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William asks…

Hi i need to know how many work permits can be issued under EB5 visa after recruiting 10 US residents.?

I am setting up a Restaurant in California State after investing an amount $500,000 on a LLC Basis( Legal things will be done with the help of a US Attorney). According to the visa we need to employ or provide job to at least 10 US citizens. Since the setup is a restaurant we need to have chefs from our own country who can cook dishes from INDIA for which we cant hire an american. But for other jobs we can hire them for example Waiter or Waitress , Bartenders etc.

My basic question is it is a family owned business in INDIA and we have our own team of workers who have expertise in cooking. And we are more interested in hiring them to our new setup in the US. On that basis i want to know how many work permits can be issued under EB5 which can be given to the core people of this business.

Please explain in detail or if you have any doubts about this question feel free to ask me.

Justin answers:

You definitely can’t bring any foreign workers directly under your own EB-5 status. So, as noted, either you’ll have to bring them in some other way, or hire locally. Of course, hiring locally was always the intent of the EB-5 program anyway. And you only get a conditional 2 year green card until you prove to USCIS that that is exactly what you’re doing.

George asks…

What do I wear to work?? Help!?

I am a restaurant manager for an upscale casual restaurant in florida. The restaurant is on an island, so the feel is islandy and casual, but its also a very upscale community and everyone is very well dressed. In my recent review at work, my boss told me (gently) that I need to take a good hard look at my wordrobe. Apparently I’m dressing like its the off season up north, and not like a professional woman of authority in a busy restaurant in SW Florida.

I desperately need help figuring this out. I am 24 years old, and people comment all the time that I look too young. I know I’m not dressing polished or professional enough but I dont know where to turn for help. I know I dont look terrible at work, I just dont command the authority that I want to. My boss said the same thing. I look more like a nicely dressed hostess than a manager.

What should I do? I want someone to help me with buying some things for work. I have 2 suits, but suits are a little too formal for my restaurant. Where do I shop? Where do I get advice on this? Its not like I have a ton of money to spend but I am willing to invest in some perfect peices for work so I can get this promotion I’m after, and just show them I was listening in general.


Justin answers:

You should wear a pink t shirt and an orange pants

seriously you should ask your boss

John asks…

Accelerated Algebra 2 Question: Setting up Systems of Equations?

This is really frustrating for me because I understood accelerated geometry very well last year and now I’m confused =[. I understand the basics of systems, but I need some help on some story problems. Once I have the systems, I can solve them. Here is what I need help on:

1) Beth has saved $4,500. She would like to earn $250 per year by investing her money. She received advice about two different investments: a low-risk investment that pays a 5% annual interest and a high-risk investment that pays 9% annual interest. How much should Beth invest in each type of investment to earn her annual goal? How much should Beth invest in each type of investment if she wishes to earn $325 per year?

2) One unit of whole-wheat flour has 13.6 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fat. One unit of whole milk has 3.4 grams of protein and 3.7 grams of fat. Write a system of equations that can be used to find the number of units of whole-wheat flour and the number of units of whole milk that must be mixed to make a dough that has 75 grams of protein and 15 grams of fat. Solve the system and give the number of units, to the nearest tenth, of flour and of milk in the dough.

3) When Dale baby-sat for 8 hours and worked at a restaurant for 3 hours, he made a total of $58. When he baby-sat for 2 hours and worked at a restaurant for 5 hours, he made a total of $40. How much does Dale get paid for each type of work?

Justin answers:

X = Amount invested in 5%
Y = Amount invested in 9%

X+Y = 4500 ———————————————1) total sum
X*5/100 +Y*9/100 = 250
5X+9Y = 25000 —————————————-2) interest

5X+9Y = 32500 —————————————–3) for 325 interest
X = Wheat
Y = Milk
13.6X+3.4Y = 75 —————————1) Protein
2.5X+3.7Y = 15 ————————————2) Fat

X hrs —-Baby sitting
Y hrs —- Restaurant
8X+3Y = 58
2X+5Y = 40

Ken asks…

My Husband Refuses to Leave.?

Been married 5 years and invested a total of 9 years. My husband is the type that has never taken care of his part of the bills, ruined our family restaurant, and had me buy (in name and with money I had saved before him) our homes. Prior to our restaurant, he never worked full time. I am the one who had to work and pay all the bills.

I told him how unhappy I was, we went to counseling (he stopped), and I left the relationship. He will not budge from moving out of my home, what can I do?

To make matters worse, I had to move out of state to get the point across to him, and he is still looking for me a job, not himself!
LOL! I only wish this was a sitcom, then at least I would be benefiting from it. LMAO!

Justin answers:

I’m not sure what your question is, but……..

How many ways can you spell Loser. He doesn’t want to give up the Free Ride.

Your only option is a court order from a judge that makes him move out. This shouldn’t be very difficult and can usually be done without a lawyer in any family court.

Good Luck.

Steven asks…

How does one get to run hotels and restaurants?

If I wanted to run green luxury hotels, for example and nice exotic restaurants..
I’ve heard people say that one should major in hospitality management or hotel management.
But also that finance is a good alternative.
I’ve also heard that one does not need a degree at all because I would be hiring people with those degrees–and that I simply need a lot of money either inherited or invested.

I would also like to know what I can start doing, as of now and as a Senior in high school, to make this possible. What majors should I consider. What should I be reading up on, what could I be learning? Any suggestions whatsoever…

Right now, I’m looking for an internship at a hotel nearby that I can work at throughout my senior year.
I would be president and CEO

Justin answers:

I would suggest a combination hospitality/culinary arts degree. Check out a school called Johnson & Wales. They have four campuses…Charlotte, NC, Providence, RI Denver, CO and North Miami, FL. Im not sure, but i think Le Cordon Bleu has the same kind of thing. They have campuses all over, and teach mostly the french technique.
Im sure theres other schools with the same kind of degree, but i know this one because its where i want to go.

To Jessie<3…, hospitality is how you get into running a hotel. Of course, you do have to work your way up, but school DOES help. You dont have to work your way up all the way from the bottom if you go for hospitality.

Donald asks…

How do you think about this business ? and where i can fine market ?

i have to decited to open new line of business , because it not use alot of monney for invest .and can help some poor people to have work .it’s Art hand Embroider , my plan is i will focus to wedding center and goverment made by order , because this work is mean do same your photo but made by hand only . we will see it as your photo but will stay with you forever . and in same time i’ll made to support to hotel . i’ll mad a set of tablecloth, napkin for restaurant i’ll try to made nice design and or vcan made by they order . how do you think about my idia ? i’m so confues will work or not . sorry my english so bad try to understand pls i need some help .

Justin answers:

Please contact someone who is fluent in English because your questions in not legible.

Thomas asks…

name one business that can b pursued all here round in a tourist destination like goa -india..?

businesses like small restaurants,cafe,etc etc works only in the tourist months but once it starts raining out there all the restaurants close down n its more like a ghost town …what abt a wedding planner???will it work in goa ??i havea planb to have everything done that is right from the wedding venue untill the catering n flower arrangement etc etc …is it a good idea to invest in a business at such a place??will it b successful??i will b working along with my fiance who is working in a hospitality industry ..
will it require a lot of manpower??what do u think will the aproximate budget 4 a business like this???

Justin answers:

You expect people from all over to come to Goa to get married. That wont happen for sometime. Goa is the tourist, drinking, partying destination. Not the marriage place. Every single tourist destination has this problem of seasons. You need to face it and learn work very hard for 8 months, and go to bombay or to Rajastan the other 2-3-4 months.

Michael asks…

Does anyone know a lender or investor that can help me with a start up loan with no resources and bad credit?

I do have my business plan. I got help with it from a member of SCORE from the SBA. I am trying to build a restaurant. Yes it is new. A building has come up for sale that would work to become established. I do not have the money to invest of my own. I need either a 100% start up loan or a combination of loans. A private investor or even a co-signer for future pay on considered investment. I don’t how this could be done. I have some ideas but getting a lender to them is another story. If I could come up with some money, I might be able to get the owner to carry a portion. The building is on a 21,166 Sq. Ft. Paved corner lot. The building is a free standing 3,028 Sq Ft. Structure built in 1973. Yearly taxes are $5,315.00. It is anchored. Price $415,000.00. I am trying to get a $500,000.00 loan to remodel, equip, stock and get the place open with operating capital and a very small cushion to start making repayment. I do have experience in this as well as Management exp. from previous.

Justin answers:

I think your time would be best earning money and repairing credit for now. Not bank is going to finance you 100%, and a personal investor is going to want some collateral. Put yourself you their shoes, would you invest in a company the owner has not stake in himself? Especially a risky small business like a restaraunt?

I am in the same position as you are, and I have about 40K left to go before I can launch. Instead of wasting time trying to start now, spend the next couple months working as hard as you can to gain capital to invest. Not only will you have money to invest, potential investors will take your initaitive into consideration as well.

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