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Thomas asks…

is InvestoolsFree Intro Class really free?

So I was watching some infomercials this morning and came across an advertisement for investools. They had said that there was a free seminar in my local area and I thought about checking it out. Is it really free or is there any hidden fees that they had not mentioned?

Also is it a good program? And how much would it cost for their courses? I tried checking on their website, but all i could find was “Enroll Now” links and no course cost anywhere.

Justin answers:

Yes, it’s really free. It’s also realy vague. They don’t give you nitty-gritty details about their service and courses…that is reserved for later – when you pay. So at the free seminar they pump you up, get you interested in trading stocks and then talk about the bigger/easier/riskier money being in options and encourage you to sign up for courses. They have a few different courses to choose from. Most are in the $5000 to $10,000 range (yes, you read that correctly). And I think there is some starter courses (all fees include a certain # of months to their investools service) that are around $1500 or so. But it’s been about 2 years since I was at a seminar.
Basically, it’s stuff you could learn on your own with a lot of reading, trial and error and maybe even losing a few bucks along the way. So it’s not like they are selling air. But I do think it’s pricey for the education they are selling and the investools program (which is a good program, by the way). If it’s something someone wanted to get really serious about, and had some “extra” money put aside to fund this education, then it may be worth it. But I wouldn’t encourage people to drain their savings in order to do it…

David asks…

I have $140,000 that I want to invest long term?

where and what to invest in?

Justin answers:

If you talk to any man/woman who has made their millions the one thing I think you will find that they all have in common is that they all maintained full control over their finances. They all managed their own money. Lets face it, if you’re working for someone else, your putting money in their pocket while you struggle to make it on your own. And if that’s the case then you probably won’t mind paying someone else to hold onto your money. If you hire a financial advisor or rely on a stock broker to manage your funds, you had better be amongst the bigger dogs in the pack or you will be on the bottom of the call list when the market takes a dip or peaks and gaps back down. Chances are unless you have multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, brokers or financial planners aren’t going to go the long haul looking after you.

The first thing I recommend is educating yourself in the market. Investools offers a great program to teach you the basics of stock investing. It is a web-based tutorial that allows you to move forward at your own pace on your own time. After stock basics you can move onto learning about option trading. This is where I am now. I love it! Option trading allows you to make greater gains with less at risk if you do it right. They will set you up with a $100,000.00 or more paper money trading account you can use to practice trading and strategies with. They have trading message boards and web-inars to further your experiences. There is a whole list of advantages I could list but it is better to experience it on your own. The website will give you information on the free seminars coming to your area in the near future. After the seminar they set you up to go through an all day, two day workshop to boost you on your way. They assign you a trading coach to help you in your educated decision making process and offer excellent technical support. You would easily spend three times the amount of time and money for a formal education and still not have available to you the web-based tools that Investools offers through their web-site and program. The best part about it is that you can take a friend or family member with you to the seminar and through the program at no extra cost.

Daniel asks…

Have you taken any investment classes (Investools, Optionetics,etc) or used any investment software…?

(Vectorvest, etc.)? Which products did you like and which ones were a waste of time?

Justin answers:

I have attended a couple of the free introductions. All of them were nothing but sales pitches to buy the companies’ products, usually classes and/or software, that cost thousands of dollars. I have not bought any of their products.

I have, however, had participated on message boards with people who have taken Optionetics classes. From what I have gathered they teach valid, helpful information, but nothing that you could not learn reading a book or two that cost under $100. (They also throw in some additional sales pitches for their advanced classes which cost thousands of more dollars.)

The only free classes I would recommend, and then only if you are serious about learning how to trade options, are the Options Industry Council seminars. You can register for them at

The only paid class I have attended was from the Options Institute. I enjoyed the class, but would only recommend their classes if you are very serious about trading options and already had read a fair amount about them. You can get information on their seminars at

James asks…

Has anyone tried invest tools? Do you have any experience with it? What do you think?

Justin answers:

I have mixed emotions about Investools. My upfront cost for their stocks course was $995, which in my world is a bit of money but not un-doable. For that, I get 6 months’ use of their site and an on-line course and a 2-day seminar with printed materials.
I like the organization of the web-site, and it is both pretty simple to use and information-dense. I have only used free sites before, and so I don’t know how their platform compares to other paid sites. I believe that their investment rules would offer a disciplined plan of trading.
I attended the class this month. What I didn’t like was that the seminar, particularly the second day, was one harangue of hard selling tactics employed to get me to buy further courses from them, to the tune of almost $24,000. It didn’t let up, and the information just wasn’t there the 2nd day. I took the 2nd day book and went home early.
If you are just starting to think of investing, I would recommend that you go to your library and read what they have on stocks. Investigate what tools are on the web. Read a publication like Investors Business Daily and become familiar looking at charts. If you aren’t willing to do this kind of work, Investools isn’t going to help you. I do plan to use their web-site over the next 6 months to determine if it’s $600/year pricetag is worth it for me.

Richard asks…

Investment on line : Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds. etc..?

Anyone here using on line Investools.. etc.. for your investment . Please tell me about your exerience as details as you can. Does it really work ? Costs to start up. are you still using it for your investment or how do you invest your savings . Thank you for your information.

Justin answers:

I use Wizetrade. It works very well.

Ken asks…

Invest tools??

what is the deal with the TV financial program–Investools. Does anyone have any experience with this, and if so wha happened??

Justin answers:

Just ask yourself: how much does it cost to run the infomercials and seminars, where does the money come from, and do you know of anybody who made $$ off an infomercial?

Chris asks…

Investools. Has anybody out there taken this 2-day course. I just came from a free seminar.?

This company, Investools, runs infomercials saying they can teach you how to invest in stocks. The free 2-hour seminar I attended today was VERY detailed..and it looks legitimate, but I thought it odd they would not allow any questions until the seminar was over and you talked “one-on-one” with them. The 2-day course costs about $1000 with 7-months of access to their web site tools. After that there would be a monthly subscription fee. Would love to get some feedback from someone who took this course…and if it allowed them to invest successfully. They even claim that professional stock brokers take the course.

Justin answers:

This program makes money only for Investools. If you want to invest, read and it and learn on your own.

Charles asks…

Is the INVEStools program any good? what does it cost?

Justin answers:

Here’s the deal.

Investools is fine. They prefer to bring you on and have you be a lifelong student, but you can stop with the basic program. It’s up to you. You don’t have to pay for anything more than the course if you don’t want to, but most people subscribe to the toolbox, because it blows away 99% of the websites that are out there.

Having evaluated many programs and systems, I can tell you that the education IF you use it will put you ahead of 95% of the people answering questions in this section who don’t know better.

Unlike many companies, they teach you how to invest rather than just pushing buttons using a system. Their basic system works and is well worth the money. Most people I know who use the basic stuff make well over 20% a year easily (most make more).

It’s a matter of not knowing what you don’t know until someone tells you.

Take the first step and look at the website, They’ve got a fabulous overview with videoclips of each of the basic steps.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Either I’ll answer them, or I’ll be glad to put you in touch with as many people as is needed to answer your questions.

Hope that helps!

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