Your Questions About Investing For Beginners

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Chris asks…

im 20 years old and i want to invest what is a good book to read to learn about real estate investing and….?

a book for beginners investing in stocks. i already tried to flip a house but didnt turn out the way i wanted to so im renting it out now. does anyone know the best investments i should make so i will have a lot of money 10 years from now? and i can keep building wealth?

financi4 answers:

Donald Trump has written some entertaining and quite educational books about real estate investing. Pick one up and see if this life is for you.

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to invest for beginners with a small sum of money?

financi4 answers:

Index funds, usually better than mutual funds, since you don’t need to select which MF to go for.

That’s how I started out. Got a 50% ROI in 18 months, after investing 3 months savings of my pocket money 😉

Robert asks…

How do cd’s work and are they a good invest for beginners?

financi4 answers:

Basically it’s like a savings account, but you can only withdraw the money at a certain time. CDs (at least when I worked at the bank) ranged from one week to 10 years. You usually get a higher interest rate on a CD since the money is guaranteed to the bank. (They can loan part of your money to others in car loans, mortgages, etc, it’s normal and legal.) The longer the term on the CD, the better rate you should get.

I think CDs are an excellent way to invest as long as you KNOW you won’t need the money soon. If you have to withdraw the money early, the bank will charge you a penalty.

Most CDs will renewed automatically if you don’t close them, so they will keep going forever.

If you have further questions or I confused you, you can contact me through my profile. Good luck.

Richard asks…

I was told scottrade is the best site to get in the stock investing for beginner. Any suggestion ?

Any suggestion for a good stock?

financi4 answers:

Explore in and look for a demo on their application named scottrader. It’s not hard to use it. There is a very low minimum required to open an account. Almost anybody can invest on it.

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Steven asks…

Good book for investing ( beginner)?

I looking for book book for investing ( beginner).

Easy book to understand everything.

financi4 answers:

Start with two excellent beginner’s books:

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Investing
Investing for Dummies

Another good reference is:

Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today’s Investor

which gives a lot of easy to understand definitions to the common jargon out there.

Paul asks…

A good book on INVESTING in REAL ESTATE for beginners?

I am a novice investor thinking about buying a small 2 family property as an investment. Can you recommend a good book for someone like me who is just starting out in real estate investing?


p.s. please mention your background so I know your level of experience (i.e. are you a landlord, real estate agent, investor etc. and how long have you been doing that. thanks again )

financi4 answers:

You might want to read Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies by Peter Conti and Peter Harris. ISBN: 978-0-470-17491-3. Paperback 384 pages January 2008

I have no background in real estate, but I’m familiar with books published by For Dummies. This is a publishing company which contracts with writers who are both experts in their field and have the ability to put concepts in easy to understand prose for people who are new to a field.

The most it will cost you is a trip to your local library.

Ken asks…

Suggestions for beginners books in stocks and investing.?

I’m a complete novice with regards investing and the stock markets in the UK and I would appreciate it if anyone out there, who was once in my position, could recommend any good books for the education of a beginner.

financi4 answers:

I have review some books that cover about how beginner learn stock trading, trading online and etc just please follow below links that i give for you….

George asks…

What’s the best stock to invest in for beginners?

I’m considering investing in some form of stock next month, and I was curious, what’s hot besides oil and gold?

financi4 answers:

I would stick with an index fund that tracks the SP (spy, vfinx) and for individual stock I will pick banks. My favorite bank stock is Bank of America (BAC) which raises its dividends by 13% each year. Banks also have some of highest profits behind oil companies, national banks have consistent earnings even in recessions, and last but not least banks are here to stay…… high flying technology stocks for me!!!!

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