Your Questions About Investing Money

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Thomas asks…

Does anybody know a great book on investing money?

I’ve have no idea about investing or CDs or money accounts, etc. I wanted to know if there is a great book that could teach me how to invest my money and also about all the different types of investments i could do. I wanted a more recent book that was written this year. If anybody knows any books that would teach me all about investing please let me know. Thank you!

financi4 answers:

Subscribe to Moneymagazine, or Forbes Magazine, or Kiplinger magazine. Right now they have specials for $10.00 year subscriptions. They give great investing advise and are up to date. They will discuss stocks, bonds, money markets, mutual funds.

Joseph asks…

On Which Site, I can do virtual trading of shares in India without investing money to validate my picks.?

I would like to to virtual trading on web, without investing real money. I want to check how I am doing with the knowledge I have before investing real money.

financi4 answers:

One of the best one is It gives you virtual 25 lacs rupees in account (portfolio). You can play with live prices, with this money. You do not have give any real money but the prices of shares will be live and real. This game only works between actual market timings of stock market, that is, 9:55 AM to 3:30 PM.

Give it a try, its the best. Morever, they give prizes too if you are a winner (he he in real money of course)

John asks…

How can earn money from internet from home without investing money?

I want to earn money from internet from home without investing money

financi4 answers:

you can make $$$ big money from internet with this programs

Richard asks…

why cant all the rich investing money in IPL do a bit of favour to the country by cleaning the cities?

I know what abt the government? Is that right? Two citites in INDIA are considered as worlds top 20 dirtiest cities. If we can use ome money there without thinkinking about the governement then everyone is going to join you. So whycant the rich investing there excess money in IPL do a little favour to Mother INIDA?

financi4 answers:

It’s not investors job to clean up after other people.

Daniel asks…

Is it possible to make money investing in forex?

i have heard of this company “Forex” where you can invest money in currency exchange, i mean, buying currency from another countries…. does anyone have experience investing in forex or buying currency from another countries to make profit?

financi4 answers:

In everything we do, we earn money because we know how. And to learn how, you should study. More or less 95% of all new traders fail especially in the first 12 mos because they just buzz in the market without really having a no how. If you don´t have enough knowledge, it is more likely that you will lose but if you know what you’re doing and best – experienced with it, then you will most likely win! But it can never be an always win trdes but it’s nice to have a high percentage of a win over lose.

Read some magazines, online news (but beware of any scammers that only links to their affiliate sites), or watch videos from (anywhere). Also, there are a lot of free demo accounts where you can try a trade exactly like a live one (but of course there are a difference between a live and a demo, and one factor is your emotions). I use these:,

after your demo, trial and error experience… See if you earn pips (at least 50 then you can try to go live)…

Good Luck to you.

Btw, here’s a forum, great for beginners:
here’s another one (so you can ask expert traders there for further queries):

William asks…

What kind of information about a business do i need before investing money into it.?

I have a good amount of money saved and i have considered put it towards a building that i will use for an art gallery. Before makeing the leap what kind of information do i need before investing. Start from the beginining cause im new to this.. thanks.
please help me

financi4 answers:

Since you are trying to set up an art gallery, you have to figure out how you plan to make money. One plan is to rent out floor space. The second method is to charge people to see high quality stuff including contact with the artists. The third method is to take a percentage of profit if the art is for sale. The fourth method is to sell how to books, art material and other related items. Obviously you want a good location for foot traffic and a good location is going to cost you.

You will also have to know your art. Poor quality and common art is not going to bring in the money. Did the artist just go to the flea market, buy some Chinese made bowls and is trying to pass them off as his art? You have to know.

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