Your Questions About Investing Money

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Donald asks…

Where can I learn more about the stock market and investing money online?

I’m completely new at this and dont want to get screwed by anyone….I dont have much money as it is,lol

Justin answers:

I know how you feel. I’m in the current process of setting up a website just based on this. So stay tuned.

Basically go around forums asking people. But you will find that there will always be people happy with the service and others not.

It is hard to know whether or not these people are simply plugging their own company posing as neutral people or not.

So in the end, asking people at a conference perhaps may be the best way – as you can tell if they are straight out lying.

Also books can be good too: but I’ve seen some books recently that plug their own products too – without you knowing!

George asks…

I want to start investing money, but where do I begin?

I don’t have any knowledge on investing and am wondering where the best place is to get some beginner information.

Justin answers:

Before you spend $0.01 on any investment, you must know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it. Before you invest in any security, the first investment you should make is in yourself, and the best investment you can make is by educating yourself.

Start your education by learning why you should invest and the importance of being able to make your own decisions or how the pro’s make theirs.
Here is some reading material that can get you started in the right direction,
Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered, by Gallea
From Riches to Rags, by I.C. Freeley
Millionaire Traders, Lein & Schlosberg
How to Make Money in Stocks” by William O’Neil
24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success by William O’Neil
The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham
Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits, by Philip A. Fisher
One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
Stocks for the Long Run, by Jeremy Siegel
The Interpretation of Financial Statements by Benjamin Graham
The Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing by Paul B. Farrell
The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom
Trading for a Living, by Alexander Elder
Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits by Joel Greenblatt.
What Works on Wall Street by James O’Shaunessey
You Can Be a Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt
Your Money and Your Brain by Jason Zweig

Get into the habit of making daily visits to some websites like MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. ( ,

Other website that can provide instructions and help with procedures and terminology are Investopedia –
Visit some of the more professional websites like Zacks Research – Smart Money – Schaeffer’s Some of these web sites will have advertisers who are worth looking into also. And remember, if they offer free information, get it. Or you can meet others who are trading at

Attend all the free seminars you can, just be careful and don’t get pressured into anything you really don’t want or need. Most schools offer courses in finance and economics, but very few will have courses on the mechanics of the investment markets, if they do try taking the course. You may want to consider on-line courses, the New York Institute of Finance use to have such courses. Try to get some fee information from the stocks exchanges they all have (had) free booklets, SIAC and some of the regulators (FINRA SEC MSRB CBOE) may provide some free literature.

And when you think you want to invest/trade, try some paper trading to test your skills without spending you money and/or

You at least have made the right decision to start investing, this is the first big step and it won’t be your last. Keep taking those steps forward and along the way never take the advice from people that are not in the market or try to tell you not to invest.

Good luck on your journey, study hard and you’ll invest well.

Joseph asks…

How can i make money online with out investing any money?

please tell me how can i make money online, with out investing anything, but i have my time to invest online but no money, Help me.

Justin answers:

Try watching some advertising.
Just have a look.
You don’t lose anything.

Paul asks…

How do I begin saving and investing money?

I am 24 college graduate and I just started my first “adult job” where I make 35K per year. I would like to begin saving/investing a part of my paycheck (approximately $400 per month). What do I do first? What sort of accounts (savings, mutual funds, etc.) should I begin looking into?
*that should say “24-year old”

Justin answers:

First of all find out how much you need to live. Could you save a quarter of your paycheck? If you get it diverted by the bank into a savings account so it is never actually available for spending, it will build up into a nice little nest egg and you will still have $300 left for everyday expenses. If you keep track of all your spending, you’ll soon find out if that is enough.

Check out the interest rate your bank (and others) give to regular savers. They may also have advice about other savings options – listen to what they say and then research it yourself online before you make a decision. Banks may give you the hard sell in order to gain commission, but if you compare online, you can check and see what other alternatives would offer you.

John asks…

Is there real data-entry job from home without investing money and is they pay properly ?

I have seen many more to fraud by the fake data-entry company. They openly chet young boys and girls. There are a CD Package about worth 2500/- to 3500/- rupees. They send some work in their e-mail address.After the work they try to avoid to give their payment to show their work fault. They don’t try to training the workers.Because didn’t’ want to give a job, they want admission money for their quick income.

Justin answers:

There is no data entry job which you can get without investing money. First, you must invest in your computer – otherwise how will you do the data entry. Then, even if it is not a fake company – they will want to charge you for training you. Only then you can get that job. Best way is to see if that company has a real physical address and visit them. Don’t go only by e-mails and online transaction for their CDs. When you talk to them, you will come to know if they are real or fraud.

Daniel asks…

I want to start investing my money into a couple of companies. I need advice?

I still in college but I want to start being smart with my money. I dont have a lot to spend. How many shares should I invest in a company. One or Two? Is video game companies a smart invesment? What other hot stocks are out there? Is it smart for me to invest while the nations ecomony is in the crapper?

Justin answers:

You should have given us some idea of the amount you had in mind to invest and for how long you were planning to invest it.

Nintendo has a big hit with the Wii or however you spell it. The company is traded on the pink sheets at about $63.00 a share. Ticker is NTDOY.

There are various philosophies on whether it is smart to invest during recessions. If you can time it right, it is a great time to invest. Buy when everybody else is selling means you can get some juicy bargains. NTDOY is about 15 points under its high. But also about 30 points above its low. One plus is that it is not a U S company.

Now, you need to realize that investing in individual stocks especially only one or two has a great deal of risk associated with it as those who invested in C found out the hard way. The landscape is littered with supposedly great investments that were actually crap.

One of your responders has addressed this and suggested a mutual fund instead. Good advice.

There is a flip side to the coin of course. If you can pick the right one or two stocks you can do very very well. There are many cases every year where certain stocks increas 5 and 10 times in value. They are not easy to find however.

Richard asks…

What Would Be The Best Way To Invest Money For My 7 Year Old Son?

My seven year old son has a savings account with about $300.00 in it. I want to start investing money for him so when he is an adult he will have a nice savings that he can build on. I would like to give him an opportunity to have money to buy a home, for education, for retirement, to reinvest, etc. I’m not quite sure about the stockmarket because it’s not doing very well right now. What about mutual funds or an IRA account?

Justin answers:

You can’t open an IRA for him unless he has earned income (you can hire him as an employee to meet the requirements for base income required as long as you document the compensation):

You can open a custodial account for him with a brokerage firm and invest in a mutual fund (even a basic money fund may pay more in interest than your standard savings account) – the minimums for a custodial account are generally far less than standard accounts – and you can start an automatic draft to invest every month.

You can open a 529 college savings plan:

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