Your Questions About Investing In Real Estate

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Steven asks…

Would a minor in finance help me in the field of Real Estate Investing?

I am a criminal justice major at my college but I plan on getting involved in real estate investing as well. I have taken courses from the Trump institute and the Robert Allen institute. I was wondering if a minor in finance would help me in this field? The courses are intro and intermediate microeconomic analysis and intro and intermediate macroeconomic analysis. Then intro to investing, and then real estate investing. Is that all really worth my while or is it just going to be a waste of time? Could I find enough information on investing elsewhere?

financi4 answers:

You can never be over educated. I started of with degrees in th efood industries, then got a degree in communications. I never used the forr degree (I had 1 job for 6 weeks and found out I hated it) I am now a mortgage consultant for a bank.

What if you get hurt in the line of duty or you find out you hate what do you have to fall back on. In this buyers market, buying real eatate is a great way to invest.

Ken asks…

what points are kept in mind before investing Real Estate business?

Any one tell me what is the best area in investing point of view ???
Experts are welcome to gives his best opinions.

financi4 answers:

One thing you need to consider when investing to a real estate business is the location. If you are looking for a real estate to invest with that will gain you higher yield in the future, look for a place that is growth potential and job opportunity. Another thing is if you are new to real estate business you will need a partner that can be trusted and has the experience and reference in this business. You may check this video regarding a guy from Australia talks about US property investment.
It can give you tips and ideas on how to invest on real estate.

Chris asks…

What should we name our new real estate investing business?

My wife and I are starting a real estate investing business in Colorado and have no idea what to use for a business name. We live in Castle Rock, but will be investing in and outside of Colorado. We consider ourselves professional real estate investors and want to no only invest for our future success but want to help others. Any thoughts?

financi4 answers:

Because you say you are also doing this in a way to help others, I would possibly choose
Second chance investing/or investment

Second chance realty

Richard asks…

what are the positives and negatives on investing in Real Estate?

– Can you give a specific examples how investing in Real Estate can be helpful?
– Can you give a specific examples how investing in Real Estate can be harmful?
Please give me many points (more than 10)
Thank you

financi4 answers:

Real Estate is one of the few investments where you have some control over the value. You can’t go add value to a stock (maybe if you’re an employee, but not likely), but you can paint a house, update appliances, landscape, etc. To improve it’s value. It’s hard to insure a stock, but you can do that with real estate to protect your investment.

Another positive is that you can make money with real estate even if there is no appreciation and no equity. What?!!?!? Yep – it can be done. Think lease options.

You can depreciate real estate investments/rental properties and offset income from an employer or other businesses when filing taxes to reduce your tax liability. Do this by deducting expenses & depreciation.

You can defer taxes indefinitely in theory by using tax-deferred exchanges. You can invest in real estate using tax-exempt/deferred accounts like IRAs and reduce tax liability or eliminate it entirely.

You can make money on the front-end and the back-end with real estate by creating a good deal so you profit when selling or flipping it, and then also by carrying paper (holding a mortgage) and collecting additional interest, on a property you don’t even own anymore.

You can even make money in real estate without any money of your own, or next to nothing. It’s often overhyped, but it’s possible…

Drawbacks – if you hold real estate it’s not very liquid so you can’t “cash out” quickly. You can be exposed to liability that you wouldn’t have with other types of investments, meaning if a tenant gets injured due to accidental negligence, you’re still liable as the owner.

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