Your Questions About Investing In Silver

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Chris asks…

Can someone explain the basics of silver investing?

Hey everyone! I am new to the world of investing and I decided to start investing in silver. I know how to follow prices and about the gamble it is, but I need to learn the basics. For example terms, where to buy silver, and where to sell it. Anything you think I should know, could you please tell me?


financi4 answers:

Buy low, sell high…those are the basics. I’m gonna buy in September personally…but that’s just because I get my money then….right now I’m trying to sell what I have.
Http:// is a great place to check prices(both historic and current)

go with the rounds(like maple leaves, sunshine, american eagles etc)….but watch out, they are generally way over priced. I deal a lot in old american quarters and half dollars…sometimes the morgan dollars or liberties…but yeah, it’s honestly up to you…the old quarters, halves, and dollars 1964 and before are 90% silver and can still be found in circulation(although rare). Good luck with the silver investing!

Richard asks…

Can you help me with Investing in Silver?

Hey, I bought some .999 fine silver art bars on ebay for under the spot price of $14.00 If I sell it back on ebay for more than what I bought them for wouldn’t I profit? I bought them for $4.00-$7.00 dollars. I bought 4 of the bars. What should I do to make a profit? Im new to this silver investing thing.

financi4 answers:

What you are doing is not investing, it’s dabbling. Did you bother to find out what it will cost you to SHIP a bar of silver?? Real investors buy on commodity exchanges; they do not warehouse stuff.

Steven asks…

What do you think about investing in silver?

What do you think about investing in silver? Is it a good investment?

financi4 answers:

I HIGHLY recommend investing in silver. I invest in silver myself for various reasons.

1) It is currently selling for a very cheap price relative to gold. (Research online the gold/silver ratio)
2) It has many industrial uses (check out
3) It is a great way to protect your wealth in times of uncertainty, especially from the ever-inflating fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar
4) China is asking their citizens to divest themselves from the U.S. Dollar and instead buy gold and silver.
5) There is barely enough silver today being mined to keep up with world demand. (Again, check out
6) Silver will increase in value whether the economy goes up or down. It will increase in value if the economy goes down because people will want to own a secure asset, and silver is such. It will also increase if the economy goes up because industrial demand will drive silver prices up.
7) My most favorite reason, the U.S. Government (or any other government for that matter) can’t “print” gold and silver out of thin air 🙂

There are many reputable silver dealers online. The most reputable company is I purchased a lot of gold and silver bullion from them and was very satisfied with all of my orders. There are also a ton of videos on YouTube that talk about the benefits of owning silver. Search for silver on YouTube and you’ll be amazed at all the information that’s out there.


EDIT: Sorry, I just read what Warren534 wrote and decided to expand on my answer. If you want to invest in silver, do yourself a favor and invest in REAL physical silver, NOT “paper” silver like silver futures or ETFs. That’s all a scam. I’ve been following the silver market for years and can attest to the fact that there have been many times where the “paper” price of silver (the spot price) is completely irrelevant to what the real price of physical silver is selling for. For example, last year there was a time that “silver shorts” (like Warren534 below) drove the paper/spot price of silver to about $8-$9 an ounce. However, you were lucky if you could actually buy physical silver for less than $12/ounce. Physical dealers were sucked dry of their supplies and were forced to raise prices. There is BLATANT manipulation going on in the “paper silver” market, and many videos on YouTube cover this. Invest in REAL, PHYSICAL silver. Avoid fake/paper silver AT ALL COSTS!

Ken asks…

investing in silver stock market help?

Can I invest Silver ,(commodities) with chase, how?

financi4 answers:

Open a brokerage account with Chase, and buy the SLV etf. Tho I think your a little late to the silver party.

Joseph asks…

Is Investing in Silver a good idea right now?

I have a little money put aside? Which would be best with the current market? Save as emergency cash, invest in medals as silver, or invest in stocks. I know I can lose it all and that is ok. However, I also don’t have enough money to diversify at the moment, so I could only pick one, and diversify later once I get some more cash built up.

financi4 answers:

Silver is in an up trend at the moment:

Since reaching a peak on the 5th of March last year it then dropped during the financial crisis (price is in US dollars per ounce). Not quite as low as it was a couple of years ago but as low as it has gone in recent times. It has since risen very steeply. I don’t follow silver so can’t comment on it’s current sharp increase. Will probably keep going up in the short term.

Investing in stocks is very good at the moment because of the financial crisis. Many stocks all around the world have plummeted so you can pick up some excellent bargains. Then as the economy recovers they will tend to increase dramatically. You do need to watch the company and make sure it is still doing ok despite the downturn, ie I wouldn’t invest in car companies! I can’t suggest particular companies since it depends on where you are in the world and what markets you have access too.

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