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Charles asks…


I was in the States as an international student. Since i have completed my studies i have come back to my home country. What i want to ask is, can i still invest in Bonds, Equity, CD’s, etc…through my bank a/c, which is active. I will not be investing more than $5000. I do have a Social Security Numer and a active checking a/c(which i had opened up while my stay over there), and now even plan on opening up a savings a/c with the same bank. Would i be able to do that(invest) without any problems? Like from immigration office or the govt. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

financi4 answers:

Yes, you can invest with an American investment account, as long as you comply with certain regulations. Here is a direct quote from my broker/dealer:

“Non-Resident Alien: An individual who is not a citizen and who does not have his permanent (tax) residency in the United States. A nonresident alien is subject to 30% NRA withholding on some types of U.S. Income, and he must file a nonresident tax return on that income. The U.S. Has tax treaties with many countries allowing a resident of any of these countries to claim reduced rates of withholding. A nonresident alien is required to file an original W-8BEN with the payer or he will be treated as a U.S citizen and be subject to backup withholding according to TEFRA rules.

Here is a list of countries that the U.S. Has sanctions against, with the date the sanctions were instituted. Residents of these countries may not have an American investment account:

OFAC Country Sanctions Programs Program Last Updated:
Balkans Sanctions 05/22/2006
Belarus Sanctions 02/27/2007
Burma Sanctions 05/22/2006
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 09/19/2006
Cuba Sanctions 05/23/2007
Democractic Republic of the Congo Sanctions 03/30/2007
Iran Sanctions 04/04/2007
Iraq Sanctions 07/21/2005
Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions 05/23/2007
North Korea Sanctions 02/02/2007
Sudan Sanctions 04/04/2007
Syria Sanctions 08/15/2006
Zimbabwe Sanctions 05/22/2006

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