Your Questions About Investing In Electric Guitars

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Charles asks…

Can I use a guitar mini-amp to output sound through speakers?

Can I use a guitar mini-amp to output sound from an electric guitar through some big speakers? Is it ok? Should I invest in a bigger amp even if I don’t plan on using its speakers?

Justin answers:

It depends on whether or not the little amp has enough power to move those big speakers… Which it probably doesn’t.

Thomas asks…

Why play a dobro instead of just a slide on your guitar?

Im sure there is a very easy answer to this question, but i was just wondering…why would i invest in a dobro or some sort of lap steel guitar when i can just play slide on my standard electric guitar?? i understand that some dobros have bender systems that electric guitars dont have, and they are in a lot of ways easier to play (higher action, easier angle, etc.), but are these the only real differences?

Justin answers:

The resonator on the dobro imparts a unique sound. Slide guitar sounds entirely different.

William asks…

Is it hard learning how to play a guitar?

I wanted to learn how to play an electric guitar. Im gonna buy one. How much are they? What’s the best amount to spend for a SINGLE electric guitar? Is it difficult learning how to play the guitar. AND I DONT WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING BEFORE PLAYING THE ELECTRIC GUITAR. I want to learn as soon as possible? How hard is it? How much is it?

Justin answers:

I think the best and smartest thing for you to do is to buy an acoustic guitar.That way you get a feel for the sounds in their natural state.And as far as learning,some people are “naturals” ,some people really have to work at it.As with everything,it really comes down to how much time you are willing to invest in it.If you play several hours a day you will become proficient at a much quicker rate than someone who only picks it up occasionally.Good Luck.

Ken asks…

How to get a guitar or drums?

I would like to play drums or electric guitar because I love Heavy Metal. I know how to play drums and guitar. But how do I convince my mom to buy me one of these?

Justin answers:

Tell her it will raise your grades. That did the trick for mine, and I wa right. I graduated with a 4.85 and I play about 20 instruments. Pay for them all myself except the piano we borrowed from family friends.

Get an electric drum set, invest in a nice one MAKE SURE OF THIS, but you can plug in headphones and you alone can hear your wonderful drumming. Also, it has fun options, and there is always becoming an actual percussionist. Practice at school so as not to bother your stupid mom lol, play things like marimba, bells, xylophone and things like that, they aren’t as noisy. Do it. By all means, do it.

Don’t let your mom stop you from being a musician if that’s truly what you want.

I’m not even kidding about the grade thing. You can show your mom this as a testament to my saying MUSIC MAKES YOUR KID BETTER ALL AROUND!!!!

*edit* Elite, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Drums sound just fine by themselves. Just because they don’t have ‘notes’ doesn’t mean the cymbals and toms don’t have pitches. Don’t get me started on this.

Mark asks…

What kind of Acoustic Guitar should I buy to start learning how to play Guitar?

I’m also interested in electric guitars also.

Justin answers:

If I had to make a recommendation I would pick a Washburn acoustic guitar to start out with. I started out on a D10 dreadnought and it was a fantastic beginner guitar, I still have it today. The best thing you can do is go to a music store and look at guitars in your price range. Internet sites don’t really do guitars justice. I’m always hesitant about buying musical equipment that I can’t see/try out in person in a store.

Other things to consider…

If you’re going the acoustic route: steel or nylon strings?
Steel strings are harder on your fingers and the neck of the guitar is thinner, nylons have to be tuned much more frequently (nylon is plastic… Plastic stretches more than steel) but the neck is wider and gives your fingers more room.

Electric guitars…
I’d start out with an acoustic until you’re really sure you want to invest in the hobby. That being said, electric guitar strings are easier on your fingers than a steel string acoustic. But you may end up spending more money in the long run since you’ll need an amp, and cable to go along with the guitar.

Another note on buying electric guitars, if its not a hollow body or semi-hollow, more expensive doesn’t always = better sound. There is a level of quality you have to consider in the construction when buying any guitar, so don’t go super cheap, but the quality and type of pickups in the guitar will affect the sound more than anything else. If you find a cheaper electric guitar that you really like, you can always upgrade the pickups later on.

Daniel asks…

How to make an acoustic guitar an acoustic/electric guitar?

how does an acoustic electric guitar work? i want to build a jack into my acoustic guitar so i can plug it into an amp. an actual jack, not a little vibration piece you can install or whatever. 🙂

Justin answers:

The easiest way to electrify an acoustic guitar is to use a sound hole pickup. These work very well and can be removed easily to use on another instrument. Dean Markley makes the Pro Mag pickup and Seymour Duncan makes the “Woody” pickup. Both are excellent sounding pickups that require NO alteration of you guitar.
You can also install a piezo pickup and preamp system in the guitar. This is more expensive and requires considerable knowledge of guitar repair to do correctly. It is best left to a trained technician. This is the type of system that is used by almost all acoustic/electric guitar manufacturers. The most widely used system is the Fishman transducer system. There are many others and some do not require an internal preamp.
Both are excellent ways to go. Each has their own advantages. Many artists swear by both set ups.
I strongly suggest going with the soundhole pickup initially since they are less expensive and sound great. You can later decide if you wish to invest in the more complicated installed setup.

Robert asks…

Does anyone know where i can buy a cheap electric guitar?

I am looking to buy an electric guitar, but not looking to spend that much; does anyone know where i can buy a unique, some what personalised electric guitar??

Justin answers:

Unique and personalised, you might have a problem finding it cheap unless you know someone willing to sell it to you cheaply.

You could search around on ebay 🙂 there are plenty for under 70 quid
but personalised ones will be alot more.
What you could do, is invest in some nice stickers, and spray paint and templates and get a plain guitar and customize yourself.
Otherwise, some music shops sell fairly cheap ones.

Good luck 🙂 i’m looking for a cheap, unique bass as well

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