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George asks…

Is investment in Jomtien (thailand) condos among very good investment options in Asia ?

I am exploring investment in Jomtien (Pattaya, Thailand) condos. I like to know if Jomtien is possibly among the very good real estate investment destination and can i expect 30% appreciation per annum. I hear them some of the Thailand’s highest towers are being built in jomtien beach. I would like someone to also list top 3-4 condos schemes for investment in 2008, and some websites that give comparison of multiple schemes and most updated information.

Justin answers:

In India there are lot of opportunities where you can invest your money ,if you are sincere please just drop a line,
I shall be here to reply your queries

Ken asks…

Which is best beach for shalllow water snorkeling in Pattaya?

Are there other water sport activities available for kids?

Justin answers:

Having had the pleasure to have worked in both Phuket and Pattaya, I would agree that the beaches and the water are much cleaner in the Island known as the ‘Jewel in the Andaman Sea’. However, the question directly asked about the beaches for snorkeling in the eastern seaboard resort of Pattaya.

The islands close to Pattaya generally do suffer from boat traffic, jet-skis and poor water clarity. This can be frustrating & annoying at best and particularly dangerous at worst. Even the popular island of Koh Larn is plagued by jet-skis and speed boats, which show very little consideration for anyone else enjoying the warm tropical waters around the Pattaya islands. There have been serious incidents in the past and it’s remains a mystery to me why there have been no obvious improvements since these tragedies.

My suggestion as a very experienced scuba diving instructor for more than ten years is to find a snorkeling company that will invest a tiny bit more time and fuel costs to travel to the far islands of Koh Rin or Koh Phai. There is almost ‘zero’ boat traffic and the jet-skis can’t normally get that far without refuelling. It takes about 90 minutes boat journey to get to these outer islands but the water is much cleaner and the aquatic marine life thrives better. I’ve personally seen turtles, sharks, stingrays, seahorses and many more superb fish species that live in the coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks.

The beaches are regulated by the Thai Navy and some of the islands are used for their target practice so it is advisable to use a company that is familiar with the local protocols and has enough experience to make your snorkeling trip an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Michael asks…

my wife is Thai and we are looking for beach property that we can buy?

we do not want a tourist town because they are expensive and too crowded. a town close to a tourist is preferred and since we live in Udon areas south would be preferred because of easy access. any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. the land does not have to be beachfront and even a old home that we can fix would be an option. thanks

Justin answers:

Yo Joe – – my wife is Thai too – – and I had in the past looked for the same thing – – so, we are all sort of in the same boat so far – –

This is what I came to – – my confusion set forth:

My wife loves to be in her village in the north and that is going to be most of the time. She does not like the beach. Several years ago, a hand full at least, I went looking for beach front land. I am not crazy abt HH or Pattaya, Jomtien, Chumphorn, Rayong… Cha’am was ok, so I am not a total malcontent but crowded even more so now. I saw an adv for a beachfront rai – for 8 million – undeveloped. I think it was abt an hours drive south of HH. It was virtually a deserted cove and paradise. I talked to a local lady who laughed at the price and told me that I could buy near any rai on that beach for 1 million. Surely prices are higher now. However, i decided this – it was too far – I am already fairly isolated and to have 2 isolated places was anti-social – and probably the beach place would be easily vandalized – – Anyway, I decided not to buy and rather invest my money elsewhere and essentially, do not have the problems but do have the $ to vacation wherever I want, whenever I want w/o the ownership – sometimes I like to go into the mtns, CM, Bkk, Jomtien, Cha’am, The Krabi or Koh Chang – I still think that undisturbed area from Pranburi south to Chumphorn – those lovely little coves, many with a small resort or two now – is the most beautiful isolated part of the country… So, thats where I sit w/no beachfront land, very little stress in my life and just returned from a few days in Jomtien visiting friends there. A lot of fun for 2-3 days, but I would not want to live there. – – too busy – waters dirty – not paradise.

Mark asks…

Bangkok, Pattaya or elsewhere?

This is kind of three questions rolled into one.

1. I am seriously considering a permanent move from UK to Thailand. Which would you recommend relocating to; Bangkok, Pattaya or another city
2. I was told that a 60 day triple entry visa was the best type of visa to get. Is there a better type to get ? (I am considering a permanent relocation)

3. I have a British friend out there who’s wife is a Thai national. If I wanted to buy a house (as opposed to condo) could I put it in her name but with a clause in the contract that states she cannot sell it without my written permission, signature and a witnesse’s (lawyers) signature ?

Sorry this is 3 questions – but better than submitting them seperately

Many thanks

Justin answers:

Regarding location – all the places mentioned have pros and cons to living in them…a lot of UK expats move to Pattaya for the obvious “entertainment” but the lifestye is better in my opinion in Pattaya as opposed to to BKK.

…You will find BKK more expensive to live in.

…the best thing to do is come here on holiday and visit places you are considering to live in and see for yourself as nobody on this forum can answer this question for you as its personal choice…

Technically you cant “permanently” relocate unless you are ultimately going for PR in Thailand…and even doing this you will need to be here for at least 3 years on visa’s before even making the application (and its very hard to get PR in Thailand for a UK national)

Dont think the consulate in Hull will give a triple re-entry…

If you are 50 or over…you can come here on a 60 day “O” (you cant get a 90 day – will be 60 days with one 30 day extension) visa..with a reason being you are “Exploring the possibility of retiring in Thailand” and once here change it over to a retirement visa…its a lot easier doing this in Thailand than from overseas as applying for a retirement visa from Hull you will need to get ‘police clearance’ from the UK, you may or may not have to do a medical etc….if done in Thailand all you need is THB 800,000 in a Thai bank for 3 months before you apply (dont need the medical or police clearance)

As regards buying a house and putting it in a friends wifes name….the contract you intend to draw up is basically “worthless” in Thailand as what you are intending to do is basically “illegal” as you are doing this to bypass property ownership laws in Thailand…so even with a “contract” in place, the house would be 100% in her name and she can do with it what she wants…if she sells it out from underneath you…you wouldnt have a leg to stand on legally in Thailand and the contract draw up is technically invalid…..

If you want 100% “cast iron” ownership you can only buy a condo as this would be legally registered in your name….all other ways of property ownership in Thailand are done to bypass the laws ie set up shelf companies, putting it in a Thai nationals name etc and all ways have a degree of risk getting it sold out from under you or a change in the companies law and you could loose the place…

If you really dont want to buy a condo and want to go the “gray” route…you have to understand the risks involved and maybe only invest money you could possibly lose one day…

The bottom line is other than a condo, you cannot legally own property or land in Thailand irrespective of what people tell you, I would be thinking long and hard before putting property in a friends wifes name…

Hope this helps

Paul asks…

how nice of a place can i get in pattaya for 75000 usd?

Justin answers:

Ok – I will answer this in conjunction with your other question and make the assumpton that the other question would have an “if” abt the accommodations.

Best advice is that you should not buy anything until you have lived there for at least 6-12 months. You might find that the glitz suddenly fades away. You might find other areas become much more attractive.

The direct answer is that the further you get from the center, the more you will get for your money, but 75,000 is not a fortune anymore. Go to baht and sold and look at places for sale in their classifieds. That will give you an idea. If you are in Pattaya, my guess is that you can ignore the signs that list “prices from” 1.8 million baht as that 1 unit is likely sold and the rest of the units range from 3.2 M on up. Tricky stuff.

Thats one reason why you should wait – learn the game before you get fooled by it. My guess is that re-sales are not easy. Rentals can be quite reasonable and for most people that is not a bad way to go.

As to your other question – $100,000 if invested properly might last you forever or not, depending on your spending habits. If you make 10% on average, usually a riskier investment, that would match the $10,000 a year figure offered in the last question.

For me. I live in Central Thailand – things are far cheaper here. But, you have many many options and unless you are experieced here, and if your funds are limited, I would strongly recommend renting to start.

Good luck – – and living upcountry, we use an extraordinary amt of water for both vegetable and decorative gardens – we use a fair amt of elec – a/c in office and bedroom – and my bills for both together average abt 1000 baht [ $30 ] a month and we are considered the pigs here as the rest of the family averages abt 200 baht a month for their homes –

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