Your Questions About Investing In Electric Guitars

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William asks…

What do I look for in an electric guitar and amp?

I am thinking of getting into the electric guitar thing, but as a novice I don’t know what to look for in an electric guitar or amp. What are some good brands for both and features that I need to consider?


Justin answers:

If you have the $ to invest get a nice les paul or strat as they are considered standards by players and studios and you can usually get your money back if you change your mind and sell.
Get a classic fender or marshall tube amp for the same reason or a line 6 with multi classic amp sounds.

Michael asks…

i need to make my electric guitar sound distorted without amp just a keyboard?

hi, i need to make my electric guitar sound distorted without amp just a keyboard. is there any way i can do this without going out and buying crap? because ive had this guitar a while now and do not want to invest more money into it.
thanks in advance.

Justin answers:

No, ull either have to buy an amp with distorntion/overdrive built in or buy one thats not and buy an effects pedal or two

James asks…

Looking to make my first electric guitar and need tool advice?

Hi i am looking to make my first electric guitar. I was planning on starting from a template of a tele or a strat and i need to get a table/overhead router set up. I could do with some advice on what the minimum router required is and any recommendations on what to get as there is a huge range of different types?

I found this website that shows one being made and helps a lot but i only plan on making a couple and need to know what things to look for when buying a table and router. Thanks

Justin answers:

I would start with a kit, and then decide if you want to invest in the tools to carve your own.


This company can help you with all the information you need to do it however you decide.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

If I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar, would I have to learn to play acoustic first?

If I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar, would I have to learn to play acoustic guitar first?
Also, any tips on learning the guitar? I’d probably go to a teacher, but I was just wondering if anyone had experience? Is it hard? What do you think of it? I want to be sure I want to take lessons before I invest in not only the lessons, but the guitar too.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance(:

Justin answers:

No. You could learn to play an electric without learning to play an acoustic.

It isn’t terribly hard, but you do have to toughen up your fingertips, especially if you play a steel string guitar. There are probably stores where you could rent a guitar while you start learning, and that would allow you to take a few lessons and practice without actually buying one.

David asks…

What is a good set of cheap, noise-cancelling headphones?

The person in the bedroom next to mine makes a lot of noise with Electric Guitars and a Drumkit, as well as acapella singing and general noise from playing CDs/Mp3s. I want to invest in a set of noise cancelling headphones but don’t want to spend too much. Any particular models I could get?

Justin answers:

I don’t think that even an expensive pair will help you….
Try :
JVC HANC80 ~$35
Sony MDRNC7 ~$50
Audio Technica ATH-ANC1 QuietPoint ~$80

Thomas asks…

Can somebody help me with a guitar question?

I got an electric guitar for my birthday a couple months ago and I still don’t know how to play it. Can somebody help me such as a website or link? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Justin answers:

“How to Play Guitar” by Roger Evans is a really good book to start off with to teach yourself how to play. I taught myself with this book. Get as far as you can on your own, and then maybe invest in some lessons. You wouldn’t have to start with the basics, because you would already have a good start. That’s what I did anyway and it worked pretty well. Oh yeah, and practice every single day, that is also a major help.

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