Your Questions About Investing In Silver

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Donald asks…

Suggestions for Investing in silver?

Is investing in Silver good option

What is the future scope and growth for silver as compared to gold? Help Please

financi4 answers:

If you can see the trend for the past 2 decades, the silver rates have been on constant increase. Many industries located all over the world use silver as a major component in manufacturing variety of products such as solar, microchip, and etc.

For me, I think silver is the best option for investment, cause at least silver is quite affordable as compared to gold 😛

Personally,I more recommend in physical silver, and not “Paper” (ETF’s, etc)

If you want to diversify, you may look into Gold & Platinum, they do good as well.
However, silver will provide the Best ROI ^_^

Hope that Helps.

Thomas asks…

is it worth investing in silver?

Also, if i purchase bars and am in good standing with my bank, will they allow me to keep it in the safe/vault? or should i get a home safe/vault or what do you suggest

financi4 answers:

YES!!! Watch the following videos to understand silver

I personally have a home vault It is a standard gun safe. It stands over 5 foot tall and loaded with all silver gold guns etc it weighs over 1000 lbs. You can keep gold and silver in a bank safe deposit box but there are risks to that. If you do opt to keep in a safe deposit box do it in a local bank not the large major national banks like Bank of America. Watch this video to understand whhy not to keep it in a major bank such as B of A. Http://

I personally only buy Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Coins are best as they are government backed.

James asks…

What is the big hype about buying silver all of a sudden?

Why has China jumped on the bandwagon so readily? Should we really be investing in silver while it costs peanuts?

financi4 answers:

Everyone should invest in precious metals, as our world economy gets worse and worse (which it will, we haven’t even seen the beginning of it), the only thing that will hold any value is precious metals, silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc. They will never de-value, so if you can buy up everything you find, that’s why you see all those commercials on TV for people wanting to buy your gold and give you cash.

Chris asks…

Investing in silver coins?

What type of silver coins should I invest in and where is the best place to buy them online? Thanks!

financi4 answers:

No idea, but if you find out please let me know.

David asks…

How much silver should I buy?

I’ve been looking around the internet and have found a bunch of different opinions on this. I would like to start investing in silver but I am not sure how much to start out with. I can’t buy some every paycheck since I am only fourteen. Currently I have about six hundred dollars and was thinking of buying about three hundred dollars worth of silver, but I wanted some other opinions. Thank you!

financi4 answers:

At your age & for the amount of money you are planning on investing, I wouldn’t put my money in commodities (silver). If your employer offers a 401K plan w/a match, you should definitely put some money into one of the available options for that plan. Usually they’ll offer some mutual funds, index funds, or stock in their own company. Since they’ll match w/company stock, plan on investing in something else. There are funds that track silver & gold prices, you could also look into that.

Charles asks…

Is there any way to purchase newly minted silver dollar coins at a discounted dealer mark-up?

I’m a novice at investing in silver coins. Coin dealers are claiming a $1.50 fee per coin and it doesn’t matter if I buy one or a hundred or more…the fee is still the same. I’m interested in about a hundred and I feel that a $1.50 dealer fee per coin for that many coins is a little steep. How can I get a better rate?

financi4 answers:

Call the federal reserve

Paul asks…

is investing in silver good and why ?

with the price of gold this high i think people will shift towards investing in silver … am i wrong ?

financi4 answers:

Yes – you are wrong. You are thinking that all the idiots who come on YA and say they just bought 8 ounces of silver have anything to do with the price of silver and gold. Pricing of both is done by big players who buy 50,000 oz of gold at a time or 1,000,000 oz of silver.

I’m not doing this for you but it’s not at all hard to run numbers to check the “elasticity” argument you gave. I haven’t and won’t do it but would bet very huge that there is no elasticity between them.

Robert asks…

Investing in silver and copper?

is it worth investing into and how much longer do I have to invest into it before the price increases too much?

financi4 answers:

If you invest in gold or silver, you can take physical delivery of the commodity. But if you invest in copper which is traded in many tons of this metal on each contract, then from a practical standpoint you can only buy futures contract and sell your contract before its expiration/delivery date.

I believe copper will gain more or lose less than silver will percentage wise in the next 12-36 months.

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