Your Questions About Investing In Real Estate

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Charles asks…

I want to know how to get money to invest in real estate?

I want to invest in real estate. Anyone know any ways on how to get the money to do it. I got a grant but that was only 3400 dollars. I read on some of the questions already asked and found out that banks have programs for ppl with bad credit and some other stuff like that is what Im looking for?

Justin answers:

For that amount of money, it is best that you invest in REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust. It is kind of like a mutual fund but instead of owning a portfolio of stocks, REIT owns a portfolio of commercial properties.

Best wishes.

Donald asks…

What is the best place to invest in real estate in Canada?

What areas are the hottest to invest in real estate?
I’d like to know about areas that were once up, but are now down in prices and good deals can be found.
Also areas that are up and coming but not yet been taken over by mass investors.

Justin answers:

Toronto – downtown
Vancouver –
Halifax –

James asks…

Where can I read about the different ways to invest in Real Estate?

Hey, I’m looking to eventually invest in Real Estate.

But for now- I just want to read about the different ways to invest first.
Then from there see which ones interest me, and make plans from there.

Any ideas?

Can anyone recommend any good books? (In General.)
I mean any good books on Real Estate in General.

Any good websites?

Anything at all! Please let me know.

Thank you!

Justin answers:

The legalities in Canada are only slightly different as the agents are licensed by
the state or by the NAR.

Read about RE at the library–its how most of us do it

William asks…

What do i have to major for in college to be able to invest in real estate ?

Hello, everyone i appreciate all the support by the way, I heard that 99% percent of wealth comes from people who invest in realestate. Now if i wanted to do that as a career, what do i have to major in for college ?

Justin answers:

Real estate is part the finance department in most schools.

Chris asks…

How do I invest in real estate if I had a foreclosure in the past?

I had a condo in Vegas that got foreclosed on a year ago. How do I invest in real estate with this on my record? I have about a 30% cash down payment for the properties I’ve been looking at.

Justin answers:

30% isn’t 100%. You will need financing. And if you don’t qualify, then you don’t qualify.

John asks…

What is the possibilities for an Indian immigrant to invest in real estate projects in India?

Is there any legal problem for an Indian immigrant who has acquired American citizenship to invest in real estate projects in India? What is the legal fallout?

Justin answers:

Any NRI trying to look at the market should first look at which segment he wants to get into like residential, retail or office base. They should consult legal firms, real estate firms and study the market. Several times in the past, when they took advice from relatives and friends they burnt their fingers. While the real estate market is booming at present one still needs to be cautious and go for professional advice. Besides it should be for long-term, which is important. Hope it will work. Visit fo more information.

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