Your Questions About Investing In Rare Guitars

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William asks…

what would be the best vinyls to invest in?

i have £150 and would like to invest in a few vinyls what are the best ones to invest in?
im 16 and would like to keep them intill im old

Justin answers:

While there are a few rare Beatle records, generally they sold zillions of records, they are not scarce.

Buy 60’s garage bands on small unknown record labels.
Stuff with lots of screaming and fuzz guitar.

Chris asks…

How do I put a strap button on the neck of my acoustic guitar correctly?

Because when I tied the strap to the headstock, it makes it more difficult to use my capo on the 1st and second fret

Justin answers:

Too easy! Just take a couple of small bottles of beer to a carpenter, get a lend of his hand-drill, (and give him a drink..).
– Choose a ROUND-headed screw -then choose the appropriate ‘drill BIT’..
From there.. You can install the ‘bundat’ / Fat-Screw where-ever you like -in the ‘heel’ of the neck: the portion CLOSEST to the body-of the instrument.

I did such on a 1969 model, (un-played!) Italian “Eko” : a beautifull, ultra-deep-toned, Mahogany-sided, real Spruce-fronted heavy guitar
-one with an unusually wide-but-curved, frett-board/neck..
They were at least as wide -on the neck- as an up-market Amerikano Guild..
(‘coz they occassionally appeared as Twelve-stringers,
-hence, the greater Width.. -‘Mighty fine’, .. IF you’re a big Aussie, or an American!)

P.S: IF you are into electric guitars and love Stratocasters.. Yet you have small mahin / delicate fingers (un-like an Aussie, like ME !), seek out a narrow-necked, “Bonnie Rait” Strat.
-(And have a real good listen to her Traditional ‘Country Girl’ music.. -probably out of Bakersfield, Cal., -rather-than, the ‘Nashville-sound )-of Tennersee..

Now if you’re really into accoustic guitars.. Seek-out almost ANY JAPANESE-MADE “Takamine”
-but insist on Japanese! -NOT ‘Made-in-Taiwan’ : No! If you’re onto ‘a few’, go for the Takamine that has [some] turquoise-inlay..
-Navajo-style- in the frett-board, rather than (the usual) capiz-shell ‘marker-dots’.
These slightly rare, smaller bodied ’90’s accoustic guitars -REALLY look “a million Pesos” -’round the neck of ANY Filipino guitarist! But, the SOUND! -Oh, WoW! Do it if ya’ possibly CAN !

A Takamine that IS made-in-Nippon may even be of rare Rose-wood.. (yet, myself I always go for Mahogany -for ‘sound’ reasons; and just NEVER, ‘Maple’-wood: NEVER!
-as used in those ultra-heavy, and.. Short-scaled, “Les Paul”-solids that have NO TWANG.. !)

If you crave “Twang” : The sound of “The Tennersee Two”
-and other ‘cowboys’.. Then invest in a genuine Fender-Telecaster “bridge”-pick-up -or a “Dimazio” pick-up: ‘FOR a Telecaster’..
Then, when you fit it in the ‘bridge position’, of your .. Look-a-like Telecaster-copy, be sure to CROSS THE WIRES:
Yes! ‘Wire’ it : “out-of-phase”: (believe me! Sounds like.. . Heaven!)

John asks…

How Do I Fix/help my Tone deaf?

Im tone deaf. I cant help it. But i need to fix it. Is there anything i can do to help it?

I’m in my church choir and i need help! (here’s my youth choir

Thanks everyone!

Justin answers:

Real tone deafness means you have a dysfunction in your brain. This is really really really rare, so don’t go there.
If you have trouble staying in tune, then it means you need to invest more time and energy listening and repeating tones so that you become aware of how they rattle around in your head, and how you can let them come out of your mouth again. ( people who are music majors in college actually have to take ear training classes to further these skills, so I’m not making this up)
You’re going to need at least 1/2 hour a day, and a piano, a real one, not electric. Or a guitar, again, not electric.
Sit and play a note, feel the vibrations and resonance coming off the wooden shell, first with your hand, then, with your head on the instrument. ( It’s a little more difficult with a guitar at this point)
When you think you can feel the tone with your hand/head, then you can try singing it. You want to match it exactly. You need absolute quiet( no friends) and absolute concentration ( no plunk,hum,plunk,hum) Pick notes that are somewhat farther apart on the keyboard to begin with. Neighboring tones come later.
Half-hour a day for about a month, you’ll start to notice that you hear-feel more rapidly, and are able to stay with the note longer.
The next step is staying in your own voice part while singing with the choir. Again, this is based on how you sense the notes you are supposed to sing, and how aware you are of them. If you let yourself drift off mentally, you will not be able to stay on your part.
This, too can be helped somewhat by sitting alone at the piano. Play a note that say the sopranos sing, and you sing your note against it.
Then play your note and make sure it matches that of the piano. It’ll take a while to go through every note that are supposed to sing, but this much concentration pays off in a short time.

Michael asks…

are these electric guitars any good?

i have an acoustic guitar but want to play an electric..Are these any good and should i get a beginner pack with an amp and guitar or an electric guitar and an amp separate?………

if these arent good find me some on ebay or something?


Justin answers:

While buying a guitar on ebay is not ideal, I’m going to have to disagree.

Especially for a beginning player. Even if he/she can go try it in person, they’re not going to know what to look for in a guitar anyway. Assuming you buy from a reputable guitar seller on ebay (make sure that’s what they specialize in), with lots of reviews, you’re going to get a playable instrument.

For a player’s first few years, any crappy axe will do just fine. Especially if you spend $40 to have a local shop set it up as good as possible for you.

I also have to disagree about beginner packs. They’re not made for you, samantha. They’re made for beginners.
A beginning guitar player doesn’t need a great amp. You just need something so you can hear your playing.

The WHOLE IDEA, is that you have minimal investment ($200 or less) to try it out and see if it’s your cup of tea. If it is, that’s great! After a year or two of playing, offload the thing on craigslist and upgrade your gear. But it’s INCREDIBLY risky for beginning player to invest $500 or more in gear they’re 80% likely to use for a month and give up.

Now to the original poster, if you’ve been playing for more than a year and are sure you’re going to stick with it… That’s another story. Then you should post your budget, along with styles of guitars you like and ask for recommendations for specific, reliable instruments in that range.

Hope this helps.

And yea, the links are dead.

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