Your Questions About Investing Money

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Chris asks…

How can I start investing my money?

I’m 18 and want to start investing my money so I have something when I finish uni. I dont have a lot (roughly £5,000), I want to invest in property but, of course this isn’t really possible with a small amount of money.
Of course I know risk = outcome

financi4 answers:

You are 18.
NOW is the time to take risk. It is NOT the time to be foolish, but it’s the time to LEARN and EARN.

With only 5000 lbs, you can’t buy all the shares of Disney you want, but you can buy a few. And buy a few McDonalds, maybe some Netflix. As little as ONE share gives you an investment in the company, and with today’s LOW LOW LOW cost on-line brokers (as little as $5US in some cases), you can pick 4 or 5 companies that you KNOW, that you LIKE and that you buy stuff from.

Imagine (as an example), that you enjoy Nike shoes.. If every time you buy them for yourself or someone buys them for you as a present, you knew that that purchase was going to impact the stock of the company you OWN a share or two of, it would make you feel doubly good.

Likewise, if you started to see the quality of McDonalds go down, and you owned a couple of shares of it, you might sell them, since your experience will likely mirror others.

When you are in your 50s, buy CDs (Certificates of Deposit). Until then, do your homework, buy what you like, and learn as you go..

It’ll make you wealthy in more than just your pocket !


Robert asks…

How should I start investing my money?

Im a 21 year old male and I have always wanted my money to work for me instead of me working for my money. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to start investing, Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

financi4 answers:

First, my questions:
i. How much money do you have to invest?
Ii. What degree of risk are you willing to take?
Iii. How long are you willing to wait for the return?
Iv. Are you willing to share any great investing opportunity you
get with other investors?

Now, my suggestions:
i. You must have at a least a few K’s to get started, but a min of
1 K will do.
Ii. If you are a low risk taker, then look for the low return
investment involving longer time. High risk = High return
iii. Short term = High risk, Long term = Low risk
iv. Share with others and earn on leverage.

If you agree with my suggestion, you might get the right answer from the website below.

Good Luck.

William asks…

Where have you been investing your money lately?

I am 19 and have invested around $8,000 in mutual funds and my roth IRA. I was just wondering where have you been investing your money, how have your returns been, and where do you see the market going in the future?

financi4 answers:

A few oil companies which operate in North America and Russia / Chinese I.T. ,Vietnam…

George asks…

How to know what’s a worthwhile stock to even research investing your money in?

I’m going to start investing my money in the stock market eventually. I’m currently reading up on what to look for when you buy a stock but what I can’t seem to figure out is when you’re ready to start researching a stock where do you begin? With all the potential stocks out there to choose from how do you pick a handful to research and potentially buy? I know that some industries are better than others to invest in but I’m not really sure where to begin with picking individual companies.

financi4 answers:

The book “The Dhandro Investor” by Mohnish Pabrai has a chapter on how to screen for undervalued stocks, it mentions Joel Blatt’s magic formula from Joel’s book “The Little Book That Beats The Market” and it mentions reports such as the value line summary, the Portfolio Reports, the Value Investor’s Club, the list of stocks that have hit 52 week lows, the Outstanding Investor Digest, and other sources of value investment candidates. Keep in mind that an under valued investment is under valued by the market for a reason, the company is facing some challenges that some investors are pessimistic about so you need to find out why and decide for yourself if the company can meet that challenge and in what time frame.

Go to your public library and check out Mohnish’s book, you’ll find that section heavily underlined and annotated by other readers.

Paul asks…

How to be an Successful Entrepreneur as an Engineer? & is investing money is compulsory to be an entrepreneur?

The thing is very bewildering.I want to take Engineering as my major field.but regarding to my position I want to be an successful entrepreneur.But I think that only MBA’s can lead to be a entrepreneur.So is it possible to be Successful entrepreneur by taking an engineer education?

And em not financially so strong.But em technical and intelligent.So is it possible to be an entrepreneur without investing money?

financi4 answers:

You are on the right track with engineering. There are many different businesses which that education can be applied to.

As far as having to have an MBA to be a business owner…. No. Many people have done it with as little as a high school education. However, most of them have some talent or know a trade very well and also may be a risk taker.

As far as money… Nearly any business will require start up capital. Some much more than others. For instance, to open a “brick and mortar” storefront with inventory is much more expensive than starting a business from home. You may look at service contracting as an option. This website has a pretty good intro to Federal Contracting:

Good luck!

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