Your Questions About Investing Money

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Steven asks…

investing money on other countries and their business?

i remember in my sociology class a professor of mine mention and showed us online a website in which you can invest your money (like a couple hundred bucks) on other people from other countries in which they start their own business. Once their business gets going and everything you get repaid. I remember the company started somewhere around San Francisco too, does anybody know what I am talking about?

financi4 answers:

Yeah, ive hear about it, its like but international.

I thinks its Kiva, there might another one with a Z.

May not be the best investment, but the intention is in the right.

Robert asks…

What are the best ways of investing money and getting high yield returns?

I need a certain amount of money monthly in order to pay my bills. I don’t feel right leaving a large amount in my checking acct. as it does nothing for me. Other than sit there. If anyone has any ideas for me, I’d appreciate the input. Thank you.

financi4 answers:

Don’t go for stocks. Since the stock market is not going so well, overseas investments would be the best choice.

Starting a small business would be the way to go if you have time.
Alternatively try to invest in someones business. You may receive up to 20% guaranteed interest a year. You will not get such high guaranteed returns on stocks, mutual funds, bonds or CD’s.
If you invest $10,000 at 20% annual interest rate, you will get back $12,000 in 1 year. I run my own business and my net profit is over 5% a month.

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Best of luck!

John asks…

I want to start investing money, who should I go through?

Im 24 and I can afford to put away roughly one hundred dollars a week (400 a month). I want to start investing in stocks and mutual funds. Im not looking to get rich fast, but rather sit on some funds for a long time and let them grow. Who should I go through to do this? What is the best value for the trades, etc?

financi4 answers:

I would look at one of the large mutual fund companies: Fidelity, Vanguard, and/or TR Price. They have many mutual funds, and you can even buy the occasional stock. Just depends on how or what you want to invest in.

George asks…

How can one starts a business without investing money?

I have a friend who wants to put up a piggery. His plan set up is really very good and the project is feasible. Now, he cannnot commence to operate because he has no money to start with.

financi4 answers:

Secure a loan by establishing a business plan and taking that to a representative of an institution that specialises in providing venture capital. Oink.

David asks…

Would investing money in the market right now be as effective as playing at the casino?

The stock market is really crappy right now. Which has the better odds of making some money?

financi4 answers:

You have it upside down. (Like so many others!)

Unless you sincerely believe the whole “stock market” idea has come to an end, NOW is when you should be BUYING…

If you are saving up cans of tuna fish* to eat when you retire, and they have risen in “value” (or cost) an average of 10% a year for 200 years, if they fall 30% in one year, which is smarter, selling all the cans you have? Or buying a bunch of extra cans while they are “on sale”?

Sensible long-term investors WANT a “crappy” market, it’s a buying opportunity!

James asks…

Main points to talk about in a paragraph about investing your money wisely?

Essay is about “how to build wealth”. I want to do one paragraph on investing your money wisely. What are some main points I could talk about?

financi4 answers:

Research carefully before investing. Understand how investment vehicles work.

There are various ones: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc. Each has its own peculiar behaviors.

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