Your Questions About Investing In Fender Guitars

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Robert asks…

What GUitars are good and not expensive?

I want to get a guitar, but i’m not shure what to get, are fenders any good?

Justin answers:

Do you want a beginner guitar? One that is cheap but will do the job? Well, if you are just starting you need to decide; acoustic or electric. That all depends on the music you want to play. Then you should invest in a guitar value pack like on of these:

You should stay within name brands so as not to get a piece of junk. Try “Squire” by Fender, Epiphone is awesome and will be more than a “beginner guitar”, Ibanez are ok too. I would not go with something like Daisy Rock or First Act. Those are just way to cheap. On the other hand, stay away from Gibson, Taylor, and the expensive Fenders if you don’t want to spend so much (which I’m betting you don’t).

In conclusion, I would go with a Squire or an Epiphone value pack. And don’t forget to go on eBay

Joseph asks…

Can a Standard Stratocaster produce a good grunge sound?

I’m looking at buying a standard strat and I mainly play grunge, classic rock, indie and a little bit of blues. I think it’s a good guitar to play the above please correct me if I’m wrong though. But I’m not sure about grunge. Am I possibly better off with a HSS strat please tell me!

Justin answers:

Well sure, all types of Fenders are very versatile guitars. You should have no problem creating a grunge sound from a Stratocaster, use maybe a Boss Metal Zone or a Pro Co RAT pedal for plenty of distortion. Remember Kurt Cobain used a modified Fender, so you should have no problem with finding a grunge sound!

If you’re finding your sounds too light/clangy (my main problem I have with Fenders) you should maybe invest in a Gibson or some Seymour Duncan pickups to adjust your sound.

Hope I helped!

David asks…

About this fender squire and choose the best in your opinion?

It’s price is $300 + tax. It includes a gig bag w/ a 15 w amp, headphones, picks, strap and electric tuner. Is this worth it? I tlk to another guy and he says the gig bag is automatically included w/ the squire. Also which is better a fender squire, Dean, or ibanez

Justin answers:

Any of those low end guitars aren’t going to be worth much. You have to play each one and decide which one feels right for you. The sound for each of those guitars is going to be pretty poor, but they can all be upgraded down the line, which is why you need to find which one feels right for you.

When you’re searching for a guitar, it’s necessary to play the guitar while it’s UNPLUGGED fro the amp. Everyone always plugs it in to hear how it sounds, but like I said, you can always upgrade the pickups and electronics later on, which will change the sound. What you need to look for is a sound that is crisp and clean, and not dull sounding. It varies from guitar to guitar, even on higher end equipment.

The starter packs are good for people learning to play guitar. It depends on the style of music that you like, where if you’re going to play alternative, rock or blues, you should check out the squier. If you’re going after a harder sound, like metal, or hard rock, you should get the ibanez or dean.

I hate the cheap ibanez guitars though (they’re poorly built)… But the higher end ibanez guitars are great. Same with Fender and Dean, but the squier isn’t a real fender. It’s made by another company called squire, it’s just licensed by Fender to have that name on it.

You’d actually be better off trying to get a real Fender used off craigslist. You can find them for $300. The gig bag they give you is a piece of crap. You can’t take it anywhere, cuz it’ll get out of tune, and provides no protection if you drop it. You’ll want to invest in a hard shell case.

Right now, just get any amp you can, but I suggest getting the Roland Cube. They’re cheap for what you get, and it’ll last better than any of those guitars they are giving you in those packs.

Who cares about the headphones, they’ll break. Picks cost $0.25 each. Straps are cheap, and you can buy any guitar and ask them to throw in a strap. Tuner? Who needs that? You really need to learn how to tune the guitar by ear before you get one of those. They have places online where you can tune up your guitar.

Anyways, I say get either an Ibanez RG series guitar, with a roland cube amp, or a used Fender guitar (not squier).

Paul asks…

Wher can i buy a used guitar for cheap thats a good brand like fender?

I’ve looked everwhere! Craigs List, Recyceler,not eBay.But i cant seem to find one thats good and isnt messed up also where can i find an amp?

Justin answers:

If you know how to spot a good guitar versus one that’s not so great, you might head to the nearest pawn shop. Depending on how large your town/city is, you’ll have a decent, if not great, selection. I live in the middle of nowhere, but can find all sorts of guitars at the local pawn shop.

I do a lot of my instrument shopping at Guitar Center. (I play drums, not guitar, though.) They have used instruments for sale. They’re cheaper than new, and you really never know what you’ll find until you drop by and take a look. Or visit their Web site – it has a section for used-instrument sales.

Local music stores can also be good places to pick up guitars. They often have consignment sales, so you can pick up all sorts of used guitars and equipment for a good price.

You might also ask around in your circle of friends. More than a few people have invested in good guitars and gear, tried to learn to play for a while, and dropped the whole thing. Their stuff is gathering dust in closets and basements, so you might pick up a good setup if the person who owns it wants to clear out some storage space.

Michael asks…

Where could i get my Fender Stratocaster painted?

I have a black Starcaster Strat and I was wondering where the very best place would be to send it in to to get it painted. I want it painted Sonic Blue and for it to look like that was its original finish.

Justin answers:

Hello there,

There are several custom painters who you can send your body to for the refinish. It will run your around $180 for a professional quality paint job. For $120 you can buy a Squier Bullet in daphne blue (very close to sonic blue). For a little more you can buy a Squier Deluxe in sonic blue. I would not invest in a paint job for a Starcaster.

If you made a typo and meant Stratocaster, I can give you a link.


Mark asks…

I would like to start the guitar but i want to play the bass aswell, is it hard to switch from guitar to bass?

Which is more fun?
Thank you!

Justin answers:

Well, it’s up to you to decide which is more fun. I would recommend you start on the standard guitar. Why? Well, first of all, the regular guitar will help get your fingers ready for the bass. Frankly, the bass can be painful if your new to it. The guitar is also harder to play, depending on how many strings are on your bass were comparing it to. I’m assuming the standard amount, four, no more then six strings. Some have eight, eleven…very weird numbers. Well, after you learn some scales and chords on the guitar, learn some basic songs and your all set to pick up a bass and you should automatically have a advantage. They are transferable to a extent but you will still need to practice. If you have enough money, you should start with a acoustic guitar, then move to the electric. If you don’t have 200$ of money just sitting there with no other better use, you can skip the acoustic (unless you actually want to play acoustic then you can skip the electric, though If you decide that, I would recommend to invest later in a electro-acoustic). A great beginner guitar (contrary to what most say) is the Fender Squire. There very cheap, and have good quality. I couldn’t tell much more. I hope this helps.

Richard asks…

Investing in a bass amp for both guitar and bass?

Hi. I own a bass which I like a lot but I have no amp. I was also thinking about starting up guitar. So I was wondering what to buy that’s good for both bass and guitar? Would a regular bass amp be fine for both?

Also, can anyone recommend any good websites to buy amps and instruments from? Thank you!

Justin answers:

You could do what I do… I have an old 1968 Fender Twin Reverb amp that was put into a head cabinet. It’s a 100 watt all tube beast. I plug it into a bass speaker cab when I use it as a bass amp, and plug it into a regular guitar cab when I play guitar. You could always find one in its regular combo amp form (2×12″ speakers) and use that for guitar. When you play bass through it, unplug the speakers in the combo, and plug the amp into a bass cabinet.

Charles asks…

How do I get discovered by a record company??????????????

if anyone here in Yahoo has been, please tell me how you did! I will settle for answers from anyone who knows what they’re preaching, though.

Justin answers:

The main criteria I’m aware of are:

1) Draw a crowd, either at live events or via downloads of your material on the internet. Nothing gets noticed faster than the fact that people want to hear your stuff or see you play live.

2) Get some radio play. Be aware that ever few years, there is a big payola scandal, and this is because record companies do not want YOU or anyone else to get radio play because they want to push their artists that they’ve invested money behind. But if by some miracle you can get a relationship with a DJ (like invite him to your shows, or get people he knows to come to your shows) you might just get some radio play.

3) YouTube (or similar sites) where you can get a video uploaded. A clever one that somehow stands out from the crowd of millions of other videos. See #1. This means that you should have a unique look.

4) One resource you might be able to use is the instrument manufactuer/s of the gear you have. If you play a Fender guitar, contact Fender and see if they have some events planned where you might perform in front of other industry people. The NAMM convention is a good place for that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, some of this is “catch-22”. For instance, some instrument manufacturers ask that you have label representation before they will take you on as an endorser.

Mainly, be awesome, and stick with it, and perform all over the place, draw fans, send out demo tapes, forge relationships and eventually, you’ll make it. Be sure to have some thick skin and don’t sign anything without a lawyer looking it over first and explaining what it means to you.

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