEDU…. The stock went from $1 to $14 dollars in like 3 years. That’s how good theri system is. Here is the link……


Now if you can’t afford it yet, that’s okay. Keep it in mind for the future.

You can turn that $1000 into $100,000 in one year by trading stocks, not investing. Investing is long term. The stock market is open from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm eastern, everyday. There are stocks that go up 10%, 30%, or even double every day. I work everyday in the afternoon, so I only have from opening bell at 9:30 to 11:00 to trade stocks. The stocks that make the biggest moves everday are low priced NASDAQ stocks. $5 or under.

First you need to open an online broker. I use and opened mine with only $500. I just filled out the required info at their site, and the next day wired transfered the money to them at ll:00 am, and by 1 pm in the afternoon I was able to make my first trade. It’s that easy. Anyone is fine. There are two types of accounts, Cash or Margin. If you only have $1000 you can only open a Cash account. With cash accounts, when you sell a stock, you have to wait 3 days for the money to settle before you can buy another stock with that money you got from selling. So When you you first start, you won’t be able to make trades everyday because you only have $1000 and will have to wait three days.

Now about trading stocks and finding them…..

Stocks react to PR’s (Press Releases) . So in the morning find the stocks that are moving because of good news released that morning, and get in the stock as they are going up, and after you made 5, 10, 15, or what ever percent sell it quickly to lock you profit and forget about the stock. Wait for you funds to settle in three days, and trade again.

Now how do you find the cheap NASDAQ stocks the move the best every morning to good news ? Good question

The best Trading platform for penny stocks is Microcaptrade. I’ll give you the link.


All you have to do is look at the top 400 tool at microcaptrade before the market opens. Microcaptrade also tracks pinksheet and OTC stocks, but stay away from those, they are scam stocks and too risky. They don’t meet the reqirements for the NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX , the three major exchanges. So at the top of the Microcaptrades top 400, uncheck the boxes at the top that say pinks and otc: bb , that way only the NASDAQ stocks will be tracked. Then click on the column heading that says trades. That will sort all the stocks by the # of trades. That way you will see what stocks are getting the most buys and sells that day. And all the way to the left there is a column header that says news, if there is a number in that row, that means there was a PR that morning (news). Look at the link I gave you and you can look at the platform. Also microcaptrade has a news tool, that show every single PR that day for either OTC:BB, Pinksheet, or NASDAQ stocks. Once again, just unched the pink and otc boxes , show that you only see the NASDAQ news. The reason I say stay away from pink sheet and otc stocks is that the can go up 50% or double or tripple in one day, or sometimes go up 1000% in a few days to a week, but they can also drop quickly and go back to where they started or below. Another reason is you have to use limit orders and the price changes so much you have to keep changes you limit prices and it’s tricky just stay away. With real stocks like NASDAQ, NYSE, Or AMEX stocks, you can use MARKET ORDERS, that means all you have to do is put in the stock symbol and the number of shares, and the order goes through in seconds. To place a trade with $1000, you would subtract the commision. Then divide the money buy the current price of the stock. I use Scottrade. They charge $7 per trade. To make it easy say it’s $10. You would subtract 1000 by 10 which is $990. That’s what you have to work with. If the current price is at $10 the divide you money by that. That wold give you 99. So you have enough money to buy 99 shares. You would just go to scottrade and put buy 100 shares of xxxx or what ever the sybol is.

The best message board for day traders is the lion. Most people who post there are full time traders that trade for a living….just read their posts and you can make money. Read the wall street pit board at the lion. Here is the link…


IHere are some other stock and financial sites in general to get you to learn the basics.

Yahoo finance…type in any symbol — I put in apple’s symbol


this link will show you the stocks with the most percent gainers everyday….You can make these gains everyday….forget 10% a year in a mutual fund

most people into investin and trading subscribe to IBD (Investors business daily)

Investools is awesome….take a free seminar and check it out, you can double you money every year with their methods…which is basicly buy good stocks like google and apple when they go above their charts look good, and sell when the look bad. No need to buy and hold and make something like say 15% a year, when you can buy low and sell high and make say 75% a year on the same stocks by buying and selling it. Here’s their link

If you have question about any topic in finance or investing, or daytrading….here is the best site….just put in the keywords of your question

Mark asks…

Invest Tools Users and Administrators?

I would to start investing, “buying and “selling” stocks/ money/trades in the most cost effective way possible; I don’t have much to start with. Is Invest tools right for me? What do you think of Invest Tools overall? I’m planning to join a seminar really soon. Please suggestions and feedback is needed. Thank you in advance.

Justin answers:

Investools is a decent company. They teach investor education.

I know a lot of people who’ve used investools and they’ve met with differing levels of success. Part of it is the company’s fault and part of it is the student’s. They have a great system, which when followed will keep you consistently profitable in the long run. Do the right thing and follow the teachings and you’ll do fine.

However, for many traders, it’s information overload and people get bogged down on trying to do it all. As a result, something falters and they make more mistakes than might be necessary.

The key things to remember is that you need a methodology (which they teach well), a money management plan (which they mention), and discipline to follow your rules (this is up to you!).

They provide the framework to succeed and the education to suceed. If you’ve got the discipline to go with it, you’ll do very well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Donald asks…

Is there somewhere I can look to see a list of companies and their earnings report and dividend declaration da


Justin answers:

Depending on how you want to see the info, you might have to subscribe to something (not necessarily costing you money).

I subscribe to a couple of Schaeffer’s reports (readily available) and it included prominent companies reporting earnings on certain days.

To see earnings expectations of particular companies and their estimates, I usually use or I also use the site. The latter has the info right on the charts I look at.

Hope that helps!

Thomas asks…

Interactive Charts: Can I save chart settings when looking up multiple stocks? Resetting 20 charts is a pain!?

20 charts is a pain!?
Re Interactive Charts:
Having configured an Interactive Chart to my needs (compare to an index, time scale, line type etc), it always resets to default settings when I enter another stock symbol.
Is there any way to save my personal chart settings when looking up a different stock?
I cannot find an option to do this.
I should not have to reconfigure a chart each time I change stock symbols – it’s too time consuming.

I have need to produce charts for about 20 stocks on a regular basis, and I will probably have to start using another website that has this function (of which there are many).

Note: I am not alone in finding this annoying – I have found 6 or 7 mentions of it in the “Feedback” section in the last couple of months – with no response from Yahoo as far as I can see.

Justin answers:

It is extremely frustrating to have to reset your charts after each and every symbol you type in. That’s why I use other sites to chart my stocks.

My favorite is prophet charts. You can get that if you subscribe to Investools. Though, you also can get it if you open an account with TDAmeritrade (using the Think or swim platform). It doesn’t cost anything to open the account, though you’ll get more perks if you do. With prophet charts you can save like 30 styles. So I have some for short term trading, some for looking at market indices, some for looking at reversals, etc. And I can send charts to friends and folks in my mastermind group, etc.

You can also get good free charting with optionsxpress (w/o having to fund) as well.

Meanwhile, to report the issue (hopefully, they’ll eventually fix it if enough of us report it).

In Yahoo!Finance, at the top right of the page, there’s a help link. Click on that to get your here

Then click on one of the links on the left like quote basics. Here’s that page:

Finally, at the bottom is the contact customer care button. Yes, it’s convoluted, but that’s one way to get there!

Oh, or just click here (if it works). (hard for me to test if it works since I clicked through to get there)

Once you get there and ask your question, they’re pretty good at getting back to you, but you may have to ask/answer back and forth a couple of times.

Hope that helps!

Steven asks…

how do i go about getting into buying stocks?

how to look ,where to buy,

Justin answers:

Big question! I’ll take a shot at a chunk of it.

Start with some basics. There’s lots of great sites. The library’s also a pretty good place to get information. I like How to make money in stocks in good times and bad by William O’Neill as a starting book. It’s widely available and cheap.

Once you’ve gotten a basic understanding, then you can go about deciding what to to next.

There’s systems and there’s education and there’s really no substitute. Investing’s pretty straightforward once you have the education and there’s many many ways to make money at it. You just have to find what resonates with you.

If you’re looking for education, you can go to or or or All will teach you how to trade profitably. Then it’s up to you to find the strategy that fits what you like.

For me, one of my favorites is sector analysis. I see where the big money’s moving (in or out) and I’m in the stocks going in the direction of the sector. So for example, you may have heard that retail’s getting a LOT of money these last few days. I had already identified the sector a while back and had a few favorite stocks wup and running.

USG, I’ve watched for a long time. It broke out of a squeeze a couple of weeks ago and had just pulled back to new support for the last four days where it held support. Perfect entry point for the pop it got this morning.

Cramer (Mad Money) (see even mentioned it on his show yesterday and that Buffet was putting money into it. Well, guess what. I’d already seen that almost two weeks ago. So people in my mastermind had the opportunity to get in then when it broke out of the squeeze! (That’s the value of the education vs. Just hit/miss vs. A system.)

Anyways, long story short. Educate yourself. Follow the trends. See where big money is going (or leaving) and follow the big money. When it enters, you enter. When it leaves, you leave!

As for where to trade, use,,, Any of those’ll get you started with decent low cost commissions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope that helps!

Joseph asks…

Has anyone attend the class offered at investment seminar? Did you get your money worth?

I’ve been to some of the seminars. They always offer a two to three-day class; the cost is anywhere from $2,495 to $6,000+. Have you attended their classes? Some offered classes with a 100% money back-guaranteed. They are: Optionetics, Investools, James Smith National Real Estate Investor. Do they live up to their promises?

Justin answers:

The only class I have paid to attend was one offered by the Options Industry Council which cost a lot less than the ones you mentioned.

In terms of new material, I probably did not get my money’s worth. In terms meeting my expectations, I did. It confirmed to me that my background on options trading was good and gave me the confidence to do more trades. It also gve me the chance to walk through the CBOE trading floor while it was open and to actually try paper trading on the floor after it had closed.

As far as the seminars you listed I am not familiar with all of them, but assuming they are all similar to Optionetics here is my opinion based on what I have heard from others.

(1) They do give you some valuable information. You could also get the same information from reading a couple of books for a small fraction on the cost.

(2) You will be encouraged/pressured to buy more products from them, such as advanced classes and software, all of which cost thousands of more dollars.

The money back guarantees are little more than a scam in my opinion. You may be able to get back your tuition, but not your expenses or your losses.

If these guys are so good at making money in the market, why are they spending their time developing seminars instead to doing their own trading?

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