Your Questions About Investing In Fender Guitars

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Robert asks…

What bass guitar should I invest in?

I already have a MTD Heir 4 string tobacco bass, and I love the action, but the output isn’t that great, and G & L has caught my attention. Mainly the L-2000. Also the Sterling by MusicMan basses. Should I just save up and invest in something higher priced or is the quality good on those instruments. I play rock and jazz and want the ability to switch to different sounds on the bass, which I think the Kingston lacks somewhat(mine is a few years older than new ones). Also any other recommendations would be great!

Justin answers:

Fenders 🙂

Joseph asks…

What should i get for my guitar(ESP MH53) to make it sound more metal?

I want to make my guitar sound better. I have a cheap little Fender Frontman 15watt amp. I want to make my guitar sound more death metal and heavy metal..So should i get an EMG 81 pickup, a Dimebucker pickup, or a line 6 spider 3 15watt amp. Dont say “get a 75 watt line 6” because i cant afford it.

Justin answers:

The answer is obviously in your amp size.
Any 15 watt amp, no matter what brand, will sound amateur-ish.

1. Don’t get any new pickups for your guitar. Don’t install $100 pickups on a $250 guitar – it’s like putting scissor doors and neon on a ’95 Civic.
A rule of thumb – don’t spend around half the price of the guitar on pickups and other non-essential accessories. The pickups are not the only thing that affect the tone quality of your guitar. Even with the EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups, your guitar still won’t sound like the $1000 real ESP you’re aiming for.

2. Dude, don’t replace a 15 watt with another 15 watt.. You’re going to waste $100 and gain very little in terms of sound quality.

I’m going to advise you to do exactly what you don’t want to do…
You seem to like Line 6 Amps, and you seem to have around $100 on hand.

Invest another $100 and buy a 30 watt Line 6. I used to own one, and they sound decent. It’s better to save up than buying a $100 amp and having virtually the same sound quality as before.

Richard asks…

Is buying the Squier SE Strat Guitar Pak a good idea for beginners?

I’m thinking of getting this pack, which comes with the guitar, picks, a strap, an amp, a gigbag, a cable, an electronic tuner, and a stand. It’s $200. Would it be a good idea for me? It will be my first electric guitar. I know that the guitar and amp won’t be that good, but I’m a beginner.

Justin answers:

The answer that Norm Jones gave is 100% correct. Squier guitars are inexpensive Fender clones that are licensed by Fender. The more expensive models are actually decent guitars for the price, but the cheap ones are not very good. The Squier SE Strat Guitar Pak is a combo package of a cheap guitar and amp. It’s marketed to beginners so as to make their first electric guitar purchase “affordable.” As Norm pointed out, the problem with these cheap packages is that they can be difficult to make your playing sound right. Then you don’t know if the problem is you or the equipment.

If this is your first guitar, I’d recommend that you learn on an acoustic. Since you don’t need an amp, you can buy a better guitar for your money. The problem with cheap guitars….acoustic or electric…is that they can be harder to play and keep in tune than a quality instrument. You end up fighting the instrument rather than learning. If you spend $125-$150 on an entry level acoustic, you can learn to play. When you have the basic skills down, you’ll be able to justify spending more on a good electric. And the acoustic will always come in handy…..we all own one.

The practice amp is another issue. The tiny amps you get in these packages are junk. When you get an amp, buy one that has a 12″ speaker and at least 50 watts. In other words, skip the practice amp entirely…they’re a waste of money. Buy used if that’s all your budget will allow.

>>>I know that the guitar and amp won’t be that good, but I’m a beginner.<<<

I understand that you don't want to invest a lot of money until you're sure you can learn to play. This is why so many junk guitars are produced…unsuspecting beginners continue to buy them.

Mark asks…

Can you buy a normal guitar, and use it as a base guitar? or do u have 2 have the base?

My sister and our friendsstarted a band, but our one friend, who’s the basist, wants 2 know if he can get a regular guitar (i’m not too sure about the model), and get it to play the same as a base guitar.

Justin answers:

The above two suggestions are horribly wrong!!!

A bass doesn’t have to be 4 strings. There are 5, 6, and even double course 4 string basses (8 strings) out there. Double courses have octave strings. If they don’t have a 4 string double course bass (an 8 string bass) at the music store, look at a 12 string guitar to figure out what double course means. A 12 string guitar is considered a 6 string double course instrument. There are octaves for each of the 6 strings, well, except the two high ones… That would just be too high.

Also, you CAN’T put bass strings on a regular guitar, NOT AT ALL!!! The bridge, nut and pegs will not allow it, and the pick-ups aren’t built for that either. Okay I confess, you can try to do whatever you want, but geesh, could that break the neck? It would definitely ruin the nut and I don’t know about the bridge and saddle, but I can’t imagine that would be a good situation.

You mean, tune a regular guitar down in pitch? That wont work because the strings will have such low tension that they wont carry good tone. They’ll just flop around. It would be awful, even with high tension strings, but go ahead and see for yourself. Seriously, try it… Might be cool for one song.

You could look into a baritone guitar, and perhaps tune that down a note or two, but not too much. That might work, but it won’t actually sound like a real bass. Baritone guitars have a longer scale length than regular guitars (more distance between the nut and the bridge/saddle). In other words, they have longer necks, and thus, lower pitch, but not as much as a bass. Actually, I wouldn’t want one. It would be a strain for my wrist, shoulder, and fingers, but some people enjoy them.

There are different scale lengths for basses out there too. Some are as long as 43″, not recommended for a beginner.

You have a lot to learn before investing in an instrument, or a set of instruments.

For the sake of the guitarist, look into the different scale lengths on guitars too. The Fender Jaguar (not a good LEAD guitar because of the fingerboard radius) has a 24″ scale length, while the Fender Telecaster has a 25.5″ scale length… Scale length will affect the length of the neck and the distance between the frets. That’s why I said that the baritone would be a strain on me earlier.

Fingerboard width at nut will affect the distance between the strings. I think Gibsons have a pretty small fingerboard width at nut. Fingerboard radius is the curvature of the fingerboard. For instance, classical guitars have a flat fingerboard, while most good lead guitars will have a descent amount of curve.

Geesh, I haven’t even gotten into electronics and I won’t because I play acoustic, but I’ve seen people customize their electronics to give them a very distinguished sound. Some people change the pick-ups… Some even change the capacitors, but I don’t know about that stuff.

Daniel asks…

What is the best bass guitar that is cheep?

Okay so i would like to invest in a bass guitar, i am checking out the kits on amizon, my budget is, $1.50 these kids come with amps, anyone have any better sudgestions? or input on the amizon kits? oh, and my hand can’t fit around my friends guitar (thats not a bass) and my fingersa re too small to reach all of the frets, so would my hand be too small for a bass???

Justin answers:

You are a perfect example of why you want to go the store, and TRY them first, see how the play/feel to YOU.
Yamaha has a very nice smaller body bass, very light, easy to play.
If you go too cheap, all you’ll get is junk.
(bad necks, bad electronics)

I wish someone made a 32″ medium scale bass, but I haven’t seen one in years. 34″ scale is the norm.

The small short scale 30″ basses are easier to play, but hard to find, and they don’t sound very good,
(Fender Mustang bass, etc)

Charles asks…

What acoustic guitar should i buy as a beginner?

i was at the music store yesterday they told me i should get the fender cd 60 (the basic acoustic one) i hear good things about this one, but are there any others that might be good for me?

my buddy said i shud stick with fender, gibson, n yamaha,
My Budget is 300 dollars, but i would like to spend only 200, the cd60 is nicely priced at 200.

any input you have will help me out alot!!

Justin answers:

If your a beginner just get a really cheap one, not too cheap but eventually once you’ve practiced and you feel more comfortable then you can invest in a good quality guitar.

George asks…

What kind of amp should I invest in for guitar practice?

Still at beginning level, I’m looking for something within 9-15 watt range and a good sound for rock, blues and jazzy styles.
Any educational advice on effects pedals would be appreciated as well.

Justin answers:

It depends on what price range you are in, but I will copy and paste a few links to multiple amps that I would suggest for a beginner. I would very highly suggest this one, as I have had experience with it and know how great it is:×8-Guitar-Combo-Amp-105156533-i1428846.gc This would also be a great amp. It may not have as many features as the Vox Amp, but it would still sound great and give you that classic Marshall tone, at a cheap price:×6-5-Guitar-Combo-Amp–Black–105182059-i1435558.gc Here is the same amp, with a little more volume:×8-Guitar-Combo-Amp–Black–105182075-i1435633.gc And then, you have the Fender amp. This is a good one if you want that classic “Strat-Like” tone:×10-Guitar-Combo-Amp-105808190-i1479747.gc The amp I use is just a two-channel 100 watt. But, I also have a pedalboard in front of it. It has a great clean and distortion channel, and you can check it out. But at a beginner level, I would stick with a good small amp like the ones listed. I would especially recommend the Vox VT15, because it has many different sounds you can get from it. Here is the amp that I use: As far as effect pedals go, I would stay with just the simple Guitar to Amp rig for now, at the level you are currently at. Don’t try to get ahead of yourself as I have seen many beginners do. You can be very good, but you don’t want to have a lot of equipment and gear, unless you have the skills to match it. I still say go with the vox for any style. Have a good day.

Michael asks…

I’m about to invest in a nice acoustic guitar. What brand is best?

I’ve had my 3 or 4 crappy acoustics for a few years now, and there’s only so far I can get with them. Having to tune the strings mid-song EVERY song, etc.

I’ve always had the notion that I would have a Fender someday, but now I’m not even seeing them on the lists of nice acoustic brands.

Any user opinions on a quality brand? I’m hoping to keep my price around $200 for now.

Justin answers:

I found this website for you and it has cheap fender Acoustic packages look through it they all sound good

good luck!

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