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Steven asks…

Is there alternative to the banking system?

I am beginning to believe those who oppose usury and now convinced that its the cause of all economic problems. It does NOT make sense for people to make money from money and this is the very essence of all imbalance in the economy. If you just do some research on the fractional reserve system mathematically you can easily understand the system is a recursive debt building model which can only end one way – that is total destruction.

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Justin answers:

You are correct. Since money is only created as debt by borrowing it with interest from the money creators, is it possible to repay the total debt (borrowed principal plus interest)? From where will the interest owed on the debt come? Not possible.

The Treasury prints the currency, but its orders to print come from the twelve Federal Reserve banks, not the President or Congress. The Reserve banks, not the Treasury, determine how much currency is printed. Under this arrangement, the gov’t cannot print money to pay debt.

Members of the Federal Reserve are not employees of the gov’t, they are employees from a netherworld of politics thrust into a private corporation to create and control the money supply of the US. They are part of a private banking system, privately owned by the stockholders.

If you write a letter to any Federal Reserve bank or one of its branches, you will notice that the reply envelope is not franked. The bank will not have an official gov’t stamp, whereas all gov’t institutions use gov’t-issued envelopes or stamps.

According to the Federal Reserve Act, Federal REserve banks do pay real estate taxes. Of course, we know that gov’t-owned buildings are not assessed real estate taxes.

US Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 8, Clause 5: “The Congress shall have power … To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.” This clearly means that Congress shall create all forms of money, not banks.

Banks should be in the business of banking and not in the business of money creation. Money creation should be in the hands of Congress only. Also, banks should only be allowed to lend money that actually exists — money they own, money on deposit, or money they borrow freom the Treasury. In other words, banks should operate with a 100% reserve.

Laws must be passed to ensure the gov’t is not in the business of banking, and that banks do not function like the Treasury should function — creating and providing gov’t and the economy with the primary supply of money. It is legally gov’t business, through its Treasury.

The national Treasury would create money and purchase interest-bearing bonds from the borrowing banks. Debt-free gov’t expenditures should be in balance with interest payments to banks. The economy then expands or contracts on the basis of how willing and able the citizens are to produce and consume, not on how willing or able the monetary authority is to create money.

This question isn’t about making money from money. People are completely missing the conspiracy here.

A private corporation being called a bank is running our nation’s money supply and creating money. They do that with unlawful fiat money, not backed by anything.

The present system elevates the banking industry to a financial aristrocracy, allowing unconstitutional control over the money creation process. Getting something for nothing violates fundamental and physical laws. Banks create billions of dollars of money, which they lend, spend or invest and earn interest. Lending the money and offering a service is just a front for the scam they’re running, in the name of the Federal Gov’t, which they are not.

Another Answerer says “fractional lending doesn’t destroy the system.” Really? What do you think the banking crisis has been about? Isn’t “almost” close enough. One way to create money is to make a loan. The check written by the bank is not backed by federal reserve notes (lawful money). It is illegal for you or I try write checks against insufficient or no funds. What gives a private corporation called a bank the right to do so and how is it hidden? Ah, they clear their own checks! In law, this sort of violation or act without authority is called ultra vires, in direct violation of the US Constitution and therefore void. Not only is the transaction fraudulent, but the debt becomes unlawful also. This could easily be the biggest racketeering lawsuit and mail fraud lawsuit in history.

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