Your Questions About Investing In Silver

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Charles asks…

Is silver a good investment for a 5 year investment?

I would like to invest in silver now and sell in 5 years. Is this a good investment strategy?
Should I wait to see if silver will drop to $29 or just buy now? What do you think will be the lowest silver price in this year of 2012?
Joey: Your answer is clever, true and humorous, but taking all your comments very seriously. Thanks for contributing everyone.

Justin answers:

So silver has been dropping steadily for 900 years. Seems like a good long term investment to me.

Steven asks…

What are some best projections of silver?

I have 1.2 grand sitting around i would like to invest in silver, it is downward spiral but i’m hoping if i buy low it will go back up

Justin answers:

Long term, I think silver is a better investment than gold. Silver is a valuable metal, especially in the consumer electronics industry.

It is around $30 an ounce. However, I still think it has a chance to move between $35-$40. It will largely move with gold.

Thomas asks…

What’s a good physical product to invest in?

I invest in silver coins because I like having my money allocated in some sort of physical medium that I can do whatever I want with. Hence, I don’t like the stock market, not only because it’s risky but because it’s nothing but a bunch of numbers and data and stuff. So what’s something I can buy for relatively cheap now that I can likely sell for profit years down the road? Obviously things like electronics, clothing, etc. won’t do, but do you have any ideas?

Justin answers:

Look through some projects listed on various crowdfunding sites. There are many duds, but also a lot of diamonds in the rough. You get hooked on with something big and undiscovered, and you make a fortune.

Mark asks…

What american silver coins should I collect?

my dad keeps telling to collect and invest in silver coins. So I’m starting to buy silver!

P.S i’m starting out spending small THEN spending BIG.

Justin answers:

Realistically the only place you’re going to buy silver coins from would be a coin shop. But coin shops have overhead and mark up their coins by a lot. What I would do If I was you is go down to the bank and buy quarter, dime and nickel rolls and look for coins before 1965. Before that time all U.S. Silver coins were about 90% silver.
Here’s the general silver prices of the coins you’ll find

Quarter before 1965: $6 each
Dime before 1965: $1.80 each
Nickel Before 1965: $2.50 each

Happy Hunting

Ken asks…

Is it a good time to invest in physical silver?

Is it a good time to invest in physical silver?

Justin answers:

Yes, it is probably they best time right now. Although gold seems like a better commodity, silver is more affordable.

Joseph asks…

How should I prepare for the complete collapse of the economy in America?

I realize what’s going on with the economy and the government and there is no way they can keep up the facade like everything is fine for too much longer. I’m just wondering what suggestions you had for when our dollars become worthless. Should I invest in silver? If so how can I go about doing that? I’d just like to be as prepared as I can be when everything goes downhill. Thanks for your input.

Justin answers:

Send me all of your cash and valuables, so that I can store them for you.

Donald asks…

What’s is the best way to invest in silver and what shares or company’s would you recommend?

I want to invest $5,000 to $10,000 but i do not know where to invest or better yet who to trust. Don’t
mean to be so cynically with the latter question. Just trying to find some reputable dealers. Eagerly waiting for you reply.

Justin answers:

You can invest in physical silver or silver mining stocks. Personally, I invest in both.

Physical Silver: These come in the forms of coins, bars, and bullions. When investing in coins, avoid numismatics because the dealers will overcharge on premiums. You want to buy 0.999 fine or investment grade silver. I highly recommend American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) as they’re regarded as one of the most reputable online dealers. I buy all of my physical silver from them.

Silver Mining Stocks: SLW, PAAS, SVM, CDE, HL, EXK, SSRI, SIL. I hold several of these stocks and they’ve made impressive gains over the past few months. Just look them up.

Silver ETF: SLV
This is an exchange traded fund that keeps pace with the per oz price of silver. I don’t own any shares but it’s worth taking a look at.

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